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Brazilian Staffers To Earn Overtime Replying Emails

This new legislation was approved by Brazilian president Dima Rousseff.According to the legislation the workers who reply to email after there work hours in the office are approved for an overtime pay.It says it is equivalent to the orders given directly to the employs. This issue was previously risen in USA . When Chicago policeman Jeffery Allen filled a case against city asking for unpaid overtime compensation that should be given to the employs.

Us Marines Urinating On Taliban

Marines urinating on taliban.Is this what america calls human rights?insulting a dead body.Nobody can even think of such an act.

World's Fastest Hypersonic Missile

Just came across a news in Times of india saying world's fastest hypersoic Missile coming soon .This will really make you laugh when you will read the full article.
India is claiming that they are about to develop worlds fastest hypersonic missile but, Brahmos CEO and managing director sivathanu pillai said works on making brahmos 2 worlds fastest missile will begin soon.It would take another 5 year to develop the missile. The Indian brahamos 1 has a speed of MAC 3 which is equivalent to speed of sound about 1km/sec and brahamos 2 will have a speed of MAC 6 to MAC 7.
he further said we have the guide line and technology to make hypersoic missile but test have to be conducted for propulsion and engine and flight tests. Isn't it funny that they haven't even tested anything and the headline says hypersonic missile coming soon. propulsion test,engine test,flight test all remaining and the missile will be coming soon after 5 years if all the tests go right.

World's Tiniest Frogs

worlds smallest frogs were discovered in the tropical island of papua new guinea,smaller than a coin said the scientists on Wednesday.There voices hardly louder than buzz of birds.It is been said that these frogs are now the smallest vertiberate on earth with a bigger name paedophryne amauensis .
Largest vertirate is the blue vale measuring about 25(meter) and these frog are of a dot size for them measuring about 7.7 millimeter. Before the smallest vertebrae frog the smallest vertebrate was known to be a transparent Indonesian fish paedocypris progenetica that was about 8millimeter. Searching for the worlds smallest vertebrate it was not an easy task just because of the size and color of these frogs said Louisiana state university scientist Chris Austin. frogs are of dark brown color and bluish specks on there body.

Piya o re piya: Film -Tairay Naal Love Hogya By Atif Aslam

LED Bracelet Watch

This is a beautiful LED bracelet watch that will make you wear it.Black colored bracelets have red LED lights on them and white colored bracelets have blue led lights making them look more attractive.Lights on the left indicate hours and lights on right indicate minutes.This is the perfect bracelet to gift someone. source: Gizmoeye

Pakistani's Sent 175.39 Billion Messages In 2010

Pakistan telecom industry is boosting by leaps and bounce with some record breaking stats each year. A report recently been issued by PTA telling the number of SMS been sent per day for the year 2010 increased to about 16%. Total number of messages sent this year reached to an astonishing 175.39 billion messages which was approx 15.66% more than 2009. According to the reports Ufone has a 19.73 percent share of subscribers and a share of 29.05% text messages in 2010.That makes around 7 message per subscriber. Telenor with 24.03 % share of subscribers and 25.68% share of text messages. Zong with 8.27 %subscribers and 10.28% share of messages Mobilink with 39.94% percent of subscribers and 23.32% share of messages. Warid remained last with 11.66 %share of subscribers and 17.04% share of text messages,that makes around 3 messages per subscriber. More at Telecompaper