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Rush into the Next Generation of Video Gaming Consoles

Rush into the Next Generation of Video Gaming Consoles The world of video gaming consoles has long been characterized by the war between three major players; Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Wii. Each company has been trying to excel the market by introducing high specification consoles and massive marketing. A seven year war between PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii is succeeded by another war of next generation consoles by these companies. The release of Nintendo’s latest console Wii U in late 2012 was followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2013 Which one is the best? It’s been a year now and the internet is flooded with reviews and debates from the gaming enthusiasts and analysts. Some people support their arguments by the strict sales figures while some give more weights to the qualitative factors such as overall gaming experience. The debate about which consoles among these three is the best is a never ending one. According to an estimate, the number …

Pakistan Army Hotline

Pakistan Army has recently introduced Hotline in case of any terrorism emergency. If you are middle of a terrorism act or you find something suspicious or even if you find any person taking pictures of a highly restricted place you should

Dial 1135
Your one call can save hundreds of lives. Be a loving citizen . Help pakistan army. Hotline for different cities have been published on news paper here are the images of advertisement

Video Gangnam Style Forces YouTube To Increase Video View Limit

According to YouTube blog post Gangnam Style video has forced YouTube to increase its view counter limit. Gangnam style has been viewed more then 2 billion times,
 YouTube view counter is programmed with a 32 bit integer and can count views up to 2.1 Billion,as this week PSY'S channel crossed the 2.1 Billion mark Google had to upgrade it to 64 bit integer. Google in a blog post said

 " We never thought anyone would cross this mark ever "

The Holy Quran To Be Read In Prince Charles Coronation

According to media sources,Critics attack proposal of bishop lord Harries and accused Church of England of loosing confidence in there own tradition.
Harries Speaking to house of Lords said this will help build confidence with Muslims and Muslims will feel embraced.Former Bishop of Oxford said,Gestures like these will create good environment with Muslims.He further said last year in civic service Bristol Cathedral authorities had agreed to reading of opening passage of The Quran before starting the christian ritual.ritual. Muslims warmly welcomed the act and it brought two different religions together.