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How To Block Stolen Mobile Phone In Pakistan

Mobile phone are very common now a days and according to PTA Pakistan has about more then 60 Million mobile phone users.As mobile phones are getting common new mobile phone companies are producing expensive mobile and these phone are capable of storing large amount of data.People save their credit card info and personal pictures in their mobile phones.
Mobile phone snatching is very common now and the first thing that comes to mind when a mobile gets stolen is how to block stolen mobile phone in Pakistan.The best thing to do when you lost/ or get your phone stolen is get it blocked. Today we will guide you through the easy process.
How to check your mobile IMEI number
Dial *#06#

NOTE:- You will find IMEI number on the back of your mobile phone battery.If not you might find it on your mobile phone box.

Save your mobile phone IMEI number when you buy a new mobile. Send an email to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) or send your request on  Fax number 021-35683336

Or you can dial …

Dracula Deer Spotted In Afghanistan After 66 Years

A wildlife conservation Team reported to have found the specie of deer not spotted in Afghanistan for 66 years.Sighting included one male deer sighted at one place at three different occasions and a female accompanied by a juvenile.
Kashmir musk deer was previously found in 1948 in Afghanistan region by a danish team.Musk deer were known to have lived in Indopak region Pakistan India and Afghanistan region before partition.
These Musk Deer have long be targeted by poachers for their Sent Glands as their musk was used  traditionally been used in perfumes and Medicines.These deer can fetch up to $20,00/-
As the Musk deer was spotted Wildlife department has become very active to save the specie.

Nokia Launching Set-top Box

Nokia Tweet this Monday on social media took social media by storm, saying
" Guess What We Are Up to Something "

Followed by a picture,which many say looks like a Set-Top box which will power live steaming on Tv's if it really is what it looks like then Nokia is going to give apple and amazon a tough competition.

The company sold its mobile phone brand to Microsoft which abandoned its mobile phone business brand.
Image: Nokia

Drugs Led Hussain Khar To Prison

Hussain Khar Son of the Governor of Punjab Mustafa Khar with mother Ayesha Butt was arrested  by local police when he was found involved in a rob
bery in defence. Hussain Khar along with four of his friends was arrested.His friends include Muhammad Ibrahim son of Basharat Ali Cheema Johar Town, Muhammad Fahad Zeshan (Defence),Muhammad Ans son of Muhammad Aveed Khalid (Raza Block Iqbal Town).
CIA reports say that Muhammad Ans and Hussain Mustafa were friends and Muhammad Ans introduced others to Hussain Mustafa.
 Hussain Mustafa was living with his brother in Askeri flats.
According to recent reports all of these friends were involved in about 12 robberies and Husiain Mustafa was part of 9 of them. Some reports say that they did killed one person in a robbery.But final reports are still to come.
Investigation team told that Hussain Mustafa asked his friends to increase the number of robberies as he was addicted to drugs and was not able to bear all these expenses.

Mahnoor Wins Mathematics World Contest In Australia

Sargodha :-  Few years ago Arfa Karim, and Haris Manzoor made us proud by their achievement and now Mahnoor followed there foot step and won a gold medal in Australia in World Mathematics Contest.

Mahnoor 8 year old has defeated children from 17 countries including India, Sirilanka,Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and many others.

Competition was held in New South Wales University In Australia.