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The Holy Quran To Be Read In Prince Charles Coronation

According to media sources,Critics attack proposal of bishop lord Harries and accused Church of England of loosing confidence in there own tradition.
Harries Speaking to house of Lords said this will help build confidence with Muslims and Muslims will feel embraced.Former Bishop of Oxford said,Gestures like these will create good environment with Muslims.He further said last year in civic service Bristol Cathedral authorities had agreed to reading of opening passage of The Quran before starting the christian ritual.ritual. Muslims warmly welcomed the act and it brought two different religions together.

Richie Rich Beggar

We often see beggars at different places and think,these beggar might be super rich.
One of the Chinese beggar made news headlines when his picture made it to social media,According to news sources this beggar has been spotted at many places begging for money.He earns around $1500/Month but his earnings may increase from $1500 to $3000/Month.
He has recently built a two storied house

and supporting two schools in his village.

Australian Millionaire Gave All He Earned To Poor

A well known Australian business man who's estimated property worth is worth 30 Million dollar transferred all his earning to bank accounts of poor people.

Carl was a successful business man,Speaking to news agency he said " I traveled the world and tried to spent all my money on luxurious things but i didn't find happiness, self satisfaction, so one day i decided to transfer all my earning to bank accounts of poor people" Carl not only transferred money to accounts of poor people but also gave millions as donations to different trusts.

Apple's New Headquarter In New York

What you are looking at right now is Apple's New Headquarter. Steve Jobs before his death gave application for construction of new Headquarter of Apple.This building is being constructed in round shape as Steve jobs suggested. Building covers an area of 1Sq mile.

Speaking to media chief architect Norman Foster said,car parking will be provided under ground and floor will be grassy instead of being cemented. Employs will not be permitted to drive cars in Headquarters premises instead 1000 Bicycles will be provided to move inside the building. Building will consist of glass walls

Violation Of Traffic Signal Is Haram And Great Sin In Islam Says Saudi Grand Mufti

Violation of Traffic Signal is Haram and a great sin Says Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz-Al Sheikh. Relating it to Quranic Verse

 “if you kill one person unjustly it is as if you killed the whole humanity, and if you saved once person it is as if you saved the whole humanity.” Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh Reiterated hos Fatwa saying drivers who break the red signal not only break law but also commit sin according to Islam.Mufti further says if a person breaks the signal and it causes the death of other person it is actually involuntary Man slaughter.

In Saudi Arabia 17 Death daily are reported due to Violation of Traffic Laws and one third of them are caused by drivers breaking traffic signals.

Voilation of traffic signal is Haraam - PakistanTV1

Lived 100 Years As Begger,Died A Millionaire -Saudi Women

According to a Saudi News paper,Women named Aisha died last week leaving behind Millions. News paper mentioned that the women lived her life as a professional beggar and died with an estimated wealth of 5 Million SR and four buildings in porch areas of Saudi Arabia.
Aisha before her death told her neighbors to give her property including 4 million in cash,1 million in gold coins and four buildings to Saudi authorities as she has no one to take care of her money.

Malaysia Airlines Found

Malaysia Airlines Found

According to news sources one of Vietnamese Official received an email from a worker saying he spotted a burning object of the coast of Vietnam.But Vietnamese officials say they found nothing.After this email authorities have expanded there search in that area. for more details .Twitter

Day Light Saving Time 2014

The idea of Day light saving time was first introduced by George Vernon Hudson in 1895 and was first introduced in Germany.It is the method of advancing clocks by one hour to make use of day light.So for this method clocks are adjusted one hour forward,as to avail more day light in day time.
This practice is observed from beginning of spring to the end of autumn.

Where In The World People Read More

Source: World Culture Score Index Map: Amazing Map

Here is the list of countries where people read more
India                10:42
Thailand           09:24
China               08:00
Philipines          07:36
Egypt               07:30
Czech Rep       07:24
Russia              07:06
Sweden           06:54
France             06:54
Hungary           06:48
Saudia Arabia  06:48
Hong Kong      06:42
Poland             06:30
Venezuela        06:24
SouthAfrica     06:18
Australia          06:18
Indonesia         06:00
Argentina         05:54
Turkey             05:54
Spain               05:48
Canada            05:48
Germany          05:42
Usa                  05:42
Italy                  05:36
Maxico             5:30
Uk                    05:18
Brasil                05:12
Taiwan              05:00
Japan                 04:06
Korea                03:06

Saudi Prince Spends 15million Dollars,For His Graduation Party

Prince Fahd Al-Saud,Spent 15 Million Dollars in celebration of his graduation party.He Booked the whole theme park for three days.Invited 60 of his friends as guests.He Booked the park from May 22 to May 24 and became centre of attention.Special security was put in place for the prince.
According to the theme park management, Disney land attracted around 16 million visitors each year.

Gurrila The Guard

Usually Guerrillas are considered as dangerous to humans,as they can attack at any time.
But in America there is a Guerrilla superman.Who is known to protect humans from any attacks by Guerrillas. Jumbo the superman once saved a 5 year old baby who entered the cage and got unconscious.Jumbo provided the baby cover and retaliated other guerrillas that tried to hurt the baby.

Worlds Longest Cat Dies

Worlds longest cat dies,Cat measured 4 feet tall . Measuring from his nose to his tail.
Stewie the cat was awarded world record holder way back in August 2010.The total lenght of the cat was 48.5 inches.From the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.
Stewie was 8 years old and was suffering from cancer. Source AP

Girls In India Banned To Wear Jeans And Use Mobile Phone In few States

India: A court in the province of utarperdesh in India has released a statement saying that.Girls till 2nd year will not be allowed to wear jeans pents and are not allowed to use mobile phone.women having age below 40 will not be allowed to go to market alone.They must have one male family member with them. Sohan Weire who is the head of an NGO said,laws like these completely show the impact of Talibnisation on our society.These laws shell not be allowed to be implemented .

Suicide Witnessed By 20,000 People

can you imagine a suicide by a person and around 20,000 people witnessed it.yes it happened in paris when a person jumped from the FL Tower in paris.police arrived at the spot when heard of a person trying to attempt a suicide.Police cleared the area and evacuated the tower.police negociated with the person who was speaking english but all in vain.Around 20,000 people were their to visit the tower.All eyes were set on the person and suddenly he jumped from the tower and committed suicide.

American Nationality For Sale

America is going through recession now a days and its economy is at it its worst.with no jobs for the future generation.To over come all these hurdles America has planned to sell its nationality for $500,000-$100,0000.Every foreigner or an Asian wants to be part of a country that has allot to offer. According to the news on a local newspaper,Nationality will be provided on urgent basis and all the family members will be allowed to study buy property and live in America.So are you looking forward to buy American nationality

You Are More Likely To Die On Your Birthday Than Any Other Day

According to report published by The Telegraph,A recent study has shown that you are more likely to die on your birthday than any other day.So if you are blowing candles on your birthday than be careful next time. Doc Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross said "death rate increase on birthdays as the person gets older"
Researchers have studied about two million people and have found that the rate of deaths by Heart Attacks,Strokes and accidents on birthdays increase alot.
William Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616. Research says that on average 14% people over the age of 60 are more likely to die on their birthdays. People with high blood pressure are most likely to die on their birthdays. Heart attacks rose to about 18.6% for men and women on birthdays were as strokes rise to about 21.5% mostly in women. There is 34.9 % rise in suicide 28.5% rise in accidental deaths and 44% rise in deaths from falls on birthdays.This study was published injournal Annals of Epidemiology.
so next time if its your bi…

Man Wakes From Coma After Hearing Girlfriend Voice

31 year old Mathew Taylor meet with an accident as he was on Bali island for Teaching doctors.Doctors said he might not be able to recover as he was in serious condition.But to the shock of doctors and parents Mathew showed some signs of recovery as tears began to fall down after hearing voice of her girlfriend on the phone.
Anda Nurul 27 from Bali called from thousands of miles away to his boyfriend.Parents moved the phone to his years,Anda said something on the phone and Mathew answered yes in a silent way.He even started moving his hands to hold the phone and tears started falling from his eyes.
Mathew was concious after the inccident but could not be treated as he did not have insurance.Mathew's parents raised an amount of $15,0000 to get him treated.

Pakistani Student Who Made Headlines In Turkey

Pakistan and Turkey are in a good relation since Pakistan became independent on 14th august 1947.People of both the countries love each other.Same love was shown by people of turkey to a Pakistani student that belonged to Pak-Turk school Peshawar.
Arsalan Naseer has become a hot topic in Turkish media and made news headlines in few of the countries largest selling news papers.Even social media is full of people taking about Arsalan Naseer. Arsalan Naseer is a student of 10th class and was one of the 14 student that were sent to turkey for participation in International TurkishOlympiad.Total number of 1500 students from 135 countries are participating in this competition. Arsalan became famous in turkey as he sang a song by legendary Ahmet Kaya(Late).His Resemblance with his personality and voice took over the hearts of Turkish people.He was quoted in the newspapers saying"Ahmet Kaya is not dead,he is living in pakistan"
Still the final position is not announced but everyone says…

Facebook Robbery: House Robbed After Teen Posted Images OF Cash

According to BBC the world's leading Tv Channel a house in South Easter Australia was robbed after a teenage girl posted images of cash at her Facebook status.Police sources said that robber's armed with knife stuck the girl's mother house and took all the cash and other property items from her place.But she said her daughter does not live here now.Police are investigating how the robbers knew the address of girl's house. Girl posted images of cash that she was counting for her Grandmother and posted images at her Facebook status.
Police sources say that Teens and other youngsters should avoid posting such images that can lead to robbery.Thenewstribe