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I Am Not Nawaz Sharif I Am Imran Khan

Most trending Pakistani video on social media,I am not Nawaz Sharif,i am Imran Khan

Ape Dance Video Goes Viral On Youtube

Recently posted Ape Dance Commercial gone viral on internet getting millions of views daily.Here we have the video for you.

Kashmiri Student Slam India

8 Year Old Boy Lights up Internet

This will really make you laugh

Largest Card Stacking Structure

A new Guinness book of world record was set by Bryan Berg as he made the largest playing card structure which was 10.39 meters.2.88m tall and 3.54 meter wide.Since 1992 he has broken his own record twice.

Risking Everything For Nothing

Here is the video of a man working on top of wires,hundred of feet above ground in Northern Areas of Pakistan. Somebody has to go up there and repair it to keep the flow of traffic going.The Roads in Northern areas of Pakistan are very dangerous because of Land sliding ,falling rocks and melting snow.I salute this guy who is risking his life for nothing but to keep the flow of traffic.Although he will not be paid for this.

Worlds Smallest Engine

You wont believe it.This is the worlds smallest engine and the good thing is it runs as well.In this video everything is shown how the engine was made the parts required and even shows how the engine started running.

How To Know She Likes You

When ever you meet someone there are few movements that tell you if that person likes you or not.Even you can observe those moments by focusing on there movements.In this video we will show you which kind of movements will tell you that person likes you or not so watch them carefully.

Star Wars Augmented Reality-Amazing game

Just an Amazing game which turns your background into your game background using your camera.The technology is awesome.
Do not be late just search for the game in your app store and download it now and have fun.
Remember it discharges your battery very quickly.

Ammazing 3D Immersion Technology

This truley is an Amazing technology which will surely blow your mind.
This is the future guys.This technology can be used in playing games and movies.The affects are so real in this technology that you can see that persons reaction as how he touches stuff to feel that is it real or not.
A simple featherweight heads a 10'*10'*10 white room and $600000 worth of projector computer and equipment shows this immense reality Video by IDEO Lab and technology by Eon Reality

Worlds First GPS Goggles

These are the world's first Gps goggles with head mounted display.
With just a push of a button the rider can call up the data infront of his eyes just like a fighter pilot gets all the data.It includes speed ,altitude, temperature, time,GPS location stopwatch etc For more about these awsome goggle's go to buzz-beasts

40 Lessons From 40 Different Films

40 different lessons from 40 different films.This short clip of 7mins will show you 40 different lessons that we learn from 40 films.Yes there are many negetives in the movie but yes there are also some positive aspects of movies that can even change life of people.Movies some times teach us some leasons ,those leasons are given by the actors in movies by their dialogues.So you can even gain something watching those movies.

Venture One

Venture One Bike was designed to meet all the safety aspects.Even at a speed of 120km you can take a sharp turn using this bike.It has an aircondition inside it and it gives the luxury you need.Its the bike of 21 century

This will make you a proud pakistani

Cambrian Patrol 2010

Cambrian Patrol 2010 winner Pakistan Army