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Places To Visit In Kashmir- Summers 2014

After a tiring year you are looking forward to travel to some place in Pakistan. There are 

many place where you can spend your summers and most of you might have traveled to all of them 

like,Naran Kaghan,Sawat,Murree,Fairy meadows,Skardu,Gillgit etc.. But very a little have visited 

Kashmir.Believe me Kashmir is a heaven on earth,Its culture and landscapes are worth watching.

According to recent survey by government of Kashmir in year 2012 Around 600 thousand people from 

different provinces of Pakistan visited Kashmir and it was not possible for government to manage so many 

tourists,some tourists stayed in mosques and some had to stay in car,but the lucky ones were helped by 

locals and they stayed in there houses.As Kashmir received sudden boost in tourists,Many local investors 

constructed new rest houses and in year 2013 around 1 million tourists visited Kashmir,According to 

government of Kashmir this boost of tourists was due to development of roads and efforts of Musharaf 

Government which resulted in cease fire between India Pakistan border.

I would recommend you to definitely visit Kashmir this year.Food in Kashmir is far far cheaper then 

all other places.Rest houses can be booked for 1000-1500 Per night. These low rates are being checked 

and maintained by government of Kashmir,People there are very cooperative and loving.

Places To Visit In Kashmir

Neelum Valley
Tao Butt
Sudhan Gali
Leepa Valley
Toli Pir

If you are planning a one day trip then you have only one option that is Banjosa and Toli Pir.Its a 4hr drive 

just 145Km from Islamabad. Do not forget to get your rooms booked as there are only few hotels where 

you can stay,which include army Rest house,PWD rest house and few others.

Visiting rest of Kashmir for one day is not possible as it will take around 7-8 hr to reach Nellum valley.

You can stay at Neelum valley and visit other beautiful places on daily basis.One interesting thing about 

Neelum Valley is that you can see Occupied Kashmir across the river.Indian army check points and 

Kashmir people can be easily seen.


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