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Pakistan In Top Ten

With every passing day it seems as if days are getting shorter,this is mainly because people are getting busy in there daily life.In the past people use to work hard in fields and exert what they ate but now doing desk jobs and travelling on car has made it all worse.

According to a survey conducted by a renowned company "The Lannst" Pakistan stood 9th in the list of Top 100 countries with fat people.
In 80 the number of fat people were around 7-85 million,the number has astonishingly increased to 2 billion in 2013. America stood first in the list accompanied by india at 3rd place.

Pakistan's Top 10 Lawn Brands

Pakistan's Top 10 Lawn Brands Here is the list of top lawn brands of Pakistan.Girls prefer wearing designers cloths.Price of Lawn brands start from Rs.300-15000/
Replica of all brands are available in market with very low price and it is not possible for a normal person to distinguish between the real brand or the replica.

This list of brands can vary person to person.If you feel any brand should have been included please leave a comment .

1. Gul Ahmed

2.  Kayseria by Bareeze

3. Nishat

4. Elan

5. Firdous

6. Alkaram

7. Junaid Jamshed

8. Mausummery

9. Satrangi by Bonanza

10. Sobia Nazir

Top Ten Pakistani Movies Releasing In 2014

Here is the list of top ten Pakistani Movies Releasing in 2014. All of these movies look different fom traditional Sultan Rahee Style movies.

Release of Movie WAAR has definitely opened the eyes of all the directors and producers. Now most of the producers and directors are youngsters and they are looking at the huge Hollywood industry. New modern Camera and Cinematic techniques are being used by directors. Lets hope all these efforts bring Pakistan's Cinema industry on its feet. Not only it is the duty of directors to produce better movies,but also it is our duty to turn to cinemas and watch Pakistani movies instead of Indian.

 Movie: Naach Director: Nasir Tehranay,Omer Ikram
Cast: Shan,Javed Sheikh,Momal Sheikh,Neil Uchong
Release Date: 2nd Quarter of 2014

Movie: Gidh Cast: Hamayun Saeed,Mona Lisa,Ayesha Khan,Sayed Jibran
Director: Shamoon Abbasi

Movie: Hijrat Director: Farooq Mangal
Cast: Asad Zaman,Rabia Butt

Movie: Jalaibee Cast: Yasir Tehmoor,Ali Safeena,Adnan Jaffer,Ali rehman…

10 Most Beautiful Lakes Of Pakistan

10 Most Beautiful Lakes Of Pakistan Here is the list of beautiful lakes of Pakistan.Enjoy and share the beauty with your friends

10 Movies You Cannot Afford To Miss In 2014

1.Captain America : The Winter Soldier

Steve battles the new threat from  Soviet agent the Winter Soldier

2.The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Peter Parker fights with the villans to make this a better place to live .


The giant Radioactive monster Godzilla tried to wipe out humans from the earth.

4.Transformers : Age Of Extinction
A mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons .

5.The Expendables 3
The third part of all action heroes coming this year.

6.The Hunger Games : The Mockingjay part 1 
Katniss Everdeen reluctantly becomes the symbol of a mass rebellion against the autocratic Capitol.

7.Resident Evil 6
The Red Queen plots destruction of Humans.

8 Shocking Facts About Islamabad

1.History of Islamabad dates back 100,000-500,000 Years,Artefact's have been found in swaan river valley and is considered as one of the earliest sites of human settlement in Asia.

2.Population of Islamabad has increased from 95940 in 1951 to 2 Million up til now.

3.Structure of Islamabad was planned by Greek firm of architects.City was planned in a triangular shape,with grid point facing toward Margalla.

4.Allama Iqbal Open university is one of the worlds largest university by enrollment.

5.Islamabad is ranked as the Gamma+ world city.

6.City is home to 4rth largest mosque in the world.

7.Islamabad has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan.

8.City of Islamabad has the lowest infant mortality rate.38 deaths per 1000 people.

10 Most Google Searched People In Pakistan 2013

1.Paul Walker 2.Jiah Khan 3.Nelson Mandela 4.Maryam Nawaz 5.Shradda Kapoor 6.Altaf Hussain 7.Imran Khan 8.Alia Bhatt 9.Sara Bharwana

10.Suraj Pancholi