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World's Shortest Man

People are crazy to get listed in the Guinness Book of world record and can do any crazy stuff to be a part of the book.but there are very few in the world that do not have to do anything to be part of the book.We have mentioned worlds smallest women in our previous posts and here it is a Nepali villager 72 which is the world,s smallest man.chandraBahadurDangi was measured by the Guinness Book of world record team and declared world smallest man.He measured 21.5 inches Tall. Previously this record was held by Junrey who was 23.5 inches at the age of 18. Dangi said he didn't new that there is something known as Guinness book of world record.He is living with his brother as his parents died when he was a teen.He said i do not have any desire to get married.

Samsung Launches Galaxy Beam SmartPhone With Built- In Projector

Wow! Everyone was talking about whats coming next in the technology and here is it.Samsung launches its first Smartphone with Built in projector.This is not it.Phone has 4 inch screen with 800*450 Resolution.!GHz dual core processor.1.3 Mp front camera and 5Mp back Camera with flash.8GB internal memory and SD card slot. The projector is rated at an Ultra Bright and can project onto surface up to 50 feet wide in HD. theeverge

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's Documentary Saving Face wins Oscar

Pakistan has Won its First ever Oscar.This is what every Pakistani was waiting for that sharmeenObaidChinoy brings home the biggest award of film making. Sharmeen said"This award is dedicated to all the pakistani Women that are working for the change in Pakistan,don't give up just keep trying",Sharmeen said its not just the award its "THE OSCAR" Yes she was right,its the Oscar.SharmenObaid has made a documentary named as the saving face.Its a 52min long documentary. The documentary is all about girls who lost everything when acid was thrown on there faces.It was not an easy job to film such a documentary as girls do not feel safe coming in front of the camera,but sharmeen some how gave them the confidence and here it is.

Husband To Say Sorry On Facebook Page To Wife-Court To Man

UK-Mark Byron father of one was ordered by the court to say sorry to his wife on facebook page for 30 days inorder to avoid 60 days jail sentence.It all happened when Mark was so tense and bothered by his wife who was not letting him meet his son.He wrote on his Facebook wall"If you are evil women and want to ruin your husband life completely and take his son away.All you should do is ,say you are scared of your husbandme and domestic partner,They will take him away from me.

Top Ten Most funny iPhone Messages

It happens in one's life that you feel depress and lonely but some words can change the expression on one's face.It usually happens with everyone,When you are trying to text a message to your friend you text it to someone else,which even sometimes creates problems for you.Here are top ten most funny iPhone messages that will make you laugh,Some spelling mistakes and some "auto correct" iPhone feature mistakes.Please leave a comment.. Tiptoptens for more

World's Richest Super Model Kathy Ireland

You might have heard many stories of business who start from scrap and turn out to be richest in the future but a model earning so much,must have required brain and ideas.
Kathy Ireland is named as world's richest super model with worth $350 million.This is because of her interests in business like lisencing products like furniture rugs and many more others and designing.Kethy Ireland has developed a business of $2billion Dollar world wide.Kathy is also CEO and Designer of her brand product marketing company.

New Abbottabad Will Be Created In India To Shoot "Kill Bin Ladin"

According to the news sources Kathryn Bigelow's is looking forward to make a movie on Usama Bin Ladin(Kill Bin LAdin).First the directors decided to shoot the film in Pakistan but as Abbottabad is an army garrison and always on high alert and western media is prohibited to shoot there so they changed there plan. Locations chosen for the shoots of the film are Chandi Garh and Patiala in punjab, India. Kathrine said "I was working on a project in turkey and as soon as i finish it i will go to India to shoot more"
Remember that Kathrine is the only female ever to win an Oscar for her movie "The Hurt Locker" Other actors part of the movie are Aymen Hamdouchi,Kyle Chandler,Mark Strong,Jessica Chastain.Indiewire