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Muzarba Scandal

Did you guys heard about the scandal named Muzarba? How many of you know what Muzarba is?
Let us discuss today what muzarba is and how it effected Pakistani's.
Muzarba stands for " Power of attorney"  its a business in which you give money to someone and gives him the power to invest your money and you get profit in return.
Muzarba scandle started in 2011 from karachi.Mufti ahsan the main culprit was behind all this.He promised people that if they invest some money in their business they will get them 5-10% profit of the total amount they invested.
Every investor will be their partner in business. Slowly the news broke like a storm and people started to invest in this scam and within one year the scam reached 300billion of investment.
Mufti Ahsan bought property in porch areas of Islamabad,A plastic pipe factory in gujrat,medicine factories,two companies in philipine,poltery forms etc.. and Meezban store,which has around 44 stores in the country now.
According to NAB whe…

Pakistani Village Gives girls sex Education

A recent article published in Reuters UK have talked about a village in Sindh Pakistan,Where teachers are giving sex education to children.
According to the writer when the children of the school were asked by there teacher.What Would you do if a stranger touch you?
Girls replied by saying:
We will scream,Bite and scratch really hard with our nails.
Sex Education is being provided in village of Johi,in poverty stricken sindh province. According to the teacher,families support their
sex education project.
Although any education related to sex is strictly banned in Pakistan.No where in rural of urban areas education of such scale is permitted.
According to the news sources around 800 girls are getting education in such schools run by village shadabad organisation which is being funded by an Australian NGO.

When Molana Tahir Ashrafi was consulted over this issue he clearly said
"Female Teachers can give such education,staying within the limits if Sharia"

Education Minister of …

Three Colleges Of Pakistan,Parents Dream To Send Their Children

Once you start your education parents start to look for better institutes for their children. when it comes to future,Parents think for the best institutes of country.

Here is the list of Three best colleges of Pakistan.

In our ranking Aitchison college Lahore is at the third place. There is no such merit for getting admission in this institute.The only merit is belonging to a Rich,Nawab or a political family.
Children studying here usually get to higher posts in the country just because they belong to rich families.

Government college Lahore which is know as GC University ranks 2nd in all over ranking of colleges in Pakistan.
Students scoring highest marks in matriculation are illegible for admission in this prestigious institute.

 The only college in Pakistan that believes on merit and perfect education of children from class 8th till 12th is Cadet college Hasanabdal. Producing around 6,000 talented students up till know. Cadet college hassanabdal was established in 1952. Around 16,0…

Youtube Ban Got lifted In Pakistan

Atlast a good news for Pakistan's youngsters , Youtube is now working in Pakistan.

 Ban was lifted today no previous guidelines were given about the lifting of the ban , all of a sudden it started to work now .

So get your videos ready and upload them as Youtube is back .

China To Build Gawadar Airport

Pakistan and China have signed agreement on Wednesday.According to the agreement china will build a new airport at Gawadar and will Build fabled Karakorum Highway to make transportation easy between two countries.
This rout will cut short 12000 Kilometers to 1200 km of route that middle east suppliers must take to supply china with oil.
Turning Gawadar into commercial deep water port received major boost in 2013 when Pakistan handed over its control to china.

Country That Solutes Pakistani's

Flappy Bird: Simple Yet So Addictive

Heard so much about "Flappy Bird" all over social media ,Each and everyone's  timelines were bombarded with Flappy bird posts which made me download it. 
Then i started playing it , first i was like its the  simplest of games i have ever played . But after playing it for 10-15 minutes i was unable to beat my high score which irritated me and i kept on playing and all of a sudden when i checked the time it was 6 in the morning.

 I tried to go to sleep soon after but that game bugged me  a lot and i couldn't sleep so i had to take a day off.

This game basically relies on visuo sepatial sketch. Which means you use visual part of the brain to play the game. However, your brains 2nd function is the phonological loop which deals with the spoken or written material.

Now , the game is mostly visual but annoying part is the counter on top of the screen which interferes with the simple part of pressing the screen. The game relies on the concentration , a loss of it and you loose i…

T20 World cup 2014 Match Schedule Pakistan

Pakistan to face india on 21st march 2014 in T20 World Cup
   Pakistan Vs India 13th March  12:30 PKT       Pakistan Vs Australia 23 March  14:30 PKT Pakistan Vs TBC 30 March  14:30 PKT    Pakistan Vs West indies 1 April 12:30 PKT

Facebook's Gift For You On Its 10th Birthday

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Vulgarity In The Name Of Sindh Festival