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How To Cheat In Exam

No matter what you do,You can never stop Boys/Girls from the perfect art of How to Cheat In Exam :p Bangkok University Makes Student Wear Anti-Cheating Helmet during Mid-term Exams. Where ever you are,Asia,Europe,Africa,Australia,instinct of cheating is same in every corner of the world. :D

How To Lock Your Car

Funny And Amazing


Funny Pakistan Railway

These are just a few funny images of pakistan Railway.You can see people traveling on train where ever they find a place.

Funny Indo Pak

Here are some most funny pics from pakistan and india.These pics are are not taken by any professional photographer,they were captured by individuals and uploaded on the internet.People here sometime behave in such a stupid manner that a normal thing becomes funny and this is the reason why?watch these funny pics below and have a great laugh

Hey! I am not Watching

I caught these thiefs(PAkistan)
Look its 42(india)
You Can never Run away from your Wife(India)
Oh!.Where is the road,it was here yesterday(India) My Camel requires a Refil(India)
I think the bus is tilting toward left(India)
Watch out girls (India) What!.If this is VIP then......(India)
Guy getting married to a dog,its part of religion(India)
Do your trectors have so much power(pakistan)
Sorry Train is fully occupied,no more tickets(Pakistan)
LOl..Government must arrange toilets on Road(Pakistan)
This is the cheapest Ride.Dog,Best friend of a man(Pakistan)

This Happens Only In Pakistan

You might have traveled the world but you will never see anything like this jet on the road,This is Pakistan :)