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Launch Of Orange Metro Train Service In Lahore

This project will be one of its kind in Pakistan. According to news sources President of Pakistan Mr.

 Mamnoon Hussain and his Chinese counter Part witnessed the signing ceremony of launch of Orange Metro

 Train Project.Project will cost around 1.6 Billion dollars and will be completed within a span of 27 months

Train will cover a distance of 27 Km within Lahore.

Train Route Thokar Niaz Baig to Ali Town

Multan Road to scheme Road,Mao College,chuburji Scheme Moor,Mall Road,Railway Station,Luxmany Chowk,UET,Garhi Shahu Bridge,GT Road,Pakistan Mint To Daira Gojran

Places To Visit In Kashmir- Summers 2014

After a tiring year you are looking forward to travel to some place in Pakistan. There are 
many place where you can spend your summers and most of you might have traveled to all of them 
like,Naran Kaghan,Sawat,Murree,Fairy meadows,Skardu,Gillgit etc.. But very a little have visited 
Kashmir.Believe me Kashmir is a heaven on earth,Its culture and landscapes are worth watching.

According to recent survey by government of Kashmir in year 2012 Around 600 thousand people from 
different provinces of Pakistan visited Kashmir and it was not possible for government to manage so many 
tourists,some tourists stayed in mosques and some had to stay in car,but the lucky ones were helped by 
locals and they stayed in there houses.As Kashmir received sudden boost in tourists,Many local investors 
constructed new rest houses and in year 2013 around 1 million tourists visited Kashmir,According to 
government of Kashmir this boost of tourists was due to development of roads and efforts of Musharaf 

Amazing Pictures Of Pakistan

Picture Credits Saad Alvi

Ranked Deadliest Track In The World,Road To Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows road which leads to Nanga Parbat has been ranked second deadliest road in the world based on the reports by WHO(World Health Organisation) on road safety.
Fairy Meadows road in Pakistan was rated the second deadliest road because of unstable,narrow and treacherous high altitude.North Yungus road in bolivia was selected as the deadliest road in the world.
Each road was rated on the basis of,Road condition,Barriers,Condition of the vehicles,Annual death rate on the road and local driving techniques. Road to Fairy Meadows was rated 9 out of ten,where as North Yungus was rated 10/10.

Best Places To Serve Icecream In Lahore

1. Cosa Nostra I think the best place in lahore for ice cream is Cosa Nosrta. They serve the best ice cream in town.

2.Chaman Ice cream  located on mall road.

3. "Hot spot" in DHA and Gaddafi Stadium round about.

4.You should try Three Monkeys ice cream near gaddafi roundabout, really good flavors and taste
5. Cake Alaska by Copper Kettle on main boulevard Gulberg
6.Marble stone.
7.Gelato affairs

10 Pictures OF Lahore That Will Make You Love Lahore

Astola Island In Pakistan

Everyone dreams of visiting different parts of the world in vacations but have you ever thought there a place in you country you never heard of,an island in pakistan. yes,there is an island in Pakistan named as Astola island which is also known as 'satadip' which means an island of seven hills near pasni in the district Gawadar.
This island in the only island in the Arabian sea which is most significant. It takes about 5hr to reach the island on motor boats under complete security. Island has a Muslim prayer yard which is dedicated to Pir Khoaja ghizer which is known to rule the oceans.People believe that he visits that prayer yard to pray. There is also a Hindu temple on the island this is why the island is known as satadip. Other islands are Churma;pakistan's second largest island Buddo island Baba bhit island Bundal island Clifton oyester rocks Khiprian wala island Shmas pir island Manora island Salahabad island To know about more intersesting news from pakistan and ab…

Near Shandur Top

Shandur is a beautiful valley located at a height of 12,200 feet above sea level in district Ghizer in the province GilgitBaltistanPakistan.
This place is also known as the 'Roof of the world" because Hindukush in GilgitBaltistan between Afghanistan and GilgitBaltistan and Karakuram mountain range meet. The top of the mountain is flat and can be crossed in the months of April May and June and in early November. This beautiful stream of river is crossed by delicious fish trout in summer season. We do not have any rights to this picture Picture Credits: Kamran

Road To Fairy Meadows

This is the Karakorum Highway.One of the most dangerous roads on earth.The dangerous journey from this road leads to a place which is not less than a heaven on earth know as fairy meadows and one of the most highest mountains on earth Nanga Parbat.Once you reach there you will yourself say that this risk was worth taking.Before you reach fairy meadows .
You have to pass through this dangerous road which is a single road and is about 10km long.The more dangerous thing about this road is that you wont be able to pass through if you come across a jeep from front,because there is only space for one you have to reverse back to some place where the other car gets space to pass through.All your way till the fairy meadows you will be driving over a fast flowing stream of river(Indus river)

Chitral Pakistan

Chitral is a beautiful valley located in the north west of Pakistan.It comes in the hindukush range of mountains.Its a dream place to visit because of its cultural heritage which is till today as it was 100's of years ago.The dress worn by the Chitral women are different from any other community in the world.People living in that area are totally cut off from rest of the world.This area of Chitral was a very important route for many invaders like Alexander, Changez khan and many others.
This beautiful place is a heaven on earth and one of the most visited tourist destination in Pakistan. PIA Pakistan International Airline is offering daily flights to Chittral from Islamabad and Peshawar. depending upon the weather conditions.

Two Kachura Lakes Pakistan

Are you looking for heaven on earth? here you are.Just at the right place.Pakistan is really heaven on earth. The image you are viewing is of kachura lake.Located near sakardu.There are two Kachura lakes in sakardu the lower kachura and the upper Kachura. Lower kachura is about 18km by jeep or if you walk or preffer tracking it is not as far.If you love fishing You will find trout fish in this can do fishing and cook for yourself or there are restaurants near the lake where you can find cooked trout fish. There is a beautiful restaurant near kachura lake which is made up of the debre from the plane which crashed here few years ago.Do visit this place.It realy is a heaven on earth

Sheosar Lake pakistan

This beautiful and dream place is located in Deosai National park Pakistan,in the province Gilgit Baltistan.This lake is named as sheosar lake.In the Karakorum west this place is located at a height of 4,142 Meters.The total length of this lake is about 2.3Km and a width of about 1.8 Km.The average depth of this beautiful lake is about 40meters.This is a must visit place.The most peaceful and no doubt heaven on earth

Hunza Valley-Pakistan

One of the most beautiful Valley of Pakistan is Hunza valley.People of this valley are famous for there hospitality and friendly behaviour.People living here usually understand Urdu.The national language of Pakistan,but the languages spoken in that area are Shina,Wakhi,Burushaski.
This valley is surrounded by heart touching scenes and colourful trees spread in miles.
Literacy rate of Hunza valley is astonishing 90% ,People living here mostly study till high school and move to other cities of Pakistan for there higher education.

Derawar Fort Pakistan

Derawar Fort Pakistan is an ancient Fort Located in Cholistan in Pakistan.A prince of jaisalmer,Deoraj constructed this Fort.
The construction of this fort is done in such a way that the height of the walls is about 30 meters and and have a circumference of about 1500 meters.This Fort is visible from miles away in cholistanDesert.these forts were constructed way back in 17Th century .One of the first forts were constructed by RaijajjaBhati of Jaisalmer ,who was a Hindu Rajput and it remained there until Later on it was captured and rebuild by Nawabs of Bahawalpur in 1733.
This Fort has a history to discover .Its construction is a master piece of Architecture.Thousands of Tourists Visit this fort every year.Although the temperatures of that area is very high,as it is a desert.

Shangrila Resort Skardu

This place is like heaven on earth.Shangrila is Located at a height of 2500 meters, is known as the roof of the world.heaven present on earth.It is one of the most visited tourist destination in pakistan,because of the beauty of the place.Shangrila is located in Sakardu.It is a very romantic place to go with your partner.This place looks like a fairyland.

Payee Lake-Pakistan

You might have visited many places in your life but this place is truly an amazing place to visit.Lush green fields give you the most soothing effect ever,it freshens your mind and takes you to an other world.This beautiful place is situated in kaghan near shogaran valley.At a height of about 10,000 feet around 3000 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by Mosada Musallah,Makra peak,and Malka Parbat and the mountains of Kashmir.You can reach this lake by passing through a hilly mountain on a jeep tack.It is not accessible by cars as the track is to rocky and steep. so if you go there you must take a jeep on rent.
The place is actually known as Siri Pai.Siri is located on top of Pai and it is also a very beautiful place

Gawadar Bay-Pakistan

This is the future guys.This is Gawadar port Pakistan,Which is going to be the nest Dubai or better than Dubai.
Gawadar Culture and history has given it the unique blend of cultures.Gawadar is locates at the Gulf of Oman on the border of Pakistan and Iran.Every eastern county wanted a coast like this,but God has bestowed Pakistan with such a great place.
Gawadar is an inlet of Arabian sea.With the passage of time this Port is going to be the hub of trade for south east Asia.
The construction of this port is given to Pakistan's friend china.Thousands of Chinese engineers are working day and night to make this port available for counties to start there trade.

Jheel Saiful Muluk-Pakistan

This is an image of the famous lake 'Jheel saiful Muluk'
'Jheel saiful Muluk' is one of the most beautiful lakes i the world,which can reflect many colors in minutes.Their is a famous fairy tale written by a famous writer Mian Muhammad Buksh named as Saiful Muluk.The story is about a prince fro Persia that falls in love with a princess near this lake.'Jheel Saiful Muluk' is one of the best tourist destination in pakistan.
'Jheel Saiful Muluk' is at a walking distance from Naran Kaghan.Some people prefer hiking from kaghan to 'Jheel Saiful muluk' and some take four wheel drive.Which passes from breath taking road at the edge of Fast running river

Pakistan-Land of Glaciers

If you say pakistan is a heaven on earth then you wont be wrong.After having a look at this pic you might be thinking that this is antarctic or more some northern part of the world.You are wrong,this is Pakistan.
Pakistan is the largest land of the glaciers.Glaciers serves as regulators for regional waterr supplies.Pakistan's glaciers are spread over a lage area of 16933 Kilometer square.5 of the 14 highest independent peaks are here in pakistan,with 108 peaks above 6000 meter and many above 5000 and 4000.This is the beautiful Pakistan.

Undiscovered Pakistan

You might have visited many places in pakistan,but this place is one of the best places in pakistan.The strange thing is you might not have heard the name of this place.
wadi e soon sakesar a heaven on earth is located in district khushab.About 1hr drive from khushab.
It has 3 major lakes spread in miles.Named as
1.Jahlar lake
2.Khabaiki lake
3.Uchali lake
It has many natural water falls,about 1 dozen of them.
For more pics and directions click here