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I Am Not Nawaz Sharif I Am Imran Khan

Most trending Pakistani video on social media,I am not Nawaz Sharif,i am Imran Khan

Millions Looted from Edhi Centre

Who would have expected that Edhi centre Will get looted.Robbers Struck Edhi center at Methadar Area in Karachi Pakistan, Held hostage Abdul Sattar Edhi  and Looted millions in cash including Hundred thousands of dollars including 5 kg of Gold and 25 Million of Rs in cash.
An FIR was immediately registered against some unknown people.

People raising questions that why was that much amount placed at an insecure Edhi said robbers didn't behave bad with me. at around 9:45 A.M armed men stormed at my place and asked for keys of my locker.I gave them the keys .According to the FIR total of 10 people Robbed Edhi , 5 where guarding the exit while 5 entered Edhi centre

Ufone Launches Cheapest Internet Package

Ufone Cheapest Internet Package
One of the largest mobile operator of pakistan has launched cheapest Internet package for its valued Prepaid customers.According to our sources this is the cheapest internet package by any mobile operator in Pakistan.

How to Activate Ufone Lowest Rate Internet Package : Dial *7807#

Rates of Ufone Lowest Rate Internet Package                                                                             Rs. 200
Note : social websites including Facebook and Wotsapp are still free for all customers

Malik Riaz Life,Movie Trailer Released

A movie on life of Malik riaz ,Property King has been released and trailer is getting popular on social media.

Pakistan’s biggest property portal lists tips to prevent your property from monsoon damages

Pakistan’s biggest property portal lists tips to prevent your property from monsoon damages
SEPTEMBER, 16, 2014: In light of the recent flash floods in Punjab, which have wreaked havoc in many places such as: Sialkot, Hafizabad and in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and damaged farmlands and properties, it is imperative to take precautionary measures against them.
As the prediction for more torrential rain looms, Pakistan’s best real estate website, Lamudi, has prepared a handy guide for you to save your property from potential damages. From inspection of cracks to placing sandbags, here are the top tips for prevention of damage to your house:
Roofs and walls should be inspected to see if they have any cracks which allow water to seep into the house. You need to ensure that you have an effective drainage system in place to prevent water accumulation. Moreover, you can also have waterproof roofs which will ensure that you do not have to deal with seepage issues.
Make sure that all the ledges, pi…