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Three Youngest Achievers Of Pakistan

Arfa Karim Randhawa And Babar Iqbal (Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional)

Arfa Karim Randhawa was born in Faisalabad and Became the youngest certified profession in 2004 at the age of 9.She was invited by Bill Gates to Microsoft Head Quarters in USA.
She Received numerous Awards which include.
Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal In field Of Science and Technology
Salam Pakistan Youth Award.
She is also the recipient of President's Award Of pride of performance.
Babar Iqbal is also the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

Youngest App Developer Of The World

Haris Khan has become the youngest App developer of the word at the age of 10. Haris khan belonging to ireland has Pakistani ethnicity
Irish newspaper reported that Haris Khan's Game " Super Soccer Kicks" is available on apple store and it has been downloaded 400 times since its launch in February 2014.
Haris khan is developing few more apps and they will be published very soon.

Youngest It Professional To Help Yahoo,Sa…

Youngest App Developer Of The World

Youngest App Developer Of The World

Haris Khan has become the youngest App developer of the world at the age of 10 Years. Haris khan being of Pakistani ethnicity belongs to Ireland.
Irish newspaper reported that Haris khan's game "Supper soccer Kicks" is available on App Store and it perfectly works on iPad,iPhone and iPod touch.
The game has been downloaded around 400 Times since its launch in February 2014.  Haris has being working on many other games and apps and more apps are getting ready to be launched soon.

Youngest App Developer in World - Haris Khanby pakcriki

Bangladesh Bans Nationals To Wave Other Teams Flags In Stadium

Bangladesh government has recently banned all his nationals to support other teams in the stadium or to wave their flags during cricket T20 World cup local news reported.Decision was taken after India pakistan match when Most of the stadium was in support of Pakistan.Giving slap on Prime minister Hasina Wajid face.
 Did you ask yourself why they banned supporting other teams in the stadium?

They were not concerned about the support other teams get,but they were concerned about support to Pakistani team,and mostly Pakistani flags that were being waved in the stadium.
Once I had a discussion with one of my friend who went to Bangladesh to study medical.According to him half of the bangalis support Pakistan and rest half is against Pakistan.Sadly those people who are against Pakistan are in power in Bangladesh.So they impose such bans to show how much they hate Pakistan

Unblock Youtube In Pakistan

There are many ways YouTube can be unblocked In Pakistan. Some of them include using proxy software's like,Hotpot Shield and by surfing through other websites.These software's are create headache as adds start to popup when using these software.Here we are going to teach you how to open Google with a simple extension using chrome as a browser.
Let me make this clear here that only chrome supports this extension.So if you have not downloaded chrome.Download chrome from here.
Now if you have chrome downloaded in your windows.Then simple download Click  ZenMate for Google Chrome .
simply download it and enjoy surfing YouTube.

What Google Knows About Pakistan

I was going through search engine today and was checking what the world searches about Pakistan the most on the internet and to my shock,I went through these search results.
I ignored every search result although it was harsh for me but then i came across one result that really shocked me.Here it is

Why is the world so interested in breaking Pakistan? Why are people around the world searching for breaking Pakistan? There is something fishy here or we are a threat to the world.As a Muslim nuclear state.
I know Pakistan as a nuclear state pisses off many countries but that doesn't mean that if they cant fight with us on ground they start to break us. Every country who is looking forward to break Pakistan should remember this country was never made to be separated. Do what ever you can but we will stay as one unit InshAllah

How To Protect Yourself From Sms Scam In Pakistan


Ufone provides its own SMS/call blocking service called "U-Block".To subscribe,simply type"Sub" and send it to 420
1.To block SMS and calls type"block"<number>" and send to 420.
2.To unblock,simply type"unblock<number>" and send to 420.
Charges: 3.75 rupee + tax/week

Note: Ufone its self is responsible for sending a lot of promotional texts.Thankfully ,they also provide an option to disable them.
Simply dial "25625" from your phone


1. To subscribe to call and SMS block service via SMS,simply send "act ics" to 420.
2.To block a number,type "ADD NB<number>" and send to 420.
3.To unblock a number,type "DEL <number>" and send to 420.
Charges: 0.5 rupees+tax per day.


For subscription dial 9211.
Charges: 15 rupee per month + tax
Note: Like ufone,zong also sends a lot of promotional texts,but it also provides an option to disable them .


Telonor also provides a …

Ape Dance Video Goes Viral On Youtube

Recently posted Ape Dance Commercial gone viral on internet getting millions of views daily.Here we have the video for you.

Indus Motor Decreases Prices Of Toyota Cars

Indus motor today announced to decrease prices of All its Toyota vehicles.This change in price was announced when price of Dollar is maintained below Rs.100 comparing to Pakistani Rupee.
Indus motor has decided to decrease prices of Toyota Vehicles from 25 Thousand to 75 Thousand. Prices of XLI and GLI were decreased to about 50 Thousand and price of Altis to about 75 Thousand.
Chief operating Officer Ali Asghar Jamali of Indus motors announced that this decrease in the price was announced after the efforts of finance ministry.Last year Indus motors decreased the price of XLI standard to about 89 thousand and this year we are the first one to announce the decrease in prices.

General public on the other hand believed that these prices were decreased because the purchase of Toyota XLI,GLI and Altis came dramatically down after leaked video of New Toyota 2014 Model started circulating on social media. Toyota Corolla 2014 Images Above

How To Lock Your Car

Pakistani Police To Roll In Hybrid Vehicles

Japan government has recently signed a deal with Pakistan government to provide hybrid Vehicles worth 490 Million Rs.This is not the first time japan has provided Pakistan with the technology.In 2013 government of japan installed Cargo and vehicle scanners at three international airports of Pakistan.
This project of japan has come in form of non project grant aid.Motive here is to promote socioeconomic development efforts in the developing countries.

Can this police Take care of Such Luxury cars leave your answers in comments please

8 Shocking Facts About Islamabad

1.History of Islamabad dates back 100,000-500,000 Years,Artefact's have been found in swaan river valley and is considered as one of the earliest sites of human settlement in Asia.

2.Population of Islamabad has increased from 95940 in 1951 to 2 Million up til now.

3.Structure of Islamabad was planned by Greek firm of architects.City was planned in a triangular shape,with grid point facing toward Margalla.

4.Allama Iqbal Open university is one of the worlds largest university by enrollment.

5.Islamabad is ranked as the Gamma+ world city.

6.City is home to 4rth largest mosque in the world.

7.Islamabad has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan.

8.City of Islamabad has the lowest infant mortality rate.38 deaths per 1000 people.

Lived 100 Years As Begger,Died A Millionaire -Saudi Women

According to a Saudi News paper,Women named Aisha died last week leaving behind Millions. News paper mentioned that the women lived her life as a professional beggar and died with an estimated wealth of 5 Million SR and four buildings in porch areas of Saudi Arabia.
Aisha before her death told her neighbors to give her property including 4 million in cash,1 million in gold coins and four buildings to Saudi authorities as she has no one to take care of her money.

Vodafone Launching In Pakistan

Vodafone Launching In Pakistan
According to a high official from a mobile operator,it has been in news that Vodafone is launching in Pakistan.Official say that Vodafone is taking Instaphone place which was launched many years back and later it shut down its services for reasons unknown.
Government of Pakistan has announced Auction of 3G and 4G License on 7 April 2014. According to official Vodafone will be Launching with the auction of 4G license. As one of the 4G Lisence will be awarded to Vodafone.

Kashmiri Student Slam India

Ranked Deadliest Track In The World,Road To Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows road which leads to Nanga Parbat has been ranked second deadliest road in the world based on the reports by WHO(World Health Organisation) on road safety.
Fairy Meadows road in Pakistan was rated the second deadliest road because of unstable,narrow and treacherous high altitude.North Yungus road in bolivia was selected as the deadliest road in the world.
Each road was rated on the basis of,Road condition,Barriers,Condition of the vehicles,Annual death rate on the road and local driving techniques. Road to Fairy Meadows was rated 9 out of ten,where as North Yungus was rated 10/10.

Malaysia Airlines Found

Malaysia Airlines Found

According to news sources one of Vietnamese Official received an email from a worker saying he spotted a burning object of the coast of Vietnam.But Vietnamese officials say they found nothing.After this email authorities have expanded there search in that area. for more details .Twitter

Lahore Karachi Motorway

Lahore Karachi Motorway

According to latest news from news sources Lahore Karachi motorway will be completed in Record time.The time frame provided by ministry of communication say,it will be completed in 2017-2018
Length of Lahore-Karachi motorway will be to about 1160Km.
Total traveling time will be approx 9hrs.
Motorway will link major cities like Shukur,Badin,Abro,Zahir Pir,Raheem Yar Khan,Jalal Pur,Mamo Kajan,Nankana Sahab etc.

Samsung Launches S5 Official Video

Samsung has launched Official video for Gear 2 and Gear Fit.In this official video you will get the tutorial about the hardware and software specs.

Malik Riaz Announces To Takes Complete Responsibility Of Thar

Taking to media Malik Riaz one of the richest man of Pakistan said: He is ready to take complete responsibility of Thar.Thar. Behria town has sent 3 mobile medical units to Thar and they are working day and night to help people of Thar. Malik riaz said that i am ready to take complete responsibility of the area including all the hospitals so that we can help people of Thar.They are our brothers and sisters.

Day Light Saving Time 2014

The idea of Day light saving time was first introduced by George Vernon Hudson in 1895 and was first introduced in Germany.It is the method of advancing clocks by one hour to make use of day light.So for this method clocks are adjusted one hour forward,as to avail more day light in day time.
This practice is observed from beginning of spring to the end of autumn.

Junoon The Band Is Coming Back Together.

Formed in 1990 Junoon is the Sufi Rock band from Lahore. Salman Ahmed the founder of the band was later joined by Ali Azmat and Brian.
Junoon was called as the U2 of Pakistan by Q magazine, and was called"the biggest band of the world by NEW YORK TIMES.
Up till know the band has launched about 19 albums. In 2005 the band was separated as the lead vocalist Ali Azmat left the band in pursuit for his solo career.
There are rumors spreading the social media that the band is reuniting again. Here is the image of Salman Ahmed's Latest Tweet.
If this is the case then hold tight guys. Junoon is coming back to rock Pakistan.

Singer Atif Aslam Blessed With A Baby

Lahore: Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam is Blessed With a baby Boy. Baby Weighs 3.2kg ,3.5CM.This news spread like a wild fire on the internet.When picture of the baby started circulating on the internet.It is reported that singer has postponed all his plans for the weekend and giving time to his family.

12 weird Similarities between Two Iconic Matches

Here are some similarities between Austral-Asia Cup 1986 Between Pakistan and recently played Asia Cup Between Pakistan and India Via Source

Advertisement On Indian Media Before Asia Cup Semi Final 2014

Advertisement On Indian Media Before Asia Cup Semi Final 2014

Where In The World People Read More

Source: World Culture Score Index Map: Amazing Map

Here is the list of countries where people read more
India                10:42
Thailand           09:24
China               08:00
Philipines          07:36
Egypt               07:30
Czech Rep       07:24
Russia              07:06
Sweden           06:54
France             06:54
Hungary           06:48
Saudia Arabia  06:48
Hong Kong      06:42
Poland             06:30
Venezuela        06:24
SouthAfrica     06:18
Australia          06:18
Indonesia         06:00
Argentina         05:54
Turkey             05:54
Spain               05:48
Canada            05:48
Germany          05:42
Usa                  05:42
Italy                  05:36
Maxico             5:30
Uk                    05:18
Brasil                05:12
Taiwan              05:00
Japan                 04:06
Korea                03:06