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MD PIA Yousufzai Flying With Blue Eyed Air Hostess

Pakistan's international Airline is taking its lasts breath and the management is busy in having fun.MD PIA Yousufzai is spotted with a blue eyed Air Hostess.It was in the news on Friday that Yousufzai takes Sadia saeed Mughal to every flight he moves in.According to the latest reports "Sadia Saeed Mughal" is usually not available for duty as she is considered favorite of MD,And she receives all allowances equal to other air hostesses. ThenewsTribe reported

Lt Gen.Zaheer Ul Islam Appointed New ISI Chief

World's Best intelligence service "ISI" Appoints Lt Gen. Zaheer Ul Islam as new DG.Tenure of Gen Pasha Ends on 18march 2012.There were many speculations that Gen Pasha will be Given an extension for his appointment as GG ISI but they were all rumors.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's Documentary Saving Face wins Oscar

Pakistan has Won its First ever Oscar.This is what every Pakistani was waiting for that sharmeenObaidChinoy brings home the biggest award of film making. Sharmeen said"This award is dedicated to all the pakistani Women that are working for the change in Pakistan,don't give up just keep trying",Sharmeen said its not just the award its "THE OSCAR" Yes she was right,its the Oscar.SharmenObaid has made a documentary named as the saving face.Its a 52min long documentary. The documentary is all about girls who lost everything when acid was thrown on there faces.It was not an easy job to film such a documentary as girls do not feel safe coming in front of the camera,but sharmeen some how gave them the confidence and here it is.

HEC Declared List OF Top Ten Universities Of Pakistan

HEC higher education Commission has declared a list of top ten universities of Pakistan.Quaid e Azam university is again declared as the best institute of Pakistan followed by Pakistan institute of engineering and applied sciences. Agha khan university is ranked as third and agriculture university as fourth in Pakistan. National university of science and technology Islamabad,Arid university Rawalpindi.University of health sciences Lahore and comsat institute of information Technology and Lahore university of management sciences were also declared best among the top ten universities.

Pakistan Government Imposes Radio Tax On Mobile Phone Prepaid Card

Tax tax and tax .We have been paying an amount of 17Rs as Tax on every card we recharge but here is it guys another Tax for you all "Radio Tax"
Parliamentary committee on information and broadcasting has decided to charge radio tax of amount 2Rs per Rs100 card recharged on all prepaid cards. According to information minister "Dr.Firdos Ashiq Awan" Radio pakistan is sinking day by day and we do not want that to happen.Pakistan railways has already sunk.Now to save radio pakistan we have to take this step.This Tax will be implemented after budget 2011-2012. Thenewstribe reported

World's Biggest Silver Ring

Pakistani sets another world Record by creating the Worlds big
gest silver ring.This beautiful silver ring is created by a Pakistani named Amin saleem.Amin saleem is actually the owner of jewlery company, Amin and company. He claims it is the biggest silver ring ever created .This beautiful ring weights around 71.5 kg. The ring is named as "fragrance of love" Ring contains 97.83% silver and the ring has a inner diameter of 85cm.Source

First Pakistani To be Nominated For Oscars 2012

A Pakistani documentarian sharmeen obaid chinoy became the first Pakistani to be nominated for Oscars for her short documentary name "Saving Face".Her documentary is based on the social issue of women been insulted and their face destroyed by throwing acid on it.The documentary is based on a British Pakistani plastic surgeon who dedicates his time to heal the victims of such incidents. The documentary is set to release in march where as the Oscars are to take place on February the 26Th. She is also the first non american to win Livingston award for young journalist and also the first Pakistani to win Emmy awards in 2010 for her documentary about Pakistan: Children Of Taliban

Single Pakistani Eats 67 Eggs Per Year

Poultry industry in Pakistan is boosting every single day.The production of eggs is increasing but still we are far behind as compared to other advanced countries.In advanced countries the consumption of eggs per year per person is 350 eggs as compared to Pakistan which is as low as 67 eggs per year per person. According to (UVAS) university of veterinary and animal sciences prof Doctor Muhammad Akram the Egg consumption in Pakistan is very low. If we compare our self with India the production of eggs in India is about 27,00,000 million eggs per year.with 92 eggs per person per year.Where as the production of Eggs in Pakistan is very low which is 12,800 million eggs . This also becomes the reason of high prices of eggs in winters as compared to summers as the consumption of eggs increases. He further said the use of eggs increases the growth rate of hairs and nails as the eggs contains sulpher and other healthier Minerals.So people in pakistan should consume more eggs for healthier diet.

Technology Park Named After Arfa

We lost the daughter of the nation Arfa Karim Randhawa a girl that made us proud.Chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif took a very good decision after the burial ceremony of Arfa.He ordered to name Lahore Technology Park as 'Arfa Software Technology Park' .He mentioned this on his official page status on Facebook.This brave decision by the chief minister will tell the generations to come ,how brave and intelligent Arfa was.

Arfa Karim Randhawa Died

The girl that portrayed a better image of Pakistan to the international world.Worlds youngest Microsoft certified professional Arifa Karim Randhawa died today after being in coma for several days.

She was being monitored by worlds best doctors when Bill Gates 'worlds richest man' made a team of professional doctors that were monitoring her through webcam.It was also planned to take her to America to provide the best of care but she took her last breath today in CMH.She proved herself at a very young age.She had a dream to meet with Bill Gates and her dream was fulfilled when Bill Gates himself Invited her at the Microsoft headquarters because of her achievement.She was awarded with Fatima Jinnah Gold medal in science and technology ,Salaam Pakistan youth award and biggest civil award of Pakistan pride of performance in 2005. May she rest in peace.

Bill Gates Offered Arifa Karim Financial Help And Support

New generation of Pakistan is full of talent and if we start counting them then we have to consider Arifa Karimworld youngest microsoft certified professional .She was declared worlds youngest certified professional, at the age of 9.Followed by another Pakistani boy.Few weeks ago Arifa had a heart attack at this young age and her health condition became worse.She was put on a life saving machine and doctors declared she had no hope to survive. But after few days doctors were shocked to see movement in her fingers and hoped she might make it. When this news made to international media.Bill gates chairman Microsoft made a commission of doctors in US and told them to monitor Afia condition.This commission will be monitoring Afia through internet and will be talking to the doctors in Pakistan.If needed american doctors will come to Pakistan to check her condition. We all pray she gets well soon.

5 things To Expect In Pakistan In 2012

1. Opening of Border for NATO Supply

Pakistan has stopped NATO supply since its check post was attacked by American forces while its soldiers were asleep.Pakistan at the spot Closed the NATO supply route in response of the killing of Innocent soldiers.One of the most expected thing to happen in 2012 in Pakistan is opening of the afghan border for NATO supply.Pakistan will open its supply routes for nato in up coming months.

2.Elections In Pakistan

Country is going through allot.All the major source of income industries in Pakistan are at taking there last breath.lack of electricity and gas has destroyed the cotton and other industries in Pakistan.
All the political parties are gathering there workers and trying to convince there voters all this shows that this government is not going to stay more than 3 moths and in this year the 2ND most expected thing is reelections. 3. Imran Khan Becoming President Of Pakistan
The third most expected thing in 2012 is Imran khan coming into power and bec…

Dumb And Deaf Polish And Pakistani Couple

Love stories are getting very common now days but a true love story with a happy ending are not that common.This story came to a happy ending when a polish girl fall in love with a Pakistani boy from Hyderabad.Both of them met on the internet and fall in love.Before they got married the parents of the girl came to Pakistan to meet with the boy and a family gathering gave it a final decision.The real interesting thing about this love story is that both of them were deaf and dumb.They can only express there emotions with the movements of there hands.The girl belonging to a christian family first accepted Islam and then marriage took place on accordance with the Muslim faith.Girl named her self 'Hiba'.There marriage ceremony took place in Hyderabad in a local marriage hall.girl was wearing Pakistani wedding dress and looking gorgeous.Boy makes shoes for living and both were very happy on the wedding day. when she was asked about Pakistan.she said i loved the country and people.

500 Mega Watt Electricity Through Wind Mills

Pakistan is going through energy crises for the past few years and government is taking emergency actions to complete the energy requirements of the country.In effect of these measures Pakistan will be producing 50 Mega Watt of electricity through wind power generation. In the beginning one of the projects is under way in 'Hujam Peer'

Rs 97/kg Gas From Januray Next Year

Today i came across a news which said CNG price will be increased to 97/kg in the first month of new year.A new year gift for all.Some of you might consider it as a bad news and some who think from a broader prospective will take it as a good news.Yes individuals with cars will have a added effect on there daily life because of the enormous increase in the prices but to be very true it will have good effects.Just because of the increase in the prices some of people will surely shift to petrol the reasons are given below.

A normal gas cylinder contains 9kg gas but the CNG stations in many area like Peshawar road near Islamabad and many CNG stations located out of the city through low temperature and high pressure up to 240 bar can fill your tank to about 10 kg gas.Which even reaches 11kg at some CNG stations, so, 11kg gas = 97*11 = Rs 1067 which is equivalent to 12.12 liter petrol.
A car on petrol on average travels 12km in city so with an amount of Rs 1067 the car will travel 145km. And …

Pakistan Maintains Top Slot In Google Search For Word 'Sex'

Pakistan has garbed number one spot in Google search for word sex.According to fox news Pakistan was ranked top country in searching for the word 'sex'.In 2010 Pakistan was ranked number one. Now this year the results are the same. Pakistan maintains its top slot in searching the word sex on Internet followed by India ad Vietnam. Pakistan has about 20 million Internet users and growing. city Islamabad was ranked 1st in Pakistan for searching the word sex in the months of September and December 2011 followed by Lahore which is also in the list of top ten cities of the world. Lahore was in the top ten cities for the months of January,march, April may June July, September,October,November and December. The good thing is that Pakistan was not in the top ranking in the months of February and August(ramazan) in the global ranking.Only in the month of Ramadan Pakistan was not in the global ranking for search of the word 'sex'

Shortest Day Of The Year 22 December

According to news,Today 22th of December is the shortest day of the year.The sun will be setting at 5:07 pm and will be rising at 7:06 am.This means that the day will be of 10.01hr long .Making it the shortest day of the year.from today the days will start getting longer.

PTI is Spam Calling for jalsa Gathering

Here is a latest update for you guys.PTI Pakistan Tehreekay Insaf is Spam Calling people at there land line numbers to market its jalsa.Which is against the rules and regulations of Pakistan Telecommunication authority(PTA).
This strategy was previously used in Lahore jalsa and they found better results.This is why PTI is using this strategy in Karachi now.
According to users which received calls said that Telephone calls received says :
Asalamo-o-Alaikum .how are you? This is Imran khan.I am coming to your city on 25 of December at Mazar e Qaid.Hope to see you there.This is the beginning of new Pakistan.I am waiting for you.Imran khan.

Many of you might be angry with me that why i am saying it as spam calling.Hope many of you don't like getting up in the middle of night to listen to a spam call.This strategy is applied by Imran khan and in future if all the parties start such kinda compaign you guys will be receiving many such fake calls in a day.
Imran khan is known as a trend setter …

President House Demands 260 Million for New Kitchen

This is Pakistan which is still surviving after been part of millions of dollar corruption.Here is an example for you.The person which has about 56 billion dollars in Swiss banks didn't show mercy to his nation after been hit by a heart attack.He didn't learned a lesson .
It is in the news that President house has requested CDA for development of a new kitchen in the president house.CDA has passed a bill of RS.260 Million (26 Crore) for a new kitchen in the president house.5 crore for the destruction of the previous kitchen.10 core for the plantation of the new kitchen.1 crore for crockery and 10 crore for the imported kitchen.
Was the previous kitchen not enough ?Cant they survive with that kitchen for another year?If they do not have enough money to pay bills to petroleum companies ,why are they wasting our money on there luxuries?A government servants pays an amount of 30 thousand as tax money each year,that makes about 1,00000 employs tax money been wasted on his luxury.If h…

Property Of Imran Khan

The Political war is at its peak in Pakistan.As the upcoming leader of the young generation Imran khan is on its way to historic gatherings.Many Well known and underground Rappers are singing songs to bring nation out of there houses for a change,for the better Pakistan.
Imran khan is pointing fingers on other poli
tical leaders for showing them there assets.Imran khan believes that all the political leaders have gathered all there property through corruption.He wants all the political leaders to show there real assets to the nation.
A list of Imran khans property is released.
Details Of The Property
Imran khan paid Rs .3 million as tax money in the year 2011.Which is 15 lack less than the previous year.Tax payable income is shown to be RS 5,46620.
Imran Khan showed his house expenditures as Rs 66,71700.
Showed two houses in Islamabad in which the value of one of the house was not shown.In foreign Banks he has a property of $ 1,83220 and 1230 pounds and 92,062 euro. He has about 825 Kinal of …