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Ufone Has Extended The Date For Its Free 3G Coverage

Ufone has launched Free 3G coverage for its customers till 10th of May .To Start surfing with 3G internet ,just Restart your mobile phone.This will install settings required for your mobile phone.
To get details related to 3G coverage and usage data dial *3344#.
Firstly it was launched only in Lahore then they extended its coverage to Rawalpindi , Islamabad and Karachi .
Now they have extended its date and the will let their customers know when this free coverage will end .

Pakistan Gets Contract To Provide Football In FIFA World cup 2014

Pakistan Gets Contract To Provide Football In FIFA World cup 2014
A Well known Pakistani football manufacturer company named as Pakistan Forward Sports (Pvt) gets the contract to supply football in FIFA World cup 2014.

Khawaja Masood Akhter CEO of Pakistan Forward Sports said in an interview " It was our dream to supply Football in Brazil 2014 World cup and it came true today,He added we are the official suppliers of Adidas in world cup 2014. Previously Pakistan Forward Compnay has supplied Football in UEFA Champions League,Africa Cup Of Nations and German Bundesliga. They are also making the official football for Brazil which has been named Brazuca.

Languages Of Pakistan

Sindhi,Pushto,Punjabi,Balocji are the provincial languages of Pakistan.Where as Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan.Saraiki and Hindko are other minor languages of Pakistan.
Only 8% of Pakistani's Speak English as first language.

Telenor launches Free 3G service for Customers

Telenor after getting license for 3G spectrum has recently launched free 3G service for its valued customers.These Services are only available in few areas of major cities of Pakistan including Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad etc..
According to some sources ,These services are available in DHA Karachi,F11 Islamabad,G13 Islamabad,F7 Islamabad.DHA Lahore etc..
I myself used 3G service in Islamabad and Videos were streaming Better then 2MB Internet connection.With Download Speed Of 400KB/S.
So i you guys have not tried 3G service here is the method to activate 3G service on your mobile.
Using Samsung mobile 3G connection will be shown as H+ on top of mobile screen and With iPhone internet connectivity shows 3G on top of screen.

How To Activate 3G Service on Mobile 

To check Weather 3G service is available in your area or not just dial

As Rates for 3G Spectrum for Telenore,Zong,Ufone,Mobilink are still to be finalised Telenor takes the Edge an…

10 Most Beautiful Lakes Of Pakistan

10 Most Beautiful Lakes Of Pakistan Here is the list of beautiful lakes of Pakistan.Enjoy and share the beauty with your friends

10 Movies You Cannot Afford To Miss In 2014

1.Captain America : The Winter Soldier

Steve battles the new threat from  Soviet agent the Winter Soldier

2.The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Peter Parker fights with the villans to make this a better place to live .


The giant Radioactive monster Godzilla tried to wipe out humans from the earth.

4.Transformers : Age Of Extinction
A mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons .

5.The Expendables 3
The third part of all action heroes coming this year.

6.The Hunger Games : The Mockingjay part 1 
Katniss Everdeen reluctantly becomes the symbol of a mass rebellion against the autocratic Capitol.

7.Resident Evil 6
The Red Queen plots destruction of Humans.

3G Rates Of Ufone,Zong,Mobilink,Telenor In Pakistan

So Auction of 3G and 4G Spectrum licences have successfully under went.Zong Won the bid for both 4G and 3G licenses.Where as Ufone,Telenore and Mobilink got licenses for 3G spectrum.Warid did not bid for the license as rummers are circulating media that either Ufone or Zong will buy the company.Warid is the biggest company with max number of postpaid customers.

Now many rumors are spreading through the internet for rates of 3G and 4G licenses.One thing is for sure that although Zong has qualified for 4G bid yet there is no chance of 4G spectrum to be launched soon.Zong being world's largest network was capable for bidding more.So they bought the license. So what about 3G network? According to some sources only Telenor has yet installed 3G equipment and even tested its services in Islamabad.No other network has installed the equipment yet.So all Telenor subscribers,you will be the first one to surf internet using 3G on your cell phones.Telenor launched Free 3G Internet Service For…

How To Attempt Paper In Pakistan

Every student weather studying in class 1 or in Medical/engineering university should know how to attempt paper,more importantly for those students who are appearing in board exams must know how to attempt paper in Pakistan.
In our today's post we will explain to you how to attempt paper in Pakistan.

No.1  Draw margin on both side of paper.Simple margin on both sides should be enough.But to make your paper more attractive and to make it more prominent draw double margin on both sidesNo 2. Now when you are done with drawing margin on your paper.Read your paper carefully and try to attempt questions that you are good at. Attempt better better prepared questions first and less prepared at the end.
No.3 Try to attempt your exam by giving heading,it is easy for the examiner to study your paper if you write by giving headings. Give heading with different colored marker,and draw margin under heading preferably with a different colored marker. Try to draw a double margin under your headin…

Most Controversial Women Of Pakistan

Ten most controversial women of Pakistan. Here is the list of ten most controversial women of Pakistan.
..  Mathira started her carrier as a model and soon got selected as video jockey on a TV channel. Mathira is hated for her vulgar talks and dressing. Mathira has hosted a show where she promoted Taboo talks. Mathira is highly hated by most of Pakistani's.

 16 year old girl that was portrayed as a hero by the media and earned millions of dollars by reading script written by her father.Many believe that Malala is nobody.She was portrayed as a hero by media just to create hatred for Taliban.She was nominated for Nobel prize in 2013 and spoke on different forums on education of women.According to media she stood fast against Taliban and defended her right to study as a girl.Many believe it is actually not the case.

Talking against the Hadood ordinance and Blasphemy law Asma Jahangir is considered a traitor in Pakistan.
Some believe that she is a Qadiani. She.She is an advocate of Su…

PSL-Pakistan Super League Launch And Players

According to latest news from news sources. PSL Pakistan Super League is going to start from last week of December 2014 or the first week of January 2015.

Many of the international players have showed interest in playing PSL Pakistan Super League.
PCB officials said that players security issues have been solved after we organised an event in UAE. According to PCB officials franchises could bid stars from $25 Thousand to $.1 Million.
Imran Nazir is ready to player for just $10 Thousand.Big players like Gayle will be paid more.PCB is planning to agree Gayle to play for $.2 Million.

Salman sarwar Butt was quoted saying " Many local and international companies are showing interest in buying franchises,which shows IA PSL Pakistan super league will be a huge success"

Categories and prices are
Diamond $100,000
Platinum $70,000
Gold $50,000
Silver $25,000
Emerging $5,000-10,000

Positive response has been shown by Australia,Srilanka, and South Africa.
Total number of 5 Teams will be…

Savaree Car Sharing App Launched In Pakistan

Pakistan is the sixth largest country by population  and means of transport are getting better day by day but traveling on bus is considered dangerous as bus drivers race with eachother on competition to reach before the other to catch more passengers on return.

CNG is now available 7 days a week but timming are just 6hrs a day,which results in long queus.
I lived in Lahore for about 30 years and traveling on bus has always been a headache.One thing has always helped me travelling inside lahore is by calling a friend who is on his way to college and getting along with him to reach the destination.
Here is a good news for all those students who travel frequently and are fed up of traveling by bus.
Students from LUMS have designed an app which will help you overcome the menace of public transport.Idea behind this app is very simple.
Lets assume you are traveling from DHA Lahore to Islamabad and in a country of 20 Crore people there is a great chance that if not hundred dozen of people …

Shahid Afridi Highest Tax Payer In Pakistan Cricket Team

 Shahid Afridi Top Tax Payer Of Pakistan Cricket Team

According to recent reports on media Shahid Khan Afridi has become the highest Tax payer of Pakistan Cricket Team.Paying  Rs.267,4298 amount as tax from June 2012 to June 2013.
Saeed Ajmal,master of "DOSRA" and "TEESRA" was at second spot paying 214,7200 as Tax.Misbah Ul Haq captain of Pakistan Cricket team was at third spot,who paid Rs.205,6029 as Tax.
Umer Akmal paid an amount of Rs.120,4944 as tax.Shoaib malik paid Rs. 90,2536 and Nasir Jamshaid paid 90,2534 as tax.

Suzuki Wagon R Launched In Pakistan 2014

Suzuki Wagon R Launched In Pakistan

Three Varients of Wagon R Will be available in the market VX VXR VXL

Price Tag    VX    899,000
                    VXR 104,9000
                    VXL 108,9000

Image source

Its a K series Engine 1.000CC which is being used in India and Japan. R in Wagon R stands for Revolutionary.

Price of the vehicle is not that high if we compare it with Suzuki cultus,as this vehicle is equiped with many other additional features that are not present in Cultus.Which include chrome platted grill of the car,parcel tray,Ticket holder on driver's sun visor,excellent back space for passengers.5 passengers can easily fit inside the car.

Mileage of Suzuki Wagon R

Mileage of Suzuki Wagon R on CNG is 19.3 in city and 26.6 on highways
Mileage of Suzuki Wagon R on Petrol is 17.08 in city and 20.51 on highways and on LPG it has the same average as petrol
Read more at Clickemag --> Beautiful Girls Of Pakistan

Hassan Nouman Becomes Fifa Game Champion Of The World

After young boys from Pakistan clinched 3rd position in street child world cup.Here comes another talent from Pakistan. Hassan Nouman
In the sixth Fifa interactive world cup 2014 191 teams from around the world participated with 62 Pakistani players.Games were played on the internet. Team from Pakistan didn't do well but one of the goals from Hassan Nouman out of 8.6 Million goals scored in the tournament  was selected as the top 6 Goals of the tournament. Best goal of the tournament will be decided by voting. Hassan Nouman requires your Vote. Vote for him at FIFA Voting close at 14:00 CET on 29th April

Team Pakistan Ranking

Help Hassan Nouman's goal to become the best goal of world's largest gaming tournament.Vote Now

Pakistan Team did well to clinched position in FIFA World Cup Brazil country Challenge.

Beautiful Girls Of Pakistan

Most Beautiful Girls Of Pakistan
Here are the pictures of few of the most beautiful girls of Pakistan.All of these females are well known models of Pakistan.