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Flappy Bird: Simple Yet So Addictive

Heard so much about "Flappy Bird" all over social media ,Each and everyone's  timelines were bombarded with Flappy bird posts which made me download it. 
Then i started playing it , first i was like its the  simplest of games i have ever played . But after playing it for 10-15 minutes i was unable to beat my high score which irritated me and i kept on playing and all of a sudden when i checked the time it was 6 in the morning.

 I tried to go to sleep soon after but that game bugged me  a lot and i couldn't sleep so i had to take a day off.

This game basically relies on visuo sepatial sketch. Which means you use visual part of the brain to play the game. However, your brains 2nd function is the phonological loop which deals with the spoken or written material.

Now , the game is mostly visual but annoying part is the counter on top of the screen which interferes with the simple part of pressing the screen. The game relies on the concentration , a loss of it and you loose i…