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NADRA CNIC Verification Through SMS

NADRA CNIC Verification Through SMS

NADRA known as National Database Registration Authority has launched CNIC Verification system for general public.Now it is very easy for you to verify CNIC of your servant or another person.This verification System only charges Rs. 10 Per SMS.

Here is the method

Procedure of CNIC Verification

Type 13 Digit CNIC number(without using "-") in you text message and send it to 7000
Within seconds you will get details of the card owner,Father name/Husband name

BPS Pay Scales

Here is the list of BPS Pay scale. Basic pay of SPS pay scale is higher then basic pay of BPS scale.BPS 17 is equivalent to SPS 8 Pay scale but there basic pay differs. Basic pay of BPS 17 is 16,000+1200(annual increment)+HRA(4433)+Conveyance allowance(5000),Medical allowance(1478)+ARA10+ARA11+ARA12+ARA13 =38914. ARA is actually the pay increased by government in budgets. So your gross pay= Basic pay+Increments+Allowances Net pay= Gross pay-Taxes

SPS Special Pay Scales

SPS is referred as special pay scale.The main reason to launch this pay scale was to pay more to employees.

The list provided above only includes basic pay. Other increments that are paid other then basic pay include.S.T.A (Special Technical Allowance).A.S.T.A Additional Technical Allowance.Medical Allowance.Staff Subsidy,transport allowance.If you all all of them the total pay goes more then double the basic pay.

Youtube Ban Got lifted In Pakistan

Atlast a good news for Pakistan's youngsters , Youtube is now working in Pakistan.

 Ban was lifted today no previous guidelines were given about the lifting of the ban , all of a sudden it started to work now .

So get your videos ready and upload them as Youtube is back .

Basant In Lahore 2014

Hamza Shehbaz,Son of Chief Minister of Punjab has announced Basant in Lahore in year 2014. He in a press conference made it clear that Basant will be celebrated next year in months of January February.
Final date for basant celeberation is from 21st Feb to 5th of March. Location will be Changa Maanga.Special train service will be available from cantt station to Changa Maanga.

Geo News Sent Zaid Hamid Legal Notice

Jang News Has Sent Legal notice to defense analyst Zahid Hamid. Claiming that due to wrong criticism by Zaid hamid Jang/Geo groups which is the largest  group has faced decrease in viewership.The group demands apology by Zahid hamid. Below are the pics for legal notice sent to zahid hamid and his response.

A True Message Written Behind The Rikshaw

Praying five times a day is the easiest way to heaven .
Not following the rules of Islam is the easiest way to hell.We in today's world pay for getting into hell and we don't have time for free ticket to heaven.

3D Print Of Your Unborn Baby In Pakistan

Expecting a baby and you wanna see how your unborn baby will look,Spend $500 and buy a 3D printer .Get the image of your baby.

3D Printers will be soon available in Pakistan.To Order now Go to Our Contact Section and Leave your contact details will get to you as soon as possible.

Pakistani Born American Buys EPL Football Club Fulham

Pakistani Born American Shahid Khan recently agreed to a deal on Friday and bought English Premier League club Fulham.
Khan, Bought the Club for 150 Million Dollars from Mr. Al Fayed. Shahid Khan Migrated to America in 1967 at the age of 16,He started as a dish washer at a local restaurant and later completed his engineering from university of Illinois.
Khan Struck it rich when he purchased Flex-N-Gate a car parts supplier and build it into a global company employing more then 16,000 people at 52 manufacturing and nine product development and engineering facilities.


You guys might be wondering that why i wrote the spelling of Pakistan wrong,Actually i just wanted to discuss here that Pakistan is the word that is most searched in Pakistan but it is spelled Pakstan when searched on the internet. This word pakstan is searched more then 5 thousand times daily on the internet.IF you have entered this website that means you have just spelled the word Pakistan as pakstan.Got you :).Click here to reach more about pakistan

Big Breakthrough By Pakistani Doctors For Hepatitus

Pakistani scientists and doctors have invented vaccination for Hepatitis that will cost around Rs.75 ($1) each,and a total of 11 injections will be enough to treat a hepatitis patient.Where as injections available in the market cost around 14k each and around 60 dozes are required to treat the patient.But there is a big mafia involved that is not letting these injections hit the market.
Three times the meeting of board of governors have been postponed by people involved in this mafia.

Team Pakistan wins debating competition Beats 45 Countries Including USA

Mexico:Three Pakistani students belonging to Karachi Lahore Islamabad have won an international debating competition. Pakistani students have won Karl Popper Debating Championship which is the world's biggest championship of the world. 200 debaters from 45 countries participated in this competition.Pakistan beated south Korea and USA to grab the top position. Pakistani students were defending the topic"Guantanamo Bay prison should be closed down Immediately" Zainab hameed from Karachi Grammar school was named the top speaker of the competition.while Azeem Liaqat from International campus for advance studies Lahore campus was named the 2nd best debator.Five out of the Top Ten debaters were Pakistanis.

British News Paper Claims To Have Busted Pakistani Visa Scam

According to recent news in a British news paper "The Sun" they have recently busted a Visa scam been run by Pakistani officials and a Lahore based politician AbidChaudhary.The Investigator claims that he was provided with a Pakistani passport with a fake name. The investigator also claims that he was informed by a Lahore based politician that he will get him a visa for 2 months that will cost him around 7,000 pounds. 1000 pounds are required to get an official letter from the sports board showing you as part of there Olympics team. The news paper has alerted the MI6 and other intelligence agencies and investigation is on its way. Mean while NADRA Chairman said from all angles fake passport scam will be checked and if found culprits will be thrown behind the bars.

Mubashir Luqman & Mehar Bhukhari Controversy

This program was on aired on Dunia news channel which was seen worldwide.After the program someone uploaded the Talk between Mehar Bukhari ,Mubashir Luqman and Malik Riaz.This Chat between these three created another controversy .Watch to reveal the truth .Its about pakistan.share to aware others.Subscribe to get all the updates

$3 Billion Of Assets, Paid Rs6.8 Million Tax

Malik Riaz the man who emerged from no where.Started a construction company with an amount of $15,00. Now holds an amount of $3 Billion own every luxury sports car,private jet and palaces around the world has paid a total Tax of Rs.6.9 Million.Yes he spends allot on poor people.Daily approx 10,000 people get to eat for free but what has he given to his country which has given him so much to spend. He showed a property of Rs.58 crore to the government of Pakistan and paid tax of Rs.6.9 Million.What would you say about him?
He always mentions in his interviews that its all about Pakistan,i have given people of Pakistan a luxury life style to live in,i made hospitals,community centers,shopping malls but Mr.Riaz Malik people paid you for that,you didn't gave it for free.source

74% Of Smokers Quit Smoking Due To Their Family Or Friends

According to a survey conducted by Gilani Poll and Galup Pakistan survey, about 74% of Pakistani quit smoking just because of there family and friends and about 26 percent of them quit smoking as stopped by some doctor nurse or any other medical practitioners.This survey was conducted in Pakistan from 13th May 2012 - 19th May 2012. About 2644 Men and women from rural and urban areas were asked "Why they quit smoking?" and 74% of them replied due to their family friends and 26% replied due to there doctor nurse or any other medical petitioner. This survey was conducted in all the provinces of Pakistan.An error is estimated to be +2-3 and with a 95% confidence level.Facts about pakistan

11 Feet Long Bike Can Accommodate Eight People

Sheikh Heera from Faisalabad built this bike just because he could not travel with all his friends at a time.Heera who belongs to Samundri district of Faisalabad said,I got inspired from a Bollywood movie and made this bike. This bike is 11 feet long and can accommodate 8 adults and 12 children.Bike has six shock absorbers and is connected with two chains. Heera said now i can go anywhere with all my friends.

O'level Schools From Pakistan Send Rs.2.5 Billion Yearly To Briton

Standard of education is Pakistan is falling with every single day.This is the reason that Pakistan has faced an astonishing increase in o'level schools.According to the reports there are about 450 schools that are affiliated with Cambridge and 20 other institutes are affiliated with Adicsol. There are about 30 thousand student of o'level in Pakistan and about 14,212 students of A'levels in Pakistan.
Every single paper costs around Rs.7,000.And there are a minimum of 8 papers.So around Rs 56,000 Paper fee goes to Briton every year. A'level student takes around 6 paper ,so Rs.28 thousand per student is sent to Briton. So a total amount of Rs 1 Billion and 680 Million are sent to Briton for o'level examination and around Rs. 790 Million are sent for A'level examination.Exams takes place twice a year.

Pakistan Will Pay UAE Prince Rs.30 Million For Releasing His Falcon

According to a local newspaper of Pakistan.Pakistan authorities will pay an amount of Rs. 30 Million to a UAE prince for releasing his falcons.
Customs authorities will pay an additional Rs.10 million for the prince mental torture.In a check up in Islamabad airport in march falcons of a UAE prince were taken in to custody for not having proper documentation.
Sheikh Muhammad Sultan Ahmed member of the royal family requested FTO Shoaib Sadal that his falcons were takne from him on 10 March form Islamabad airport and were not given back to him.
Now authorities will pay a total amount of RS.36 Million to the UAE prince