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ECP Issues List OF Gold Owned By Women Politicians Of Pakistan

Election commission of Pakistan has recently issued a list of women politicians who own Max amount of Gold.
Firdous Ashiq Awan,Kashmala Tariq,Khushbakht Shujaat,Anusha Rehman,Hina Rabbani Khar were leading the Top charts of ownership of max amount of Gold.Details are given as under.

Top Five Politicians That Own Max amount of Gold

Firdous Ashiq of Pakistan's People Party owns 755 Tola Gold . Estimated Price 3 Crore,77 Lakh
Kashmala Tariq of PML(Q) own 200 Tola Gold.
Khushbakht Shujat of MQM own 130 Tola Gold.
Hina Rabbani Khar of PPP own 77 Tola Gold
State Minister for Information Anusha Rehman own 60 Tola Gold.

This list comprises of Gold own by politicians and data given to ECP( Election Commission of Pakistan).In Actual these quantities could be Triple the amount shown.

Government Of Pakistan Youth Loan Scheme 2013

Prime minister of Pakistan has approved  Youth Loan  Scheme 2013. Details are given as under

Pervez Musharaf And Imran Khan Crossed One Million Fans Mark On Facebook

Pervez Musharaf former President of Pakistan Chairman APML and Imran Khan chairman PTI Set New Record on Facebook. Both the leaders have crossed one million likes mark on Facebook.
Pervez Musharaf and Imran Khan both represents the  youth but Imran khan has a higher fan base as compared to Pervez Musharaf.
Lets See who takes the lead

Pakistan To Sue Uk Newspaper Over Fake Visa Scandal

The Federal cabinet has decided to sue UK Newspaper of fake news that was published in Uk Newspaper "THE SUN" saying.Pakistan is issuing fake Passports and Visas. DG Passports and Chairman NADRA issued and inquiry and showed its reports to the president that not even a single passport was issued by the passport office.It was decided in the meeting that the government will sue the Uk Newspaper for publishing fake news. The adviser to PM Rehman Malik said those people found involved in the conspiracy against pakistan would be put on exit control list.

Do You Know? Defaulted Hina Rabbani Khar

Do you know that Pakistan's foreign Minister HinnaRabbaniKhar owns a Textile Mill? Yes she does "Galaxy Textile Mill".Galaxy textile mill has defaulted Rs 677,00000,which equals around Rs.70 Million. This huge amount is put on monthly installments of Rs 3000/ Month.
If a poor Pakistani is not able to pay his/her Electricity bills his connection is terminated with in a day.But is a politician has defaulted millions of Rs.He can run away with it.This is the justice of pakistan Imagine the time it will take her to pay all her bills.You can call her the beast behind the beauty. She is not the only one to be part of corruption scandal.If you open the book of our recent politicians,Every single page opens a new story.Even Mr. president Gillani corruption

Gillani Purchased 3 Coats Worth 8 Million During London Shopping

People of Pakistan are in there worst condition ever,if we compare this time with the past.We the people of Pakistan pay Tax's for the betterment of the country but our tax's are spent by the so called leaders of Pakistan.Mr.Gillani the prime minister of Pakistan purchased 3 coats in there shopping in London and the estimated cost of these three coats is Rs.8 Million Mr.Gillani mentioned in his assets that he does not even have a car.In his book Mr.President writes "These was a time when i didn't have money to give fees of my children school" but how come in a few days he became so rich"?
According to the sources Mr Gillani and his family spent 54,000 pounds in a shopping Mall buying watches,glasses cloths and suits.The owner of the Mall was shocked and thought some royal family from Pakistan has come for shopping. Its never about Pakistan for them,Its about them.According to the previous reports it was said that Gillani Spent Rs.80 Million but it was not true.

Where Is Our $Million,Says Ajmair Sharif Administration To President Zardari

I think we are the only nation in this world.who is having the most currupt leaders of all time.This is only because of our attitude.why we voted for them?.On the other hand i am having no dought that in the coming elections we are surely going to vote for them,just because a man named bhutto brain washed our ancistors and PPP is still bearing the fruit of what Bhutto sowed.
Mr.10% (Asif Ali Zardari) on his last visit to india announced to provide a fund of 1million dollars to the sherine of Ajmair Sharif.A month has passed by the authorities are still waiting for there charity that was to be provoded by the president.
When Mr.President announced the amount of 1million dollar to be provided it was a shock for everyone as we are a poor nation.This huge amount could have been spent on poor people .A discussion started in pakistn as weather Mr Zardari will pay this amount from his pocket or from the funds of the poor nation.
Money didn't reach AJmair sharif yet.They are asking for it.No…

Pakistani Engineer Invents Generator That Runs On Water

Pakistan is now a days facing energy crises.Government is doing nothing to solve this problem and many industries in Pakistan are shut down.But on the other hand many Pakistan engineers are working hard to make products that are not available in the market.
One of those engineers is Rehan Aziz who Belongs to Swat in Pakistan.He Built a generator that totally runs on water.
Rehan speaking to Express tribune said i have spent years working on this project.Millions of rupees were spent to get the final machine and here i am.I have done it. Explaining the science behind it rehan said,Its a simple process you just need to Extract hydrogen from water using the electrolysis process and use it as a fuel. Rehan furhter said but i still have to conduct more Tests to make it final as hydrogen is the lightest of gases and is highly flamable.If anything goes wromng it can convert in to a bomb.So conducting these experiments in a lab in my house is very dangerous so i need help from the governmet"…

News That Hit Internet Like A Storm -CM Shahbz Sharif Weds Cops Wife

According to source news that is hitting the internet like a storm is CM Punjab getting married to a cop's wife.As the news says,the lady is actually ,wife of a police officer. Shehbaz sharif sent his marriage proposal to the lady and the lady asked for the divorce to her husband. No one knows the truth behind this.But one thing is sure that getting married to a divorced women is the right of a person.Weather he is a politician or a simple person. If this news is True,leave him alone.Sources

Indian Media Fake 5 Pakistani Terrorists Story Exposed By Dunia Channel

Indian media Credibility for fake intelligence news about Pakistan is exposed by Pakistan media

Indian intelligence agencies are not able to find a single clue of Pakistan people involved in Indian terror activities,but still they are trying to involve innocent Pakistanis in there stupid acts.on 5/9/2012 Indian news channels showed pictures of 3 terrorists that entered India through sea,and major places in India were on high alert for that reason.Just after hours, Pakistani media showed those people live on Tv channels to tell them those people are still in Pakistan and are respectable people belonging to Lahore.
Atif Butt who is in computer business for the past 12 years,Mehtab Butt who is in mobile business for past

14 year and babar who is a security Guard for past many years and a father of 5 children.
When talking to these people.Atif Butt said"Me and mehtab are very good friends and through our friends we came to know that our pictures are been played on Indian
Tv  channels …

Lie Detector Machine Failed In Pakistan

Lie Detector machine "VSA" known as voice stress analyzer failed in Pakistan.Voice stress analyzer is used to detect the thefts and to catch the terrorists.These machines were brought here from the USA including  Explosive analyzer and 500 civil disturbance management sets and other equipment.
CID inspector speaking to the local Urdu newspaper said that these Voice stress analyzer machines failed in Pakistan as we Pakistani's are use to lies and didn't show positive results.
In the western countries people are not use to lies and they speak the truth to avoid large punishment.

85 Camels Worth Millions Gifted To UAE Royal Family

According to news from the Airport officials A top official from Pakistan has sent 85 Most expensive Camels to royal family of UAE worth millions of dollars.
Camels were transported by a cargo plane that was owned by the UAE Royal family.As soon as the plane reached 85 camels were brought to the airport for transportation.Matter was noticed when when of the officers stopped the transportation of the camels as it was not notified before.But after receiving calls from the higher authorities camels were boarded with in half as hour and plane left for Dubai.

Foreigner Girls Being Sold In Pakistan

Pakistan was founded on 14th August 1947 as a Muslim state and most of the population in Pakistan is Muslim but due to influence of western media and India movies the upcoming generations are following the western culture.
According to a reports girls from Soviet states are been smuggled in Pakistan for prostitution purpose.Countries from where these girls are brought include Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
According to the sources these girls come through legal process as they are brought here on conditions of jobs in medical sector in Pakistan and are latter deprived of there documents and are sold in major cities of Pakistan including Karachi,Islamabad and Lahore. Embassies can not help them as they do not have there documents with them.FIA "Federal Investigation Authority" has totally failed to find the people involved.The news Tribe

Fact About People Of Pakistan- Montreal Convention

Did you ever thought why lives of people in subcontinent are not that important?Have you ever thought we people of Pakistan have got so cruel and shameless that after hearing a news of death of 127 people we were joking about it.Shameless idiots were stealing bangles,mobile phones and other stuff from the site of the incident instead of helping the authorities.Why?
Because money is out first priority not the lives of those people,who left there house laughing, and told there family members they will return home and will bring gifts for them. How many of you know about Montreal Convention 1999? Pakistan signed on the Montreal Convention in 19 December 2006 and up till 2009,97 countries were part of Montrel Convention. According to Montreal Convention 1999, if an air accident takes place the each passenger of the plane will be given an amount of 100,000 SDR and this amount was revised in 2009 to 113,100 SDR.One SDR Equals $1.5 So every Passenger should be given an amount of $169650. This me…

Convert Hindu Girls Choose To Go With Husband

In the past many stories were made on Hindu girls.Many Hindu leaders from Pakistan and India were spreading a propaganda that Hindu girls were forced to convert to Islam.But a video that we showed in our previous posts clearly showsRinkalKumari saying that she accepted Islam.And it was totally her decision .no one forced her to take that decision.

On Wednesday Supreme court of Pakistan allowed all Hindu girls to go with there husband.This decision was taken when all of them showed intentions to go with there husband.Chief justice of Pakistan said.All of them are mature enough to take there decision. Hindu girls decided there future at the registrar office at supreme court. The girls, Faryal "RinkleKumari", Hafsa Bibi "Dr Lata" & Haleema Bibi "AshaKumari" all were allowed to go with there husbands. Parents of all there girls protested saying the decision was not taken in an open court. Chief justice of Pakistan ordered the police to provide all of them wit…

Imran Khan Ranked 8Th In World's Most Influential People

According to an online survey conducted by the Time Magazine Imran Khan was ranked 8th in the world's most influential people.Imran khan became a super star when under the leadership qualities of the captain Pakistan cricket team clinched there first World cup trophy. Imran khan in the past was known as a Playboy because of his looks and personality that attracted millions around the world. Few years back Imran khan started a new political party and now he is a hero for the Pakistani nation as everyone wants him to rescue Pakistan from the current political crises. Keep in mind that Imran khan left behind Obama,General PervaizKiani and Salman Khan in this poll conducted by the Magazine

Raw Terrorists Reached Balouchistan

I have never been to Baluchistan and actually do not know the views of people of Baluchistan but there is one thing i know that they are Muslims and Muslims can never betray there nation. Yes may be there are many Baluchistan tribes that want a separate home land but there quantity is nothing as compared to others. Baluchistan was never left alone by the government but it was because of the tribes leaders that left Baluchistan in this condition just because they wanted to keep others not to get educated,as if they did who will obey there orders. Millions of dollars were given to the Baluchistangovernment and all of them were divided by the tribe leaders. I my self as a Pakistani want that all the luxuries of life should be given to these people. I am really shocked to see RAW involvement in Baluchistan.

Us Women Is Addicted To Drinking Petrol

Many people on earth have different types of addictions few of them are so strange that people think how are they still surviving.Some people eat plates,some eat glass,but a women from us is addicted to drinking Petrol.Shannon became popular when she first came on a TV show named aptly.She said i drank about 18 litters of petrol last year.And with every passing month i am drinking more and more.I usually drink about 18 teaspoons of petrol each day.She said"When i drink petrol it tingles inside my thought and then i feel pain but still i am addicted to drinking petrol. Shannon mother told i didn't believe her at first but when i smelled petrol from her mouth i was shocked.

Rinkal Kumari Accepts Islam,Now Faryal

For so many days, Pakistani society was blamed that a Hindu girl was forced to convert to Islam.Many articles were written following this incident in India and Pakistan.But the truth revealed when Rinkal Kumari her self gave interview to a local news channel and told them she has accepted islam her self,and no one forced her to accept Islam.This was a great slap to liberals and secular s.Here is the video

Girl Threw Acid On Boy Face - Faisalabad

There were many stories of acid throwing on girls face by boys,but this story is first of its kind.A short Film made by Sharmeen Obaid Chineoy(Saving Face) was based on acid throwing on girls face by boys received an Oscar .First Oscar for Pakistan.But here the story is totally different as the girl threw acid on the boy face.
May be this Oscar was given,just because bad image of Pakistani society was portrayed. Coming to the story. This incident took place in Faisalabad when the boy refused to marry the girl.Both of them were having an affair for the last two years.The boy named Mohsin and the girl named Nabeela belonging to Marzipura in Faisalabad. According to the girl he brought disrepute to her in the locality and at the end he refused to marry me and brought bad name to me in front of a crowed. She called the boy at her house and threw acid on his face.The boy was taken to the hospital. Such kind of incident are increasing day by day in Pakistan.Most of the victims are girls.Acid bein…