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600 Year Old Bra Found In Austrian Castle

University of Innsbruck said that archaeologists found these bra in a castle in Austria.These Bra are expected to be worn about 600 years ago.Although it was previously thought that Bra's were introduced about 100 years ago.One specimen of the bra looks exactly like a modern brassiere. said Hilary Davidson, a fashion curator for London. These garments were unearthed in 2008 but they did not make news as the archaeologists were working on it to check whether they were genuine or not. Brassieres found were made up of cotton and leather.Leather strips were used to make it look more beautiful.via AP

Oldest Rock Carving Of Americas Found In Brazil

Scientists in Brazil have found rock carving in Brazil that is believed to be the oldest ever rock carving found.Scientists believed it to be 10,000 year old.But one of the scientist that was part of the team said that this carving could be part of cult of fertility.A debate has risen saying when and now human populated Americas.

Lady Gaga Of Ancient Times-Tomb Of Ancient Singer

1,100 year old Tomb of women singer was discovered in Egypt by Egypt and Switzerland archeologists in the valley of the king.It is being said that tomb is of a female singer who use to sing at karnak Temple one of the largest open air sites from pheronic era.Senior official Mansur Boraiq said that it is the only female tomb found which is not related to royal family.He further said when the coffin was opnened it was in a very good shape and a funeral mask was molded to her face. This shows that how much music was loved by the people of that time.Because this is the only tomb of a women ever found instead of royal family. The singer is named as nehmes bastet.they believed that she was to be protected by feline God bastet. Click here for more

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Bowl Delivered To Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov escorts Profit Muhammad Bowl to the Grozny centeral mosque.
Ramzan Kadyrov is famous for his collection of luxery cars and wild animals,Now he becomes the owner of Profit Muhammad(P.B.U.H) bowl presented to him by the descendents in london.The Bowl was taken to the city Grand mosque opened by the chechan leader in 2008.Thousnads of citizens lined in the streets to have a single look at the bowl while kadyroz wiped away his tears.When the box was open and Kadyrov looked at the bowl , turned red and burst into tears .Covered his red face with his hands kissed the bowl and kept on crying.Chants of Allah Hu Akbar were sounded every where.
Kadyrov then told the crowed that this bowl was brought from London with great efforts and will be keept in the mosque.The bowl will be taken out every year on the birthday of Muhammad(P.B.U.H).

Oldest Ever 5,500 year old shoe discovered in armania

A 5 thousand 900 years old piece of cloth is discoverd in armania.Geologists have said that on wednesday when they were digging in a cave in the south of armania .This piece of colourful cloth was discover.Which is said to be part of a skirt.Fragments of skirts are made of reeds.American scientists believe that this piece of cloth is the oldest ever found in the world.Earlier shoes found in that cave are estimated to be 5,500 years old,making them to be oldest ever.Previously oldest ever shoes found were sandals made from plants.found in Missouri,.They were worn few year after Armanian shoe. Pavel avestisian director of Institute of Archaelogy yerevan said that Goats are also found in that area,which were preserved and they are also about 5,500 years old.Oldest ever,about 1000 year old than last found in Egypt