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Jailed For 4 Months,Called An Asian "Paki"

Lauren socha who won Bafta when 21 in channel 4 show misfit was jailed for 4 months when she was found accused of calling Sikander Iqbal a "Paki".She abused him called to  **** off ,Dirty ******* and told him to go back to your country where you came from,All she said as he was an Asian.
Sikandar Iqbal who is a Taxi driver for the past 22 years told the news that he recorded all her abuses on the tape.
Lauren first rejected the alegations in the court but latter she accepted that she did said all that.She even punched Sikander Iqbal in the face.
Sikander IQbal said"All this began as i was taking her to her place in my taxi,She told me i was following the wrong way,Sikander Iqbals said i know what i was doing, but she started abusing me and said "you do not know who i am,i can throw you out of this country"
Lauren is now facing 4 months in prison with 80 hour unpaid work at the jail. For more dailymail

Arif Lohar Performing Live In New York

Singer: Arif Lohar Song: Alif Allah Chambey di Boti Location: New York

Event By: Asia Society

Shahid Kapoor And Ali Zafar In Tamil Action Movie Remake

Talented Ali Zafar is all set to show his talent to Indian audience.Ali Zafar has proved himself by giving 3 consecutive hit movies.He was mostly doing comedy or romantic roles but he is ready for an action film now.After completing his 4th film"Chashme Badour" Ali Zafar is offered a role in a Tamil movie remake"Vetai".The story begins with a shy guy,who do not like violence but as the story goes on he turns himself to violence to fight enemies of his brother.Shahid kapoor will be playing the role of his brother.So Ali Zafar fans get ready for an action hero.Ali Zafar

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Akhyan Ost

Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali KhanSong: Akhiyan Ost Mirza

Quratulain Balouch(QB) Dhamak

Singer : Quratulain Balouch (QB) Song :Dhamak

Sound Track from Drama Serial Dhamak

Iman Ali To Work In An Indian Film

It all began when Pakistani singers were appreciated in Bollywood and now Many Pakistani actors are working in Bollywood now a days including Veena Malik,Ali Zafar and many more.Iman Ali who was part of hit Pakistani movies "Khuda Kay Leay" and "Bol" is offered a Film role in an Indian movie. Iman Ali been offered a film by Mani Ratnam ,she accepted the offer and asked for the script so that she can learn more about her character.
So,guys now you have to wait to watch her perform in Bollywood movies.

Coke Studio 5

A good news for all coke Studio Fans.Coke Studio 5 will be on Aired in April or May.The singers that will be part of this season will be
Atif Aslam
Hadiqa Kiyani
Bilal Khan Meesha Shafi
Uzair Jaswal
The Recording of all the Episodes were completed in Karachi in studio 146 in Korangi Industrial Area. There is some thing very shocking for the fans here,that is Gumby the Drummer has been replaced by Over loads Farhad's Hamayun.

New Abbottabad Will Be Created In India To Shoot "Kill Bin Ladin"

According to the news sources Kathryn Bigelow's is looking forward to make a movie on Usama Bin Ladin(Kill Bin LAdin).First the directors decided to shoot the film in Pakistan but as Abbottabad is an army garrison and always on high alert and western media is prohibited to shoot there so they changed there plan. Locations chosen for the shoots of the film are Chandi Garh and Patiala in punjab, India. Kathrine said "I was working on a project in turkey and as soon as i finish it i will go to India to shoot more"
Remember that Kathrine is the only female ever to win an Oscar for her movie "The Hurt Locker" Other actors part of the movie are Aymen Hamdouchi,Kyle Chandler,Mark Strong,Jessica Chastain.Indiewire

Yah Zammen Ga Rahi hai - Josh (Official Music Video)

Song: Yah Zameen Ga Rahi HaiBand: Josh Location: Lahore Shot by: Maram and Abroo Actress: Amina Sheikh

Ali Zafar NoWhere In 57th Film Fare Awards,Although He Performed At The Stage

Our actors feel good working in Bollywood as they are paid well.Its never about acting for them or about Pakistan.Its about big screen and money.They are always been rejected by Indian media but they are shamelessly acting in there films.One of the examples is Ali Zafar who participated in the India's most prestigious award ceremony named as Film fare awards.It was the 57 film fare awards this year.Ali Zafar was invited at the ceremony and he even performed at a stage during awards but his performance was edited out by the Indian media when it was on aired world wide. Ali zafar was very keen and he even tweeted to his fans to watch him perform at awards but to his shock his performance was cut off by the media. He then said sorry to his fans by saying."Everything happens for a reason,life is an award in itself" Isn't that funny ?

Mathira Naked Photo Shoot For This Valentine

Mathira is all set for her new TV show this Valentine.Mathira posses for a publicity stunt for the TV Show naked with a topless man holding flowers.Matheria is known to be a local paris hilton.Her nude photoshoot was published on the internet last year which got millions of hits. She is a perfect Red hot Valentine

Hollywood Actor Liam Neeson To Convert To Islam

While Filming in Turkey Istanbul LaimNeeson said that he might convert to Islam,Inspired by the call of prayer.LaimNeeson is right now working in Turkey for his new film.He has previously been nominated for Oscars and three different Golden Globe awards. He is an Irish actor. Ranked 69 in Empire Magazine for 100 greatest movie stars for all times. He said"Azan" Muslim call of prayer inspired me of thinking to convert to Islam.It happens five times a day.The first week it just amaze you and the next week it just gets in to your soul.I am really inspired by the call of prayer. He further said: he is a catholic but Islam is not the religion for people to get scared of,the people must look into the religion and get inspired and once a person gas inspired you will know there is something in this religion.I have always wanted to know the meaning of life.I might convert to Islam as it inspires me allot

Umer Sharif To Work In Karan Johar Film

News Tribe:UmerSharif the legend has been offered a film by well known Bollywood director KaranJohar.UmerSharif has previously worked in India but that was restricted to stage shows and awards ceremony's.This time Karanjohar has offered him a supporting role.Other actors expected to work in this film are Shahrukh Khan,Lara Datta,Priyanka Chopra.This shows that the movie is going to be a "romantic comedy". Umersharif is very excited about the film and will leave for India in march this year

Maya Khan Fired From Sama TV

A very interesting news for all.Maya khan host of Samma TV morning show was fired accompanied with her entire team.This all happened when Maya khan raided parks in Karachi to catch unmarried couples sitting with out the permission of there parents. This became a controversy as Maya Khan Raided the parks and without the permission of the people sitting there tried to catch them.Asking them to show there "Nikah Namma" which seems stupid to ask. when People saw Camera Man coming they tried to move away but.Maya khan with her crew ran behind them to get there view.Which is an act not accepted. People commenting on the social media said"Every one has his/her personal life,who is she to catch them" Maya khan when asked about her job replied"yes i am been fired from my job accompanied by my team members,It was not the people that were against me it was other media channels that didn't want me to work.Other rival channels started the campaign against me and they succe…

Wo Daikhnay Main- London Paris New York

Movie : London Paris New YorkArtist : Ali Zafar Singer : Ali zafar Song :Wo Daikhnay Main

Punjab Government Imposes Ban On Concerts In Institutions

Pakistan is going through allot and people have nothing to enjoy for.Concerts were the only activity that would give a piece of refreshment to the people but Punjab government has taken it all from the institutes.Punjab government has imposed a ban on all concerts in the institutions in Pakistan . All the solo singer and bands in Pakistan are totally against it.They say this is the only source of income for us.If such bans are imposed then were will we stand.We will have nothing to do.They are totally against the ban. A resolution was passed in the Punjab assembly by PML Q.which was approved by the Punjab Assembly and concerts are totally banned in the institutions in Pakistan. This is one side of it.There is another view point. Some of these concerts by Punjab college have become reason for kidnapping of girls from the concerts,The singers are highly paid for single concerts,A simple singer costs around 2.5 lack for one concert and a singer like Atif Aslam and Rahat costs around 10-15 la…

Horse Fly With Golden Butt Named After Beyonce

Beyonce a world known singers name is given to a horse fly and it is not the only name for her.Scientists have named a horse fly with Beyonce.The main reason being the bottom of the fly is of golden colour that made the scientist name the fly Beyonce.This is not the only similarity between the horse fly and Beyonce. The scaptia(plinthina) Beyonceae was discovered in 1981 which is the same year the beautiful singer Beyonce was born.On the other hand Beyonce was part of the group 'destiny Child' which recorded the 2001 hit 'bootylicious'The fly got his name from its booty features a big gold butt. This is an honour for the singer that a specie is named after her name. The horse fly helps the nature in the process of pollination.They travel from plant to plant like hummingbird to take the nectar. source

Strings To Compose Tracks For Hollywood Film Avengers

It is in the news that Pakistani band Strings is in top two of the bands been selected for the sound track of the Bollywood films sound track.The other band competing for this sound track is Indian band Agnee.Just keep in mind that string band has previously produced sound track for Hollywood film spiderman. Jal and janoon were also in line to get this chance to make music for a Bollywood film but they were rejected just because they didn't had better vocalists.Let hope and pray thins times strings get the chance as they have an edge over the Indian band as they have previously produced soundtrack for the Hollywood film.

Indian Pakistani Chefs Competition Foodistan

Foodistan is a new television show starting next week on NDTV.This special and unique TV show will be showing chefs from Pakistan and India competing with each other.Chefs will be making dishes from scratch.The producers of the show believe that the show will be a huge success and will become to bridge gap between Pakistan and India.Pakistan and India share many dishes which are part of there culture,This is how we will be able to compare those dishes and will learn allot from each other. Indian and Pakistan teams will be competing with eight players each. Vir Sanghvi a food critic,Sonya Jahan an actress Marrilees Parker who is a British celebrity chef and TV presenter will be the judges of the show. CEO of NDTV Chakrabarti said "This show is very important for us because India and Pakistan are those countries that share a common passion for food"

Piya o re piya(slow version) By Atif Aslam & Priya Panchal

Everybody is waiting for Atif Aslam new song.Here is another master piece by Atif Aslam whose voice will defiantly make you cry. Singer: Atif Aslam & Priya Panchal Song:Piya O Re Piya(slow version) Movie: Tairay Naal Love Hogya