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Richie Rich Beggar

We often see beggars at different places and think,these beggar might be super rich.
One of the Chinese beggar made news headlines when his picture made it to social media,According to news sources this beggar has been spotted at many places begging for money.He earns around $1500/Month but his earnings may increase from $1500 to $3000/Month.
He has recently built a two storied house

and supporting two schools in his village.

Demand Of Pakistani Turtle Increases In World

God has made everything perfect in this world and if any one tries to manipulate its nature,it has adverse effects on planet.Demand of Pakistani turtle is increasing which is resulting in decrease of turtle population  These turtles clean water,which helps fish to grow.
It is in the news now a days that demand of Pakistani Turtle is increasing day by day in international market as these turtles are being sold in for about $1600 Each. These turtles weight from 5-15 Kg.
River Sindh has around 7 types of turtles and all of these 7 types are the rare kind in the world.Most of these turtles are used in medicines or consumed as food in China and Korea.
Let us spread the word to save these turtles.