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How to Attempt Board Paper In Pakistan- Board Topper Review

How to attempt board paper in Pakistan board topper review is a simple article that describes in details the actual reason why some people write everything correctly in board exam but they fail to score as many marks as board topper.
This article will share in detail review of mistakes that are made during board exam. Given below are few of the things that board toppers do that normal students miss in exam.

1. Double Margins
2. Headings
3. Spaces
4. Underline
5. Writing skills
6. Writing speed
7. Diet
8. Easy questions First

1. Keep in mind while attempting board examination you must draw margins on both side of the blank sheet provided. Sheets are actually distributed first and then the question paper. So you get enough time to draw margins on the sheets. Instead of wasting time looking here and there focus on the white answer sheet provided and draw margins on both sides of the sheet.

How to draw margin

The best way to draw a margin is through a blue marker and leaving approximately…

How to check NTN number in pakistan

Just after government imposed extra taxes on non tax payers many have recently registered and filed their taxes.
Although filing taxing is not an easy process and some even have to hire lawyers to get their job done. here is a simple method to check your NTN number online in pakistan.
Just follow the link below.
click here

Pakistan's Top 10 Lawn Brands

Pakistan's Top 10 Lawn Brands Here is the list of top lawn brands of Pakistan.Girls prefer wearing designers cloths.Price of Lawn brands start from Rs.300-15000/
Replica of all brands are available in market with very low price and it is not possible for a normal person to distinguish between the real brand or the replica.

This list of brands can vary person to person.If you feel any brand should have been included please leave a comment .

1. Gul Ahmed

2.  Kayseria by Bareeze

3. Nishat

4. Elan

5. Firdous

6. Alkaram

7. Junaid Jamshed

8. Mausummery

9. Satrangi by Bonanza

10. Sobia Nazir

Two Sisters Burned Down 3.8 Million Rupees

Two sisters from Jehlum burned down 3.8 Million Rupees infront of National Bank of Pakistan. This is the largest stack of money ever burned by any individual.
According to news sources two sisters named as Nahida and Robina came to bank managaer and withdrawn 1.8 million of cash.
Put all the cash on the road along with 2 Million that they brought from there house and burned it down. When locals tried to stop them,they pointed gun at them. When cash was completely burned. They escaped the site.
Both sisters are daughters of Raja Muhammad Iqbal. A Well Known Business man of the area.

The Real Hero Aitezaz Bangash Who Stopped The Suicide Bomber

The Real hero Aitezaz Bangash who gave away his life saving many other children at his school.According to news sources Aitezaz was punished by his school teacher for getting late.He was standing outside his school gate,when a stranger wearing school uniform asked him the direction to school.He became suspicious and tried to grab him to stop him from entering school. During fight the suicide bomber pulled the trigger. Aitezaz gave away his life saving hundred of children.

Customers To Pay Extra Tax In Pakistan

Government of Pakistan has finally taken the decision on illegal call charges by (Telenore Zong Telenore Mobilink) mobile phone operators in Pakistan.
PTA, Pakistan telecom Authority has finally took notice and ordered mobile phone companies to pay extra tax that they had taken from their customers,
This clearly shows that customers will be charged an extra 12
paisa per call or package from now on.

Geo News Sent Zaid Hamid Legal Notice

Jang News Has Sent Legal notice to defense analyst Zahid Hamid. Claiming that due to wrong criticism by Zaid hamid Jang/Geo groups which is the largest  group has faced decrease in viewership.The group demands apology by Zahid hamid. Below are the pics for legal notice sent to zahid hamid and his response.

13 Indian Websites Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

Indian government has recently claimed that Pakistani hackers have hacked 13 websites of its western state Goa.According to Indian spokesmen they were facing attacks by Pakistani hackers,second time in a row.
(  (  ( ( all these websites were hacked by Pakistani hackers. om 27 April Goa's NRI commission inaugurated its redesigned website.Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar launched the website,and few months after its launch it was hacked by Pakistani hackers.

Phone Retrieved From Prisoners Rectum

Sirilankan Prisoner hide his mobile phone when he was being searched.Security officials were alerted when the phone automatically started ringing.
When searched again,phone was found to be ringing from his back.The man concealed his phone during his inspection.
He was taken urgently to the local hospital.He was discharged after two days.58 year old is serving 10 years in prison on account of theft.

Real Life Vampire

In a case Report, Doctors in turkey have claimed to diagnosed a person who appears to be a real life vampire with an addiction of drinking blood.According to doctors he first started slicing his own arms,belly and chest .When the blood dripped from the body he use to collect it in a cup and drink it when needed.But as time passed by he became more addicted to the blood and he started finding other sources to drink blood.
The man whose name and address was not revealed in the address was arrested many times for stabing and biting people.
His father used to help him survive by bringing him blood from blood banks.
According to doctors it all started after series of incidents that took place in his life.His four months old daughter became ill and died.He witnessed the murder of his uncle.He saw brutal killing in which his friend cut of the head and the penis of the person.
The man has been talking to himself and is accompanied by a person in his thoughts who forced him to attempt suicide…

The Man Who Traveled Faster Then The Speed Of Sound

Felix Baumgartner traveled faster then it was estimated during his free fall from the edge of the space on Oct 14, 2012.
He traveled at 1.25 times faster then the speed of sound.Felix Baumgartner traveled at an astonishing speed of  1357.6 km/hr (843.6) Miles in free fall.
The federation aeronautic international is currently reviewing to weather to confirm this figure or not.Source

Who Was Green Eyed Blond With Doctor Shakeel Afridi

A mysterious Green Eyed Blond With a British accent was continuously with Dr.ShakeelAfridi to guide him what to do and what not to.It has been uncovered now that she was a CIA Agent with a name "SUE"Sue was one of those agents that were supervising Dr.ShakeelAfridi for this mission.According to the new uncovered story SUE use to pick Doctor Afridi From a petrol pump and always ordered ShakeelAfridi to lay Down behind the seat and cover himself with the blanket. Dr Shakeel handlers used different locations to pic him up and most popular in all of them was saeed Book Bank in the capital city of Pakistan. All these stories uncovered when Afridi was sentenced for 30years in prison on account of found guilty for spying against his national interests. Afridi was told many times by the American forces to cross the Pakistan afghan border and from there he will be shifted to America.But Afridi rejected there offer saying he is not doing anything against his nation. Afridi was part of the…

Funny Funny Jokes,Funny Jokes

Laughter can make your day and in this warm day here a few funny funny jokes to make you laugh. Here is collection of funny jokes.Rather a collection of Funny funny jokes.
via via via via via

Cow To Face The Judge In India

A strange story of its kind happened in India when the judge ordered the milk man to send the cow to courts for examination.According to a British news paper,It all began when in prosecution of a theft case in Rajistan judge ordered a milkman to bring cow in courts.The cow was stolen a year ago and a milkman named Heera lal filed a case against a man for the recovery of the cow.The cow was recovered and Heera Lal was ordered to present the cow in the court for final check.

Top Ten Religions Of The World

Here is the list of Top Ten Religions of the world
Religion --Date Founded --Sacred Text-- Membership--% Of World
Christianity -30CE -The Bible- 2039 Million-32%-(Dropping) Islam -622CE -Quran & Hadith -1570 Million -22%(Growing) Hinduism -1500 BCE-Bhagvad Gita- 950 Million -13%(Stable) No Religion None -775 Million -12%(Dropping) Chinese folk -270BCE-None -390 Million- 6% Buddhism 523BCE -The Tripitaka -350-1600 M- 6% (Stable) Tribal Religions -Prehistory -Oral Tradition -232 Million -4% Atheists -No Data -None -150 Million -2% New Religions -Various -various -103 Million -2% Sikhism -1500CE -Guru Granth- Sahib -23.8 Million -1%
Note:- According to the reports the only religion that is growing is Islam,All other religions are either stable or dropping. source

NASA Discovers Life Under Arctic Ice

According to a new research by NASA,Life exists under arctic ice.Microscopic marine organism are present in abundance under the ice.these organisms consists of single cell and are known as Phytoplankton.these Phytoplankton consists of Chlorophyll just as the plant have and live on sunlight by the sun. These organisms bloom in summers when the sun is constantly above the horizon. According to the reports these organisms bloom more under even 3 foot ice.

Falcons Out To Control Pigeons

Pigeons have always created problems in french open tennistournament .To solve this issue eight falcons were unleashed.Falcons with razer sharp claws and with an astonishing diving speed of 300km/hr will help control the pigeons.Recently other tactics were applied to control the birds like,disturbing them with loud speaker voice but all in vain. Now French tennis federation has at last took the last step and unleashed the falcons. According to the tennis officials pigeons droppings alter the trajectory of the ball and it is difficult for the players to play in such environment. One of the Falconer said,when we arrived there were around 30 Pigeons here but now we got rid of them all.The problem is pigeons are stupid as they do not send information to others.So we will wait till we get rid of all of them.

World's First Flying Car Ready For Production PAL-V

Here is what everyone was dreaming for world's first flying car.Two dutch man have came up with an idea of making this flying car "Helicar".They combined pieces of helicopter and car and designed this beautifulHelicar.which is named as PAL-V. This is the video showing the first ever flight of Helicar.It is designed in such a way that it can attain a speed of 180Km/hr on ground and air.It moves like a sports car on the ground and fly like a beautiful bird. Both the inventors have shown this idea to the world and are looking for Investors to make the first ever Helicar.

LED Bulbs That Will Last For More Than 20 Years

Recently a light fair conference was held at Los Vegas were all the international brands showed there products.One of the product caught the eyes of every one and that wereLED bulbs that were designed in such a way that they can last for more than two decades.
According to US based Firm General Electrics and Philips the Dutch company.These LED's light emitting diodes are capable of producing light equivalent to 100 watts.According to the company these bulbs have the capability to produce a light of 60 watt while consuming an energy of 9.7 Watt.
companies have arranged discount shops that will sell these bulbs for $20 later this year.