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Rush into the Next Generation of Video Gaming Consoles

Rush into the Next Generation of Video Gaming Consoles The world of video gaming consoles has long been characterized by the war between three major players; Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Wii. Each company has been trying to excel the market by introducing high specification consoles and massive marketing. A seven year war between PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii is succeeded by another war of next generation consoles by these companies. The release of Nintendo’s latest console Wii U in late 2012 was followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2013 Which one is the best? It’s been a year now and the internet is flooded with reviews and debates from the gaming enthusiasts and analysts. Some people support their arguments by the strict sales figures while some give more weights to the qualitative factors such as overall gaming experience. The debate about which consoles among these three is the best is a never ending one. According to an estimate, the number …

Ufone Latest 3G Package Details

Ufone Announced 3G Package Rates Details
As soon as auction for 3G internet spectrum ended all mobile operators started there services in major cities

 of Pakistan and almost all of them gave free 3G service to its customers to attract more and more customers

 to their network.Many Rumers were floating the internet of different packages leaked before the

announcement and all were predicted wrong .Now Ufone has taken the lead and has recently announced its

 3G package details on its website.To my view the packages are not that expensive.

PrePaid Package Details

Terms And Conditions Volume accumulator will reset at 12:00 Am Customers using 3G service in Islamabad,Lahore,Karachi will be charged for using 3G after 24th May Customers using 3G service in Peshawar,Faisalabad can use free service till 28th May Customers using free 3G service in Gujranwala can use free service till 1st June. All new 3G handsets can be provisioned to 3G by dialing *7700#
How To check Remaining Balance Of BucketDia…

PTCL Evo Summer Offer 2014

PTCL have recently updated their website and advertised on many billboards with new PTCL Evo summer offer. According to this offer,All new PTCL Evo subscribers will be offered free internet for one month and special discount on monthly subscription for whole year.

Evo 3.1 USB with bundle cost of Rs. 2,550 with one month free.

Terms and Conditions
Offer not valid for package conversion.

Offer valid for new connections only.

After expiry of one year package will be reverted to standard commercial package on prevailing rates.

Offer is valid till 31st May only

Ufone Offers Unlimited Calls To Ufone,Vfone,Ptcl

Ufone has once again offered unlimited calls package to its customers.It has been said that it is one of the most popular deal by any Mobile operator.

How To Activate
Dial *2424#
Note:   Offer is valid till 12AM from the time of subscription.10 Paisa/Call will be charged on each call.
Offer applies to only Uone package.
To opt to Uwon package dial *2424#
Subscription charges are Rs.11.95 including Tax
Other taxes and charges apply.
Minimum balance required for activation daily is Rs.14.33
Daily charges Rs.11.99

A £7 Computer On A Flash Drive That Can Change The Life Of A Poor

A flash drive is the most simple piece of technology that we use in daily routine yet we take it for granted .

But two entrepreneurs came up with an idea that can revive old forgotten computers they put an operating system in a flash drive which can boot itself .

You just need to put a flash drive into a laptop or computer being thrown away as a garbage and then you can use it as a normal laptop or computer . Go online and perform all sort of activities a normal computer can perform .

It allows old and potentially non-functional PC's to be revived and every user can choose their own desktop layout , programs and data at a minimal of cost .

In addition unlike those recycled PC's that results in a PC to run at snails pace and gets froze after every 10-15 mins this drive will give you a normal experience.

This flash drive runs on an Andriod 4.4 version and costs only £7 approximately Rs 1,100.
So one can have a smart phone experience for only £7. It will surely change the li…

Ufone Has Extended The Date For Its Free 3G Coverage

Ufone has launched Free 3G coverage for its customers till 10th of May .To Start surfing with 3G internet ,just Restart your mobile phone.This will install settings required for your mobile phone.
To get details related to 3G coverage and usage data dial *3344#.
Firstly it was launched only in Lahore then they extended its coverage to Rawalpindi , Islamabad and Karachi .
Now they have extended its date and the will let their customers know when this free coverage will end .

PTCL Launching 4G Internet Service

According to some news sources PTCL is about to launch 4G wireless broadband service.This broadband wireless service will be capable of providing customer with an amazing 36MB/Sec download speed and 7MB/Sec of upload speed.This service has been named as project eagle.

Charges Of PTCL 4G Internet service Charges for USB are not yet disclosed but it is in news that monthly charges of this service will be Rs. 3000

Download Limit Download limit will be 30GB, With this staggering speed this download can be achieved with in Hours.
PTCL should look into this issue but this is how companies earn.They will charge you extra Per GB Download.
Launching Date This service will be initially launched with in next two weeks in major cites of Pakistan which include,Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad.

Warid To Launch 4G LTE Service In Pakistan

Warid To Launch 4G LTE Service In Pakistan

So Warid customers are you ready to be faster then the fastest. Warid has officially announced 4G LTE(Long Term Evolution Technology).
There were rumors on the internet and media channels that warid is about to launch 4G LTE service but PTA was not giving permission.
Today Warid advertised its 4G LTE service which clearly shows things have settled between PTA and Warid.

Warid did not participated in auction of 3G and 4G lisence and this was the reason.

Warid has officially announced its launch on its website saying " We are worth the wait,indeed,The best is yet to come"

According to news sources when warid got license to launch its services in Pakistan way back in 2004 they were officially allowed to launch 4G LTE service ,According to the agreement they can launch LTE service any time,What they needed was PTA permission.

Warid will launch its service in last week of May 2014

Note:- LTE service is not supported by every smartphone. LTE…

Mobilink Launched Free 3G Service

Mobilink launched free 3G service in big cities including Faisalabad,Karachi,Multan,Quetta and Peshawar.
Mobilink is the last of the rest of mobile operators to Launch Free 3G service but it is the only network to launch free service in 5 Major cities of the country.Where as all other Mobile operators have launched there service in only two to three cities.

Some areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will get free services for 3G.

Note:- It has been reported by some customers that Ufone and Telenor have deducted some hidden charges when customers availed free 3G service. So Mobilink users keep track of your balance while you surf.

Ufone Has Extended The Date For Its Free 3G Coverage

Ufone has launched Free 3G coverage for its customers till 10th of May .To Start surfing with 3G internet ,just Restart your mobile phone.This will install settings required for your mobile phone.
To get details related to 3G coverage and usage data dial *3344#.
Firstly it was launched only in Lahore then they extended its coverage to Rawalpindi , Islamabad and Karachi .
Now they have extended its date and the will let their customers know when this free coverage will end .

3G Rates Of Ufone,Zong,Mobilink,Telenor In Pakistan

So Auction of 3G and 4G Spectrum licences have successfully under went.Zong Won the bid for both 4G and 3G licenses.Where as Ufone,Telenore and Mobilink got licenses for 3G spectrum.Warid did not bid for the license as rummers are circulating media that either Ufone or Zong will buy the company.Warid is the biggest company with max number of postpaid customers.

Now many rumors are spreading through the internet for rates of 3G and 4G licenses.One thing is for sure that although Zong has qualified for 4G bid yet there is no chance of 4G spectrum to be launched soon.Zong being world's largest network was capable for bidding more.So they bought the license. So what about 3G network? According to some sources only Telenor has yet installed 3G equipment and even tested its services in Islamabad.No other network has installed the equipment yet.So all Telenor subscribers,you will be the first one to surf internet using 3G on your cell phones.Telenor launched Free 3G Internet Service For…

Savaree Car Sharing App Launched In Pakistan

Pakistan is the sixth largest country by population  and means of transport are getting better day by day but traveling on bus is considered dangerous as bus drivers race with eachother on competition to reach before the other to catch more passengers on return.

CNG is now available 7 days a week but timming are just 6hrs a day,which results in long queus.
I lived in Lahore for about 30 years and traveling on bus has always been a headache.One thing has always helped me travelling inside lahore is by calling a friend who is on his way to college and getting along with him to reach the destination.
Here is a good news for all those students who travel frequently and are fed up of traveling by bus.
Students from LUMS have designed an app which will help you overcome the menace of public transport.Idea behind this app is very simple.
Lets assume you are traveling from DHA Lahore to Islamabad and in a country of 20 Crore people there is a great chance that if not hundred dozen of people …

Cheapest Tablets In Pakistan

PRICE TAG ( 7,999)
RAM 1GB of DDr 3Ram
SD Card Supported 32GB

PRICE TAG ( 9,999)
SD Card Supported 32GB

PRICE TAG ( 12,499)
PROCESSOR Cortex A9 Dual Core 1.5Ghz
SD Card Supported 32GB

PRICE TAG ( 16,899)
SD Card Supported 32GB

PRICE TAG ( 19,999)
PROCESSOR Mediatek Dual Core 1.2Ghz
SD Card Supported 32GB

Youngest App Developer Of The World

Youngest App Developer Of The World

Haris Khan has become the youngest App developer of the world at the age of 10 Years. Haris khan being of Pakistani ethnicity belongs to Ireland.
Irish newspaper reported that Haris khan's game "Supper soccer Kicks" is available on App Store and it perfectly works on iPad,iPhone and iPod touch.
The game has been downloaded around 400 Times since its launch in February 2014.  Haris has being working on many other games and apps and more apps are getting ready to be launched soon.

Youngest App Developer in World - Haris Khanby pakcriki

Unblock Youtube In Pakistan

There are many ways YouTube can be unblocked In Pakistan. Some of them include using proxy software's like,Hotpot Shield and by surfing through other websites.These software's are create headache as adds start to popup when using these software.Here we are going to teach you how to open Google with a simple extension using chrome as a browser.
Let me make this clear here that only chrome supports this extension.So if you have not downloaded chrome.Download chrome from here.
Now if you have chrome downloaded in your windows.Then simple download Click  ZenMate for Google Chrome .
simply download it and enjoy surfing YouTube.

How To Protect Yourself From Sms Scam In Pakistan


Ufone provides its own SMS/call blocking service called "U-Block".To subscribe,simply type"Sub" and send it to 420
1.To block SMS and calls type"block"<number>" and send to 420.
2.To unblock,simply type"unblock<number>" and send to 420.
Charges: 3.75 rupee + tax/week

Note: Ufone its self is responsible for sending a lot of promotional texts.Thankfully ,they also provide an option to disable them.
Simply dial "25625" from your phone


1. To subscribe to call and SMS block service via SMS,simply send "act ics" to 420.
2.To block a number,type "ADD NB<number>" and send to 420.
3.To unblock a number,type "DEL <number>" and send to 420.
Charges: 0.5 rupees+tax per day.


For subscription dial 9211.
Charges: 15 rupee per month + tax
Note: Like ufone,zong also sends a lot of promotional texts,but it also provides an option to disable them .


Telonor also provides a …

Vodafone Launching In Pakistan

Vodafone Launching In Pakistan
According to a high official from a mobile operator,it has been in news that Vodafone is launching in Pakistan.Official say that Vodafone is taking Instaphone place which was launched many years back and later it shut down its services for reasons unknown.
Government of Pakistan has announced Auction of 3G and 4G License on 7 April 2014. According to official Vodafone will be Launching with the auction of 4G license. As one of the 4G Lisence will be awarded to Vodafone.

Customers To Pay Extra Tax In Pakistan

Government of Pakistan has finally taken the decision on illegal call charges by (Telenore Zong Telenore Mobilink) mobile phone operators in Pakistan.
PTA, Pakistan telecom Authority has finally took notice and ordered mobile phone companies to pay extra tax that they had taken from their customers,
This clearly shows that customers will be charged an extra 12
paisa per call or package from now on.

Largest Prime Number

New largest prime number has been discovered,breaking the previous record of 12,978,189.The new discovered prime number is 17,425,170.
The number 2 raise to 57885161 minus 1 was discovered by university of central missouri mathematician curtis cooper as part of giant network of volunteer computers joined to finding primes.

Samsung S4 To Have Eye Pause Eye Scroll Technology

According to latest rummers Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming with the latest technology,Known to be eye pause and eye scroll technology.

Eye Pause Technology:
                                      According to eye pause technology,suppose you are watching a movie on your s4 and suddenly your mom calls you and you look back.The mobile will pause the movie for you.

Eye Scroll Technology:
It will work like assuming you are reading a book on your S4 and as soon as you finish reading the lat line,the mobile will itself scroll to the next page for you.Samsung Galaxy S4 will be having 4.99inch Super Amoled display.
Just wait for the new exciting Galaxy S4 features.