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Pakistan In Top Ten

With every passing day it seems as if days are getting shorter,this is mainly because people are getting busy in there daily life.In the past people use to work hard in fields and exert what they ate but now doing desk jobs and travelling on car has made it all worse.

According to a survey conducted by a renowned company "The Lannst" Pakistan stood 9th in the list of Top 100 countries with fat people.
In 80 the number of fat people were around 7-85 million,the number has astonishingly increased to 2 billion in 2013. America stood first in the list accompanied by india at 3rd place.

Ufone Latest 3G Package Details

Ufone Announced 3G Package Rates Details
As soon as auction for 3G internet spectrum ended all mobile operators started there services in major cities

 of Pakistan and almost all of them gave free 3G service to its customers to attract more and more customers

 to their network.Many Rumers were floating the internet of different packages leaked before the

announcement and all were predicted wrong .Now Ufone has taken the lead and has recently announced its

 3G package details on its website.To my view the packages are not that expensive.

PrePaid Package Details

Terms And Conditions Volume accumulator will reset at 12:00 Am Customers using 3G service in Islamabad,Lahore,Karachi will be charged for using 3G after 24th May Customers using 3G service in Peshawar,Faisalabad can use free service till 28th May Customers using free 3G service in Gujranwala can use free service till 1st June. All new 3G handsets can be provisioned to 3G by dialing *7700#
How To check Remaining Balance Of BucketDia…

Pakistan Ordnance Factory POF,Weapons Getting Famous

Pakistan ordinance factory is manufacturing conventional weapons.These weapons are getting famous by every passing day.According to some sources the main reason being there reliability and cheap prices.
Some of you might have used Shaheen cartridges in your shotguns.Shaheen is recently the best sold cartridge in Pakistan because of there reliability.

Launch Of Orange Metro Train Service In Lahore

This project will be one of its kind in Pakistan. According to news sources President of Pakistan Mr.

 Mamnoon Hussain and his Chinese counter Part witnessed the signing ceremony of launch of Orange Metro

 Train Project.Project will cost around 1.6 Billion dollars and will be completed within a span of 27 months

Train will cover a distance of 27 Km within Lahore.

Train Route Thokar Niaz Baig to Ali Town

Multan Road to scheme Road,Mao College,chuburji Scheme Moor,Mall Road,Railway Station,Luxmany Chowk,UET,Garhi Shahu Bridge,GT Road,Pakistan Mint To Daira Gojran

PTCL Evo Summer Offer 2014

PTCL have recently updated their website and advertised on many billboards with new PTCL Evo summer offer. According to this offer,All new PTCL Evo subscribers will be offered free internet for one month and special discount on monthly subscription for whole year.

Evo 3.1 USB with bundle cost of Rs. 2,550 with one month free.

Terms and Conditions
Offer not valid for package conversion.

Offer valid for new connections only.

After expiry of one year package will be reverted to standard commercial package on prevailing rates.

Offer is valid till 31st May only

Amazing Wedding Of Pakistan History

An amazing wedding took place in District Okara when bride along with all family members took barat to  Grooms house.

Groom named "Nadeem Muhammad Latif" was resident of Tehsil Riyana,Dancing members of bride family reached Riyana and were welcomed by dancing members of Groom family.All this was agreed upon between bride and groom family,as girl belonged to a poor family and could not afford to pay for food of barat.So it was mutually decided that groom family will receive barat.later the bride stayed at groom house and family members left for their home town.

Many believe that Groom family could have paid the poor girl family but it actually didn't happen.

Australian Millionaire Gave All He Earned To Poor

A well known Australian business man who's estimated property worth is worth 30 Million dollar transferred all his earning to bank accounts of poor people.

Carl was a successful business man,Speaking to news agency he said " I traveled the world and tried to spent all my money on luxurious things but i didn't find happiness, self satisfaction, so one day i decided to transfer all my earning to bank accounts of poor people" Carl not only transferred money to accounts of poor people but also gave millions as donations to different trusts.

Ufone Offers Unlimited Calls To Ufone,Vfone,Ptcl

Ufone has once again offered unlimited calls package to its customers.It has been said that it is one of the most popular deal by any Mobile operator.

How To Activate
Dial *2424#
Note:   Offer is valid till 12AM from the time of subscription.10 Paisa/Call will be charged on each call.
Offer applies to only Uone package.
To opt to Uwon package dial *2424#
Subscription charges are Rs.11.95 including Tax
Other taxes and charges apply.
Minimum balance required for activation daily is Rs.14.33
Daily charges Rs.11.99

Double Shah Is Back

Man involved in the biggest scandal of Pakistan history Mr Sayed Sabat ul Hassan known as Double Shah  is back.After spending 7 years in prison, double shah completed his jail sentence and was released.

For those who are not aware of double shah.He was a school teacher and was involved in one of the biggest  fraud scandal after muzarba scandal  in Pakistan's history.He actually collected money from poor in dreams of giving them double the amount back. His fraud amount reached more then 5 Billion Rs. FIA returned half the amount to affecties and rest is still missing.

Belonging to Wazeerabad Thati Araeeaen Double shah when reached his village he was welcomed in this village by locals.Double shah said " He never committed a crime and in no mood of committing it in future"

This clearly shows his intentions.He is coming back. So all those who are looking forward to get there money double,Stay back. Do not be part of such scandal

LPG Station Launched In Pakistan By Byco

Byco Pakistan Petroleum Limited has introduced its first LPG Filling station in Pakistan. With every passing day getting your CNG cylinder filled is becoming a headache.People are looking forward to new ways to get more millage out of there cars,Weather it is hybrid Honda Prius or solar panel fitted Rickshaw's. Its Mr.Waqar Agha Khan or any other Mr :) the need of hour is cheap fuel.
This is what people are looking for.As CNG is in the process of decline and billion of Rs. are at stake people prefer getting their dried fuel tanks filled with gasoline which is not affordable.
Byco launched its first LPG station in Sargodha.
PSO in the past did launched around 100 LPG cubicles,but they had to shut few down due to less sale.I think government should take immediate action and turn all CNG stations down and turn them in to LPG stations,but for that you will have to get your Cylinder replaced.BYCO joined  HESCOL SSGC and PSO which were in this business for past few years.

Strange Fact About People Of Pakistan

According to a recent survey conducted by Amnesty International 56% of Pakistani's Believe that torture is

acceptable sometimes and is necessary to gain useful information which will protect the public.

Survey was conducted by amnesty international among 21 countries worldwide, People were ask weather

they fear they would be tortured if taken into custody by there government in there country and 58% of

Pakistani's said yes they do fear being tortured by the government.

53% percent of Pakistani;s believe clear rules needs to be implemented because use of torture is Immoral but

16% believe that torture is required to gain useful information which later results in protection of People of

the country.

Fear of torture is minimum in UK,Australia,Canada and maximum in Brazil and Mexico.

How Geo Insulted "Muslims" Must Watch

I was watching Luqman's Show" Khara Sach" on ARY NEWS and their he showed a video were Wedding of Veena Malik and Asad Bashir is televised on live Geo program "Utho Jago Pakistan". This video contains Veena Malik's wedding and music in background which is totally against the preaching's of Islam.  Watch the video and if you still believe Geo is not working on agenda of spreading violence in Pakistan then you are not loyal to either your country or your religion

Shaista Wahedi in an other scandal

Mubashir Luqman's Show " Khara Sach"

Places To Visit In Kashmir- Summers 2014

After a tiring year you are looking forward to travel to some place in Pakistan. There are 
many place where you can spend your summers and most of you might have traveled to all of them 
like,Naran Kaghan,Sawat,Murree,Fairy meadows,Skardu,Gillgit etc.. But very a little have visited 
Kashmir.Believe me Kashmir is a heaven on earth,Its culture and landscapes are worth watching.

According to recent survey by government of Kashmir in year 2012 Around 600 thousand people from 
different provinces of Pakistan visited Kashmir and it was not possible for government to manage so many 
tourists,some tourists stayed in mosques and some had to stay in car,but the lucky ones were helped by 
locals and they stayed in there houses.As Kashmir received sudden boost in tourists,Many local investors 
constructed new rest houses and in year 2013 around 1 million tourists visited Kashmir,According to 
government of Kashmir this boost of tourists was due to development of roads and efforts of Musharaf 

Zunaira Mazhar Becomes Mrs. Pakistan International

You might have heard about Miss World,Miss Earth but you might not have heard about Mrs.Pakistan

international.but it is true actually.actually. Zunaira Mazhar was awarded Mrs.Pakistan International in

USA.Zunaira herself is a fashion designer.This award is being awarded to Pakistani women since 1980.This

award is awarded to married women that have achieved allot in there
life beside being house wife.

Daewoo Launching Cab Service

Daewoo Pakistan is launching cab service for its valued customers.Cab service will be initially initiated between routes of Lahore,Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Main purpose of Cab Service is to facilitate customers. Cabs will provide pic and drop facility to Passengers with very little charges. Daewoo Pakistan has not yet clearly provided details of price for pic and drop service but on there official Facebook page they clearly mentioned to launch service as soon as possible. Daewoo Pakistan is getting great competition from other bus service providers and to keep them self above there competitors they have introduced this new service.
Daewoo Help Line 111-DAEWOO(323-966)
Many customers believe that Daewoo has lost its worth by moving away from its standards.Buses get late and conditions of Buses is getting worse day by day.

A £7 Computer On A Flash Drive That Can Change The Life Of A Poor

A flash drive is the most simple piece of technology that we use in daily routine yet we take it for granted .

But two entrepreneurs came up with an idea that can revive old forgotten computers they put an operating system in a flash drive which can boot itself .

You just need to put a flash drive into a laptop or computer being thrown away as a garbage and then you can use it as a normal laptop or computer . Go online and perform all sort of activities a normal computer can perform .

It allows old and potentially non-functional PC's to be revived and every user can choose their own desktop layout , programs and data at a minimal of cost .

In addition unlike those recycled PC's that results in a PC to run at snails pace and gets froze after every 10-15 mins this drive will give you a normal experience.

This flash drive runs on an Andriod 4.4 version and costs only £7 approximately Rs 1,100.
So one can have a smart phone experience for only £7. It will surely change the li…

Apple's New Headquarter In New York

What you are looking at right now is Apple's New Headquarter. Steve Jobs before his death gave application for construction of new Headquarter of Apple.This building is being constructed in round shape as Steve jobs suggested. Building covers an area of 1Sq mile.

Speaking to media chief architect Norman Foster said,car parking will be provided under ground and floor will be grassy instead of being cemented. Employs will not be permitted to drive cars in Headquarters premises instead 1000 Bicycles will be provided to move inside the building. Building will consist of glass walls

Boy Turned In To Girl

A ninth grade student changed his genes and turned into a girl in Faisalabad. Talking to media father said i was father of two son and now i have a son and a daughter.

Belonging to Lahore the ninth grader was sent to local hospital in Faisalabad for checkup and it was discovered that the boy actually is not a boy its a girl so doctors after 9hr of operation were able to change Genes of the boy and turned him into girl.

What Anupam Kher Says About Pakistani Dramas

In a recent interview to local news paper Amupam Kher Indian superstar said he has always learned from Pakistani dramas as these drams meet all the requirement.He further said he will visit Pakistan as soon as he gets free.

Talking to Jahanzaib Awan the Pakistani artist who recently reached India to act in different films in India he said,Most of my relatives live in Pakistan and really want to meet them,i am looking for a better time to go and meet them all.

Kher said many Pakistani artist have proved them self in India which include Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Adnan Sami. Artists do not have any borders and both the countries should give chance to up coming talent.

Ufone Has Extended The Date For Its Free 3G Coverage

Ufone has launched Free 3G coverage for its customers till 10th of May .To Start surfing with 3G internet ,just Restart your mobile phone.This will install settings required for your mobile phone.
To get details related to 3G coverage and usage data dial *3344#.
Firstly it was launched only in Lahore then they extended its coverage to Rawalpindi , Islamabad and Karachi .
Now they have extended its date and the will let their customers know when this free coverage will end .

PTCL Launching 4G Internet Service

According to some news sources PTCL is about to launch 4G wireless broadband service.This broadband wireless service will be capable of providing customer with an amazing 36MB/Sec download speed and 7MB/Sec of upload speed.This service has been named as project eagle.

Charges Of PTCL 4G Internet service Charges for USB are not yet disclosed but it is in news that monthly charges of this service will be Rs. 3000

Download Limit Download limit will be 30GB, With this staggering speed this download can be achieved with in Hours.
PTCL should look into this issue but this is how companies earn.They will charge you extra Per GB Download.
Launching Date This service will be initially launched with in next two weeks in major cites of Pakistan which include,Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad.

Pakistan's Top 10 Lawn Brands

Pakistan's Top 10 Lawn Brands Here is the list of top lawn brands of Pakistan.Girls prefer wearing designers cloths.Price of Lawn brands start from Rs.300-15000/
Replica of all brands are available in market with very low price and it is not possible for a normal person to distinguish between the real brand or the replica.

This list of brands can vary person to person.If you feel any brand should have been included please leave a comment .

1. Gul Ahmed

2.  Kayseria by Bareeze

3. Nishat

4. Elan

5. Firdous

6. Alkaram

7. Junaid Jamshed

8. Mausummery

9. Satrangi by Bonanza

10. Sobia Nazir

Top Ten Pakistani Movies Releasing In 2014

Here is the list of top ten Pakistani Movies Releasing in 2014. All of these movies look different fom traditional Sultan Rahee Style movies.

Release of Movie WAAR has definitely opened the eyes of all the directors and producers. Now most of the producers and directors are youngsters and they are looking at the huge Hollywood industry. New modern Camera and Cinematic techniques are being used by directors. Lets hope all these efforts bring Pakistan's Cinema industry on its feet. Not only it is the duty of directors to produce better movies,but also it is our duty to turn to cinemas and watch Pakistani movies instead of Indian.

 Movie: Naach Director: Nasir Tehranay,Omer Ikram
Cast: Shan,Javed Sheikh,Momal Sheikh,Neil Uchong
Release Date: 2nd Quarter of 2014

Movie: Gidh Cast: Hamayun Saeed,Mona Lisa,Ayesha Khan,Sayed Jibran
Director: Shamoon Abbasi

Movie: Hijrat Director: Farooq Mangal
Cast: Asad Zaman,Rabia Butt

Movie: Jalaibee Cast: Yasir Tehmoor,Ali Safeena,Adnan Jaffer,Ali rehman…

Warid To Launch 4G LTE Service In Pakistan

Warid To Launch 4G LTE Service In Pakistan

So Warid customers are you ready to be faster then the fastest. Warid has officially announced 4G LTE(Long Term Evolution Technology).
There were rumors on the internet and media channels that warid is about to launch 4G LTE service but PTA was not giving permission.
Today Warid advertised its 4G LTE service which clearly shows things have settled between PTA and Warid.

Warid did not participated in auction of 3G and 4G lisence and this was the reason.

Warid has officially announced its launch on its website saying " We are worth the wait,indeed,The best is yet to come"

According to news sources when warid got license to launch its services in Pakistan way back in 2004 they were officially allowed to launch 4G LTE service ,According to the agreement they can launch LTE service any time,What they needed was PTA permission.

Warid will launch its service in last week of May 2014

Note:- LTE service is not supported by every smartphone. LTE…

QMobile Does Not Support 3G

There are many rumors circulating social media that Q mobile does not support 3G Technology.Is that realy true?

No its actually not true.Q mobile have not officially responded to such allegations but they did updated there website and mentioned the name and models of mobiles that support 3G network.

Mobilink Launched Free 3G Service

Mobilink launched free 3G service in big cities including Faisalabad,Karachi,Multan,Quetta and Peshawar.
Mobilink is the last of the rest of mobile operators to Launch Free 3G service but it is the only network to launch free service in 5 Major cities of the country.Where as all other Mobile operators have launched there service in only two to three cities.

Some areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will get free services for 3G.

Note:- It has been reported by some customers that Ufone and Telenor have deducted some hidden charges when customers availed free 3G service. So Mobilink users keep track of your balance while you surf.

Violation Of Traffic Signal Is Haram And Great Sin In Islam Says Saudi Grand Mufti

Violation of Traffic Signal is Haram and a great sin Says Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz-Al Sheikh. Relating it to Quranic Verse

 “if you kill one person unjustly it is as if you killed the whole humanity, and if you saved once person it is as if you saved the whole humanity.” Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh Reiterated hos Fatwa saying drivers who break the red signal not only break law but also commit sin according to Islam.Mufti further says if a person breaks the signal and it causes the death of other person it is actually involuntary Man slaughter.

In Saudi Arabia 17 Death daily are reported due to Violation of Traffic Laws and one third of them are caused by drivers breaking traffic signals.

Voilation of traffic signal is Haraam - PakistanTV1