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Richie Rich Beggar

We often see beggars at different places and think,these beggar might be super rich.
One of the Chinese beggar made news headlines when his picture made it to social media,According to news sources this beggar has been spotted at many places begging for money.He earns around $1500/Month but his earnings may increase from $1500 to $3000/Month.
He has recently built a two storied house

and supporting two schools in his village.

Demand Of Pakistani Turtle Increases In World

God has made everything perfect in this world and if any one tries to manipulate its nature,it has adverse effects on planet.Demand of Pakistani turtle is increasing which is resulting in decrease of turtle population  These turtles clean water,which helps fish to grow.
It is in the news now a days that demand of Pakistani Turtle is increasing day by day in international market as these turtles are being sold in for about $1600 Each. These turtles weight from 5-15 Kg.
River Sindh has around 7 types of turtles and all of these 7 types are the rare kind in the world.Most of these turtles are used in medicines or consumed as food in China and Korea.
Let us spread the word to save these turtles.

Google Has Posted A Doodle On 68th Independence Of Pakistan

Google is celebrating Pakistan birthday by Posting Doodle on 68th independence day of Pakistan.Four Petals of this monument represent four provinces of Pakistan and three smaller petals represents three territories of Pakistan.

Do any of you know history of this Monument. When it was decided to build a monument a competition was held between the best architects of Pakistan and at the end monument designed by Arif Masoof was selected.

How to Convince Your Employer to Sponsor Your Studies

How to Convince Your Employer to Sponsor Your Studies
Gaining promotion in job is not an easy task as you have to face stiff competition, no matter whether you are after a high-paying post or low to mid-level paying position. Thus, in order to beat the heat and gain promotion at the job, one need to boost their knowledge, so they can handle multiple fields’ work. In this way, they will become more valuable for their employers, who will not look any further and instantly promote them to a senior post. However, to gain the knowledge of multiple fields of a business, one should be ready and determined to equip themselves with the required experience and knowledge.

Without gaining required knowledge of various fields it will not be possible for any person to gain those qualities that every employer loves to see in his or her worker. So, it’s time to enroll in a fast track training programs like the ones ninthd (9th D) is offering in Pakistan. That focuses on developing economical viable …

Pakistan In Top Ten

With every passing day it seems as if days are getting shorter,this is mainly because people are getting busy in there daily life.In the past people use to work hard in fields and exert what they ate but now doing desk jobs and travelling on car has made it all worse.

According to a survey conducted by a renowned company "The Lannst" Pakistan stood 9th in the list of Top 100 countries with fat people.
In 80 the number of fat people were around 7-85 million,the number has astonishingly increased to 2 billion in 2013. America stood first in the list accompanied by india at 3rd place.

Ufone Latest 3G Package Details

Ufone Announced 3G Package Rates Details
As soon as auction for 3G internet spectrum ended all mobile operators started there services in major cities

 of Pakistan and almost all of them gave free 3G service to its customers to attract more and more customers

 to their network.Many Rumers were floating the internet of different packages leaked before the

announcement and all were predicted wrong .Now Ufone has taken the lead and has recently announced its

 3G package details on its website.To my view the packages are not that expensive.

PrePaid Package Details

Terms And Conditions Volume accumulator will reset at 12:00 Am Customers using 3G service in Islamabad,Lahore,Karachi will be charged for using 3G after 24th May Customers using 3G service in Peshawar,Faisalabad can use free service till 28th May Customers using free 3G service in Gujranwala can use free service till 1st June. All new 3G handsets can be provisioned to 3G by dialing *7700#
How To check Remaining Balance Of BucketDia…

Pakistan Ordnance Factory POF,Weapons Getting Famous

Pakistan ordinance factory is manufacturing conventional weapons.These weapons are getting famous by every passing day.According to some sources the main reason being there reliability and cheap prices.
Some of you might have used Shaheen cartridges in your shotguns.Shaheen is recently the best sold cartridge in Pakistan because of there reliability.