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Top 5 Pakistani Brands On Facebook

Here is the list of Top Five Pakistani Brand Pages of Pakistan. Olx is on the lead with more then 2 million Facebook liks

Fastest Shrinking Pages of Pakistan

Here is the list of Fastest Shrinking Pages of Pakistan

Fastest Growing Facebook Pages Of Pakistan

Here is the list of fastest growing facebook pages of pakistan. Atif Aslam is at the lead with maximum number of facebook fans in pakistan followed by Rahat Fateh Ali khan.

Top Ten Facebook Pages Of Pakistan

Secret Facebook Folder,You Might Have Missed Hundred Private Messages

Facebook has been Running a Secret Facebook Folder Labeled as others, Today Running through my Facebook profile i came across this folder and to my shock, i had more then 99+ Messages that i didn't read and i feel sorry for all those friends who sent me private message and i didn't answered them.
Go to your Facebook Inbox and click on the folder named as other ( ) believe me you have many private messages that you have missed. Share this post and let million of others know about this.

Funny And Amazing


Top Ten Biggest Cities Of Pakistan

Here is the list of top ten biggest cities of Pakistan and there population.

Known as the city of lights

Famous for its food and known as city of gardens

Famous for its cotton industry

(Tried to find anything famous about Rawalpindi but didn't fine any) Help me on this please.

Famous for its Delicious mangoes,exported all over the world and shrines of Sufi saints

Famous for its biryani, known as Hyderabadi Biryani

Famous for its industry

Charsi Tikka,

Quetta is famous for its Wild Tulips

10)Bahawalpur  643950
Famous for its Handicrafts and Palaces