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Pakistan's Top 10 Lawn Brands

Pakistan's Top 10 Lawn Brands Here is the list of top lawn brands of Pakistan.Girls prefer wearing designers cloths.Price of Lawn brands start from Rs.300-15000/
Replica of all brands are available in market with very low price and it is not possible for a normal person to distinguish between the real brand or the replica.

This list of brands can vary person to person.If you feel any brand should have been included please leave a comment .

1. Gul Ahmed

2.  Kayseria by Bareeze

3. Nishat

4. Elan

5. Firdous

6. Alkaram

7. Junaid Jamshed

8. Mausummery

9. Satrangi by Bonanza

10. Sobia Nazir

Artificial Heart Saves Baby Life For 13 Days

Science,Scientist doctor Robert Jervik from US invented this heart,which is actually electrically powered.According to the doctors this heart was previously tested on animals and they were quiet sure that this will work on humans to.This special heart kept the baby alive for 13days.The baby was brought to a local hospital in Rome who was suffering from a heart disease. Italian doctor Rome's Bambino examined the baby and said that the baby has a rare heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy.In this specific disease the heart becomes to small and stops pumping blood.The 16 month baby would die if serious measures are not taken.Donor heart was not available so he took the last chance and implanted the artificial heart which is equal to a small finger. The heart started working and kept the baby alive for next 13 days.Later due to some electrical problems the heart started functioning badly.In this time of span new heart was available for transplant.
The new heart was transplanted and…

90% Of People Do Not Know How To Brush Teeth

According to a research by Swedish only 10 percent of the people know how to brush your teeth.Most of people use fluoride tooth paste but they do not know how fluride works for there teeth.How much quantity of paste should be used?For how much time you should brush ?Only 10 percent of people do it perfectly.Are you one of them?
An experiment was conducted by swedes and about 2013 swedes were tested.There age raning from 15-16,31-35,60-65 and 76-80. Most of the people said they just brush there teeth as they were told by there parents when they were children and its a habit now. Some people brush there teeth just to smell good.And only a few poeple out of thousands brushed there teeth to prevent tooth decay.
How To Brush Teeth?
1.Brush your teeth twice a day,brushing your teeth once a day wont help you. 2.Use moderate amount of paste. 3.Brush your teeth gently. 4.Wash your mouth before and after brushing your teeth. 5.Apply paste to every corner of your Teeth.

How To Remove Black Marks On Lips

Lips are seductive to look but just if you take care of them well.There many ways lips can look ugly,one of them is having black marks on your lips.Here is a tip which can be used to reduce black marks from your lips.
Home made Remedies
Take some quantity of coriander leave juice and apply it on your lips daily. This will help to reduce black marks from your lips.

Tips For Oily Skin Care

Everyone wants a healthy skin and why not ,everyone wants to look attractive.Few people have problems with there skin,we often hear that people have oily skin and there are many masks available in the market,we have previously discussed about mask for oily skin.
Sandal powder.
Take half table spoon of sandal powder and add few drops of water in it.Make a paste and apply it on your skin.Leave it for 10min and then wash it. It is very good for your skin as it removes wrinkles and fight oily skin.
Small quantity of lemonjuiceTurmeric powder and wheat flour.
Add all these and make a mixture.Apply it on your skin.Let it dry. Lemon in the paste will remove dark spots and turmeric powder will make your skin bright.
you can even use yogurt instead of lemon
Use milk on your skin ,as it is a perfect cleanser and will never dry your skin.Use of milk will help not let pores clogged with sebum/oil.
Apply small amount of honey on your skin and wash after 10-15 min.As honey is the best moisturize…

Chapped Lips

Even if you are a girl or a boy,the first thing a person notices in your while you are talking is your lips.Lips if are in perfect shape can seduce opposite sex in seconds.Many of us have a bad routine,some of us talk allot and our diet plans are not that good so we have chapped lips. Chapped lips is one of the major problems a normal person faces with there lips.Chapped lips can be cured using many home made remedies and methods.
How to prevent Chapped Lips?
Try to increase intake of water or other fluids in your daily life,you will find your lips in a better condition.Stop licking your lips.It shows tension on once face and destroys your lips.Even the color of your lips changes and you even face chapped lips at the end.
Home Made Remedies
There are many home made remedies for chapped lips,How to cure chapped lips 1. Use of Vaseline and lip balm are very helpful in curing chapped lips but excessive use of any product can destroy your beautiful lips.But to cure chapped lips apply Vaseline b…

How To Avoid Hair Loss Due To Dandruff

There are many home made remedies for Removal of the scalp and to stop falling hairs due to scalp.will discuss all of them in our later posts lets discuss one of the methods today. Home Made Remedies
Take one table spoon of Methi powder and one table spoon of Amla powder and mix them with 2 table spoon of eucalyptus and one table spoon of curd.Take some beetroot juice and make a mixture of all these ingredients and leave it for few hours. then apply this mixture on your will find a great decrease in scalp and hair loss

Mask For Oily Skin

We have always tried to give you tips that are best for you.We have always tried to tell you that chemical products if helpful but are harmful as well.If you have a oily skin there are many products available in the market but if you want to make a homemade mask for your oily skin with home made ingredients here is the trick for you guys.
Sandal Multani miti(Clay) Yogurt half Cucumber pith Fruit powder
Take small amount of all these ingredients and mix them well.Make a paste of these ingredients and apply it on your face for 30min.Then wash your face with water.After that clean your face with a cleanser.

How To Treat Pigmentation On Face

These questions are asked by many people how these pigments start to appear there are many reasons which can cause skin pigmentation that include,skin producing excessive melanin ,exposure to sun etc. Pigmentation can be treated by laser and chemical peels.If your skin starts to change color then you must consult a dermatologist . If you think your skin is changing color with some spots on it then you can act on some home remedies to take care of your skin.Homeopathy medicines are also good when it comes to spot on your face or pigmentation.Its worth a try because they do not have side effects.
To take care of your skin with pigmentation then you must drink 8 glasses of water every day.With two glasses of water in the morning before brushing your teeth. you must apply lime on your face and leave it for 15 mins then wash your face.eve at night you must apply lemon jucice on the part of the face with pigments and wash it in the morning. bleach the effected are of your skin once in a month …

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles under your eyes is becoming a major problem now a days.there are many reasons by which these dark circles are formed.these dark circles can be removed by medical treatment and other home made remedies.You will prefer home made remedies as medical treatments are very expensive and can have side effects on your eyes.
Causes of dark circles.
Dark circles can be formed under your eyes because of many reasons.major causes include.Incomplete sleep.Use of less amount of water in your daily life incomplete diet and one of the most common reason is sleeping on your stomach.
Home made remedies for dark circles.
Drinking allot of water ,having a complete diet,giving full time to sleep and less stress will prevent dark circles to appear on your eyes.Many people have a habit of sleeping on there stomach,which increases pressure on your eyes.which causes dark circles.try to sleep on your back to prevent dark circles.Apply sliced cucumber or sliced potato on you eyes for 15-20 Min's.Thi…

Nail Care Tips

Every single part of your body that is visible to others have its own importance.Your hairs, skin, lips, eyes, and feet etc.People actually do not take care of there nails in daily life.although nails are of great importance and enhance the look of your hand. There are certain things that you can take care of to have healthy nails.if you think the growth of your nails is not fast and you want them to grow faster massage your fingers and feet daily with oil,giving it a downward to upward movement including the palms of your hands.for healthy and fast growing nails you need a healthy protein filled diet.If the growth of your nails is not fast,you must think that you diet does not include enough protein. One of the most important part of your nails care is your cuticles .To prevent your self from diseases you must take care of cuticles .drinking fresh carrot juice daily will give you strengthened it includes high calcium and phosphorus.
Here are few tips that you can use to have …

How To Remove Blackheads

How To Remove Blackheads
Now a days home made remedies are getting very common .The reason being there are no side effects of these remedies as they include natural products instead of chemicals.These remedies are very effective in some cases.Even if you do not believe in these remedies you can still give it a try,as they are worth trying.
Here we will show you a simple remedy on how to remove blackheads from your skin.
Simple home made remedy is take some amount of sugar and Grind it.after grinding it preserve rest of it in a bottle.Apply some grinned sugar on your face and after some time wash your face.After about 3-4 days you will find the results .Your face will be looking more glowing and free from black heads.

How to make your skin shine
Take some apple and lemon juice ,make a paste and apply it on your face.wash it after some time your skin will get more shiner.Milk works as a cleanser for your skin,do not boil the milk just apply on your face and massage it for some time.Soon you …

Vaseline And Its Uses

The cheapest beauty product in the market is Vaseline and it has so many Uses in your life that you might not have thought of.Let us begin with how Vaseline came to market.In the late 19th century a chemist named Robert noticed that the factory workers use Rod wax on there skin to prevent it from getting dry.He also noticed that it also helps in healing of the wounds quickly.Here he experimented and created large batch of this product that contained petroleum jelly and started selling it.
lets now discuss the uses of Vaseline in daily life.

How to soften your feet: If you notice that you have rough feet or cracked heals.Dip your feet for 15min a tub of water and take them out.Apply petroleum jelly to your feet ,Wear thick socks and go to sleep.When you will wake up you will notice that you have very soft feet.
How to improve your smile: Petroleum jelly also helps to improve your smile,Have you ever noticed all those movie queens that smile on the television have a glittering effect when t…

How To Treat Dry And Rough Lips

Changing weather and incomplete vitamins in you body can lead to dry and rough lips.No girl or boy on this planet likes dry lips,because soft lips completely change you personality . Here is a simple way by which you can totally change the look and feel of your lips.If your lips look dry and feel rough when touched then you have to follow these instructions to make them look better.
Home Made Tip: Take some rose petals and Mix them with some milk . Creat a paste of these and apply them gently on your lips daily.Just in a few days you will start to feel your softer and juicy lips.Here is an other method,Use of Beetroot juice regularly on your lips will turn your lips soft and pink.

How To Treat Dry Skin

Causes Of Dry Skin If you have dry skin it does not mean its by birth.Its because there is something that is lacking in your body.Here we are going to tell you the causes of dry skin and how you can perfect your skin just by following few steps.

Cold weather and low humidity If your house is central heated then there is a chance that there is low humidity in your house.Lower estrogen level and aging can be the cause of dry skinDry ski usually effects more to those people which have skin type 1 and 2
How To Treat Dry Skin
OK, now we are going to tell you how to treat your dry skin.There are only a few precautions that you have to take to have your silky baby soft skin back.

Remember to use mild soaps and avoid using perfumed soaps.When ever you take bath use Luke warm water,not very cold or hot.When your skin is still damp apply moisturizer as it seals in moisture.Not to use skin care products that contains Alcohal.Use humidifier at home.Apply moi…

Top Five Beautiful Mens Haircuts

Here are the top five most beautiful men's haircuts.Men do have other hair styles but these five hair styles really make them look cool and different.


Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight

There are a few well known diet foods that are actually not the right diet food . You must not feel comfortable eating or drinking these items.Ignoring these food items you can actually increase the rate of burning fat in your body. In spite of losing weight you actually gain weight because of these items so why not ignore them.Here is the list of these food items.

Sugar Free Desserts
A lot of sugar free desserts and candies contain a chemical called sorbitol which can give you bloating and diarrhea which is not good for anyone.Flavored yogurt When ever you are dieting you might be thinking that eating flavored yogurt is good for your health but for your information flavored yogurt contains twice the sugar than plain yogurt.i hope you don't want to have twice the fat then normal.
Diet Beverages Although diet soda are a better choice but for your information diet soda contains artificial sugar which triggers cravings for real sugar. No one can stay away from soda but its on to you the mo…

How To Keep Hairs Silky And Shiny In Winters

Excessive hair fall,Dry hairs , dandruff and dry scalp - All these problems are waiting for winters to come and they attack your hairs.perfect hair and a cool hair style can change the total look of a persons face.All these above problems can be controlled by the right treatment.

It is obvious that people do get tense with bad condition of there hair and the worst thing is,getting tense is also a major cause of falling hairs.So do not get tense and get the right treatment for your hairs.

Rebellious hair.frizzy and flaky skin are the most common in winters but taking preventry measures it can be avoided and even repaired.To keep tresses lustrous and bouncy regular use of oil is very effective.

Fungal infection becomes common in winters and this is why because people actually do not wash there hairs regularly in winters or let the conditioner stay in there hairs for long.All these things become major cause of fungal infection in hairs.

Other factors that effect hair is using hot water …