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Miracle Survivor

When ever a plan crashes there are no chances of survival if the plane hits the ground with brutal force.Recently a plane crashed in Nepal,but to everyone's shock a couple including 4 other people survived the crash.Andreas Rash 30 and emiliejoejsenson 29 , belonging to Holland survived the plane crash with minor injuries.Speaking to Danish news paper Andreas said that i am perfectly fine.I am just having pain in one of my legs.We are very happy to be alive. The Plane crashed in Himalayan in Nepal killing 15 people.

Man Needs $20,000 For A Dog

A man needs around $20,000 to get his Dog back from his girl friend as they had a breakup.He claims that he has already spent $30,000 and needs more $20,000 to pay his legal fees.Knuckles the Dog was kidnapped by his girlfriend according to the guy named Craig. He published this news to raise this huge amount.On a website named He has already raised an amount of $881. To attract people he offered to give "Virtual Smooch" to those giving 10$.Free entry on a nightclub where he is a door man for paying $100 and Graffiti Mural to those giving $10,000. Craig said i have no money now to get my Dog back and i love my dog like a child. Geo

Dog Killed 27 Penguins On Cat Bay

Thursday on Cat Bay Australia about 27 Penguins were killed by a dog.Few say this is not a job of a single Dog it must have been a pack of dogs.
Investigating officers said that if it was proved that these deaths were caused by a dog then the owner of the dog will be charged with a fine of $3000.
These dead penguins were found in Phillip nature park in Victoria state.According to the sources,These penguins are named a fairy penguins because of there small size and at night hundreds of these penguins turn to shore to there houses.

Dinosaurs Helped To Warm The Earth By There Burps

Dinosaurs helped to warm the earth by there gassy Burps 200 million years ago.According to the study by David Wikinson of Liverpool dinosaurs produced 570 Million tons of methane at that time by there flatulence and burps.
This amount is equal to the total amount of methane produced in earth by livestock farming and industry in this time of the earth.Cows around the world now produced an amount of 100 Tons of methane a year.
At that time dinosaurs were the reason of Global warming said the scientist.
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Camels Sacrificed In Kazakhstan To End Epidemic Suicides.

We have watched many movies or might have heard of many stories that lead to evil people.Same story happened in Kazakhstan.
White camel was sacrificed to prevent suicide epidemic deaths blamed on evil spirit in Karabulak,Kazakhstan.
Otyrar a local channel reported that around 200 local people including elders gathered to witness this sacrifice.
All this started when two teenage children hung themselves on the trees.Followed by 14 other suicides by the children.Many suicides were stopped by the people as they were spotted.
According to the children who were about to hung themselves.They saw a man dressed in white saying this world is of no use so he showed them a rope in his neck.
According to the locals same happened a year ago when suicides increased in the town,so they sacrificed a white camel that helped to control the suicides by the children now this year it happened again and they again sacrificed white camel to prevent more suicides.
No reports of suicide attempts after the sac…

14 Thousand Japanese Die Every Year In Bathtubs

Japanese health ministry has recently launched an investigation of why the rate of people dying in bathtub is increasing every year.According to the reports every year about 14,000 Japanese die in bathtub which is three times more than the deaths in an accident.
According to the figures about 4,201 people died last year in 2011 as a result of accidents ,Most of them were elderly people.
In japan mostly people use bath tub to relax after hard day in the office.Local reports say that most of these deaths result from heart palpitaions,Drowning,heart Attacks and Subarachnoid haemorrhages.

Leeches Are Helpful In Searching Animals In the Jungle

Scientists around the world are searching around the world to do things for the betterment of the world.
Copenhagen Zoo and Copenhagen University have worked together to discover a new method to find species of animals in the jungle.This was done because searching for animals in the jungle is not an easy job and its very expensive. So Copenhagen Zoo and university in collaboration with each other came to a conclusion that they will take the DNA of the blood present in Leaches.As the Blood contained in Leaches will provide us enough evidence to find the species present in certain jungle

Saudi Arabia Can Supply Electricity To The Whole World

Allah has blessed Muslim nations with the best of natural reserves in the world. Saudi is blessed with oil and gas which is in such an excess that they can even supply oil to the whole world for many years to come.According to an estimate Saudi Arabia still have reserves of about $30 Trillion dollars. But wait a second this is not the end.The future of Electricity is Solar energy and, do you know that every square meter in Saudi Arabia has the capability to produce 15 Kilowatt Hour of solar energy in a duration of 12hours.If one day solar energy from Saudi Arabia is calculated it is said that solar energy produced in Saudi for one day can supply electricity to whole Saudia Arabia for the rest of 72 years to come. This study was published by world Academy of Science Engineering and Technology.
According to the world academy of science,Engineering and technology in Saudi Arabia,Energy produced in 3 feet by 6feet of solar panels is enough to supply electricity for one house to about 15 Kil…

Snails Can Generate Electricity

I hope most of you have seen snails crawling around in your garden.They hardly move inches in hours.but do you know these small creatures can generate Electricity ?Shocked?Yes guys a latest experiment done on snails showed that snails can produce electricity. Tiny Bio fuel cells were implanted on the snails body in university of Potsdam New York that produced Electricity.This electricity was produced due to the presence of Glucose and oxygen in the snails body. These snails have a life of around 6 months and can generate electricity when ever there electrodes are attached to a external circuit.Nature

3 Days Old Goat Produces Milk

On a farm in Saudi Arabia a goat 3 days old has started to produce milk.The goat is 3 days old.According to a farmer who has a big experience of breeding goats told the news paper. I am breeding goats,camels and cows for many years and this is the first ever experience that have faced where i saw a 3 days old goat giving milk.First i thought it was the mother goat but i was wrong.I tried to milk the 3 days old goat and it really was producing milk. According to the breeder it is the first ever case in Saudi Arabia

Commercial Spaceflight Is Ready

So,its time to move on with the future as first commercial spaceflight is ready for a test flight beyond the atmosphere. This spaceship will carry around 500 passengers.Many companies are trying there best to be part of space flights,as many think this will boost a great business. Many have paid around $5million for the flight enough to make a two seater rocket plane called Lynx. In the past about 7 people have travelled to space including one who travelled twice.which cost each around $20 million to $35million.Reuters

Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth

Many of you might have heard about ending of the world in DEC 2012 and most of you actually consider them as fake.There are dozens of theories about ending of the world in 2012 .One of those theories claim that there will be disasters caused by the changing weather conditions.This is the only theory that scientists think can be right. Winter season brought heavy snowfall this year on all parts of the world.During summers floods will be one of the reason of disasters in different parts of the world. According to US space weather experts there is a big solar storm heading toward the earth that will reach earth on Thursday. This solar storm could effect Airplane Routes,Grid Stations and many space based satellite navigation systems.
How This Works
These are actually charged particles formed in shape of a cloud.Escaped from the sun at an astonishing speed of 4.5 Million miles/hour or 7.2 Million miles/hour.
According to the scientists these actually work in 3 stages,First two have already Reach…

Husband To Say Sorry On Facebook Page To Wife-Court To Man

UK-Mark Byron father of one was ordered by the court to say sorry to his wife on facebook page for 30 days inorder to avoid 60 days jail sentence.It all happened when Mark was so tense and bothered by his wife who was not letting him meet his son.He wrote on his Facebook wall"If you are evil women and want to ruin your husband life completely and take his son away.All you should do is ,say you are scared of your husbandme and domestic partner,They will take him away from me.

Poland's Radzikowski Becomes World's Strongest Man

Everyone wants to be the strongest man on planet but poland's Radzikowski becomes the world's strongest man.He was cpmpeting with 25 contendors from 22 different countries.The event began on sunday.After 3 days of showing strength and power he became the world's strongest man.Scoring a max of 35 points and winning an amount of $6000.He latter on expressed his feeling by saying.I realy worked hard for this day.It was not easy to beat all those contendors

Syrian President Email Id Hacked

While the people and the world request the Syrian president to step down.The email id of the Syrian president Bashar ul Assad has been hacked by hackers named"Anonymous".According to the the news the president set his Email password to be "12345" the worlds second most easiest password.Hackers said it was not difficult for us to hack his id.more than 60 id's of members of the parliament were hacked and 3 of them were having passwords as "12345" and "123456".

Indian Ministers Caught Watching Pornography In Assembly

Times of India reported on Tuesday that LaxamanSavadi and CC Patil ministers of BJP were caught watching pornography on cell phone during an assemble session in Karnataka Assembly. patil is women and child development minister where as sawadi holds the cooperation portfolio. soon after these videos where shown on the television .opposition parties demanded resignation from both the ministers

New Plant Found In Fiji

Scientists have discovered a new plant named as Tagimoucia Flower.This beautiful flower belongs to Scarce Madinilla group on Fiji's Kadavu island.This plant was previously found in august 2010 but it took them time to verify the plant.There are about 193 species of plant in south Asia, Africa and pacific Island.Out of these 11 are found in fiji only. More on

Third Smallest Baby Ever Survives

Malinda Star Guido a baby believed to be the third smallest baby ever survived left the hospital on Friday.The baby was born 16 weeks early with a weight of 9.5 ounces which is 270 grams.The baby is believed to be equal to weight of a soda can or less the the weight of two iPhone. According to global birth registry figures she was the third smallest baby ever survived.Dr Rangasamay nanotologist said"he was not sure will she survive or not ,it was not less than a miracle" The baby was kept in the hospital for 5 months.Dr Rangasamay said it has happened first time in his career that a baby which was weight less than 400 grams or 300 grams survived.

World's Tiniest Frogs

worlds smallest frogs were discovered in the tropical island of papua new guinea,smaller than a coin said the scientists on Wednesday.There voices hardly louder than buzz of birds.It is been said that these frogs are now the smallest vertiberate on earth with a bigger name paedophryne amauensis .
Largest vertirate is the blue vale measuring about 25(meter) and these frog are of a dot size for them measuring about 7.7 millimeter. Before the smallest vertebrae frog the smallest vertebrate was known to be a transparent Indonesian fish paedocypris progenetica that was about 8millimeter. Searching for the worlds smallest vertebrate it was not an easy task just because of the size and color of these frogs said Louisiana state university scientist Chris Austin. frogs are of dark brown color and bluish specks on there body.

New World's Most Cheapest Car

Tata Nano was considered as the world cheapest car when it made the market with a price tag of as low as $2000.but now an Indian motorcycle manufacturing company 'Bajaj' made a car name RE60 which costs as low as 880 pounds. This 9 foot car can accommodate 4 passengers at a time with installed 4 seat belts.The car contains 200 CC single cylinder engine with 20 bhp and can attain a maximum speed of 43mph which is more than enough for a urban crowded city.
Car has an average of 82 mpg(miles per gallon).As soon as the car hits the market it will be the worlds most cheapest car after Tata Nano