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Video Gangnam Style Forces YouTube To Increase Video View Limit

According to YouTube blog post Gangnam Style video has forced YouTube to increase its view counter limit. Gangnam style has been viewed more then 2 billion times,
 YouTube view counter is programmed with a 32 bit integer and can count views up to 2.1 Billion,as this week PSY'S channel crossed the 2.1 Billion mark Google had to upgrade it to 64 bit integer. Google in a blog post said

 " We never thought anyone would cross this mark ever "

Malik Riaz Life,Movie Trailer Released

A movie on life of Malik riaz ,Property King has been released and trailer is getting popular on social media.

How Geo Insulted "Muslims" Must Watch

I was watching Luqman's Show" Khara Sach" on ARY NEWS and their he showed a video were Wedding of Veena Malik and Asad Bashir is televised on live Geo program "Utho Jago Pakistan". This video contains Veena Malik's wedding and music in background which is totally against the preaching's of Islam.  Watch the video and if you still believe Geo is not working on agenda of spreading violence in Pakistan then you are not loyal to either your country or your religion

Shaista Wahedi in an other scandal

Mubashir Luqman's Show " Khara Sach"

What Anupam Kher Says About Pakistani Dramas

In a recent interview to local news paper Amupam Kher Indian superstar said he has always learned from Pakistani dramas as these drams meet all the requirement.He further said he will visit Pakistan as soon as he gets free.

Talking to Jahanzaib Awan the Pakistani artist who recently reached India to act in different films in India he said,Most of my relatives live in Pakistan and really want to meet them,i am looking for a better time to go and meet them all.

Kher said many Pakistani artist have proved them self in India which include Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Adnan Sami. Artists do not have any borders and both the countries should give chance to up coming talent.

Beautiful Girls Of Pakistan

Most Beautiful Girls Of Pakistan
Here are the pictures of few of the most beautiful girls of Pakistan.All of these females are well known models of Pakistan.

Pakistani Girls- Fashion Or Vulgarity

These images were shown by the media .Representing it to be fashion in Pakistan.
Some people termed it as vulgarity and some called it fashion. Why is that views of every Pakistani vary with each other. Aren't we Pakistani's ? Aren't we Muslims? if not what are we?
Its indeed a matter of shame for us because we claim to be so called " MODERATE" Muslims.
Is this the Pakistan our Quaid " Muhammad Ali Jinnah" Struggled?,Is this the Pakistan our "IQBAL" dreamt of ?
Is this what we are teaching our next generations!!!
Shame on those who conducted this
Shame on those who participated
Shame on those who witnessed

Please leave a comment if you disagree to what i wrote!!!

Junoon The Band Is Coming Back Together.

Formed in 1990 Junoon is the Sufi Rock band from Lahore. Salman Ahmed the founder of the band was later joined by Ali Azmat and Brian.
Junoon was called as the U2 of Pakistan by Q magazine, and was called"the biggest band of the world by NEW YORK TIMES.
Up till know the band has launched about 19 albums. In 2005 the band was separated as the lead vocalist Ali Azmat left the band in pursuit for his solo career.
There are rumors spreading the social media that the band is reuniting again. Here is the image of Salman Ahmed's Latest Tweet.
If this is the case then hold tight guys. Junoon is coming back to rock Pakistan.

Singer Atif Aslam Blessed With A Baby

Lahore: Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam is Blessed With a baby Boy. Baby Weighs 3.2kg ,3.5CM.This news spread like a wild fire on the internet.When picture of the baby started circulating on the internet.It is reported that singer has postponed all his plans for the weekend and giving time to his family.

Amanat Ali Feet Maria Meer Debut Album-Slap on Pakistan Idol

Top Ten Heighest Grossing Movies Of Pakistan

Here is the list of Top Ten Grossing Movies of Pakistan

MOVIE   ReleaseGrossDirector
WAAR                                     2013       20 Million+(Still Running)       Bilal Lashari
Choorian                                   1998       20 Million                              Sayd Noor
Bol                                            2011      90 Million                             Shoaib Mansoor
Main Hon Shahid Afridi             2013      55 Million                            Sayed Ali Raza Usama
Love Main Ghum                       2011      26 Million                            Rema Khan
Chambaili                                  2013      20 Million                             Ismail Gillani
Bhai Loog                                 2011      9.7 Million                           Sayed Faisal Bukhari
Zinda Bhag                                2013      7.5 Million                          Menu Goor & Farjad Nabi
Ramchand Pakistani                   2008      6.5 Million        …

IMDB "Fake Id's Bringing Waar Rating Down"

It has been reported by our sources that their are many fake id's getting involved in bring rating of the most anticipated movie of Pakistan" Waar" Down.
Movie was previously Ranked 7/10 before it was launched and later the rating took a boast and touched 9.2/10 Which is the highest ever rating.
Now many fake id's from UK and India have come into action and are bringing the rating down. Rating has now has dropped from 9.2/10 to 9/10.

Waar has not been released in India UK or USA yet but its been rated by these countries,as they cannot stand a Pakistani movie at the top. We have pasted few of the images from the site that are fake id's and which are rating the movie down.

4 Paee - The Jamil Blunt Song (You're Beautiful Urdu-Punjabi Version

Highest Rated Films Of 2013.Waar Takes The Lead

Waar takes the lead in highest rated films of 2013.Followed by gravity on 2nd spot and Rush on 3rd.

WAAR The Movie, Earnings Set New Records

"WAAR" the movie was released on Eid Ul Azha and has broken all previous domestic earning records by fetching astonishing 11.4 Million in single day and 40 million in Five days. According to News sources WAAR has surpassed 10 CRORE(100 Million) Mark in 10 days.With an Amazing IMBD rating of 9/10.Click the link and rate "WAAR" The movie.

Top Ten Pakistani Songs Of 2013

i)Tauba Tauba Singer Bilal Saeed ii)Hum Jee Lenge Singer Mustafa Zahid iii))Rabba (Zindagi 50-50) Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan iv))Kyun Gaee Singer Farhan Saeed v)Mera Ishq Singer Quratulain Baloch [QB] vi)Teri Jhuki Nazar Singer Shafqat Amanat Ali vii)Ijazat Singer Falak viii)Yeh Junoon Singer Mustafa Zahid ix)Mahi Mahi Singer Bilal Saeed x)Yaar Ko Hum Ne Singer Abida Parveen (Shehr-e-Zaat OST)
NOTE :-               Our List is compiled by user rating,Views of every person can vary.If you think there should be other songs or singers then please give us your favorite list of songs.We will publish them giving link to your website.

Shahanshahi Gazal Mehandi Hassan Died In Karachi

A sad news for all those Ghazal lovers,Mehandi Hassan who was known as the "shehanzhai ghazal" died in Karachi today.
Mehandi hassan Ruled the film industry.He was also a playback singer for Lolly wood died at the age of 85 in Karachi.He was honoured with Tamgha e Imtiaz,Pride of performance and Halal e Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan. And Gorkha Dakshina by Government of Nepal

Raja Chaudhary Proposed Veena Malik

Veena Malik the hot pakistani actress is always in the spot light for one or the other controversy and here it is another one.Raja Chaudhary ex husband of Big boss celebrity shwita tiwari has recently proposed Veena malik.
He is so in love with the Pakistani actress that he does not even mind being called raja malik.
Lets see how veena malik responds to his proposal.

Poonam Pandey Posses Nude After KKR IPL Win

Mumbai: Indian Model PoonamPanday promised her fans that she would bare it all if Sharukh Khan team wins the IPL final .

Poonam Pandey told her followers via social networking site Twitter that she will pose nude if her team KKR wins this year final of IPL.

There it was,Knight rider defeated Chennai super kings in this years IPL Final.
She kept her words and Bare it all for her fans on her twitter page saying
"wow which ever team i support wins the match,i promised a pic and here it is"

Below is her messages to her audience

Below is the link of her pic
Viewer Discretion is required : Strictly Over 18

Poonam did what she said , God knows what her motive was it can be a publicity stunt because her debut film is about to get released . It is a easier way to get attention rather cheap way to get attention but so far she is getting everyone's attention .

PoonamPandey also promised the same when India Won the world cup way back in 2011 but didn't fulfill…

Shreya Ghoshal To Visit Pakistan

RenownedIndian Singer Shreya Ghoshal is expected to visit Pakistan in June.According to the sources .Shreya Ghoshal and Shan are invited by a local NGO to Pakistan.Remember Shreya is not the first singer to visit Pakistan.Many known singers like Sonu Nigham have performed in Pakistan previously. The final date of her visit to Pakistan is not confirmed yet.But it is expected that shreya will perform in Pakistan's Capital Islamabad. It would have been more better if she performed in Lahore as it would have gathered more crowd as compared to Islamabad. News related to tickets will be updated as soon as we get it.Subscribe to our daily news to get latest updates

Mitra Ready To Go Nude For Hollywood

The Bollywood star Mitra said in an interview that it is not a big deal going naked for a film.If the script demands it i can do that.Mitra is right now working for a project with Micheal Hershel's.The movie called "The Story of Naomi"She is playing a role of a wife who is having extramarital affairs. Mitra said.It was not easy for me to reach at this spot where i am write now.My eyes are on Hollywood not Bollywood.