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How to Call In Pakistan

Country code for pakistan is 92 which is basically used to call in pakistan. So when calling in pakistan you must also know the city code of the city you are calling in.Country code provides you with the list of all these city codes.
So dial 92 plus the city code plus you desired number. remember not to use "0" before any of the numbers. So lets suppose you are calling in Lahore. Then you will dial in following format,

0092423(Your desired number without 0). Or if you are calling in Islamabad. You will dial in this format. 0092051( Your desired number without 0)

How To Block Stolen Mobile Phone In Pakistan

Mobile phone are very common now a days and according to PTA Pakistan has about more then 60 Million mobile phone users.As mobile phones are getting common new mobile phone companies are producing expensive mobile and these phone are capable of storing large amount of data.People save their credit card info and personal pictures in their mobile phones.
Mobile phone snatching is very common now and the first thing that comes to mind when a mobile gets stolen is how to block stolen mobile phone in Pakistan.The best thing to do when you lost/ or get your phone stolen is get it blocked. Today we will guide you through the easy process.
How to check your mobile IMEI number
Dial *#06#

NOTE:- You will find IMEI number on the back of your mobile phone battery.If not you might find it on your mobile phone box.

Save your mobile phone IMEI number when you buy a new mobile. Send an email to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) or send your request on  Fax number 021-35683336

Or you can dial …

Daily life Hacks

How To Avoid Speed Camera On Motorway In Pakistan

I have a vast experience of travelling on motorway. To my luck i have never ever been challaned on the motorway because of over speeding.
If you follow certain rules you will never get a ticket on motorway.  1.Speed limit for LVT is 120Km/hr and we all think that crossing this limit will result in a ticket on motorway,but it is not the case.Motorway police gives a discount of 10% percent.They will never stop you for over speeding if you are travelling at 120-130Km/hr or even 132km/hr,but as soon as you reach 133km/hr they will definately stop you.  So the first thing to do is remain under 132km/hr.Don't you worry i have experimented it many times and confirmed it from one of my uncle who is in motorway police. Probability of escaping ticket :- 100%
2. Speed gun detects your speed as soon as you come under its view,but for the accuracy, speed gun has to stay on your car for at least 93-100 feet .So as soon as you see a speed camera ,slow down. Probability of escaping ticket :- 95%