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Uzair Khan Submits Application To Remove Word Muhammad From His Name

Malik Muhammad Uzair Khan Submitted An Application In National Assembly To Remove Muhammad From His Name.Muhammad Uzair Khan was recently appointed as MNA from NA69 Khushab. If these kind of politicians are going to represent people of that area.How can they even think of development of that area. Jang News Reported

How Much Time You Wasted On Facebook

Here is your time calculator.
Click here---->Time Calculator
Go to the website and click on next. It will take upto 5min to calculate your time.

Saudi Arabia Offers Pakistan" Land Vs Oil"

Saudi Arabia Government has offered Pakistan 250,000 Barrels of oil againt 100,000 Acres of Land. According to the sources Saudi Arabia is getting short of water and it could stop its wheat production by 2016. Saudi Arabia needs 100,000 Acres of land for a lease of 99 years local newspaper reported So Guys is it worth a deal or not? May be deals like this will increase vegetable prices in pakistan

8 Year Old Boy Lights up Internet

This will really make you laugh

Amanat Ali Feet Maria Meer Debut Album-Slap on Pakistan Idol

Hyundai Santro 2014 Launched In Pakistan

Hyundai Santro stopped its production in Pakistan way back in 2009 when PPP took over.Reasons unknown
Hyundai Santro Xing 2014 model available in Hyundai showrooms
Price Tag: 959,000 Exce= 1059,000
Colors: 5  (White, Black, Green,Red.Silver)
Fuel System: EFI with VVTI
Fuel Supply System: MPFI
1.1L 63bhp e-RLX
Engine Power: (PS@rpm) 130[131.81] @ 6,000
Torque (Nm@rpm) 170 [17.17] @ 4,200
Cylinder 4 cylinder 1.8-litre 1 Z-FE, VVT-i
Tyre 155/70 R 13 With alloy rims
Hyundai has made some changes in shape of new Santro. Also giving some extra features in its interior.

Santro is famous for its fuel average. It gives 15-16 In cities and 18-19 on highways.
Hyundai Santro GV has three small cylinders in its trunk giving allot of space for luggage.

Suzuki Wagon R Launched In Pakistan

Interesting Facts About Pakistan

Two Sisters Burned Down 3.8 Million Rupees

Two sisters from Jehlum burned down 3.8 Million Rupees infront of National Bank of Pakistan. This is the largest stack of money ever burned by any individual.
According to news sources two sisters named as Nahida and Robina came to bank managaer and withdrawn 1.8 million of cash.
Put all the cash on the road along with 2 Million that they brought from there house and burned it down. When locals tried to stop them,they pointed gun at them. When cash was completely burned. They escaped the site.
Both sisters are daughters of Raja Muhammad Iqbal. A Well Known Business man of the area.

The Real Hero Aitezaz Bangash Who Stopped The Suicide Bomber

The Real hero Aitezaz Bangash who gave away his life saving many other children at his school.According to news sources Aitezaz was punished by his school teacher for getting late.He was standing outside his school gate,when a stranger wearing school uniform asked him the direction to school.He became suspicious and tried to grab him to stop him from entering school. During fight the suicide bomber pulled the trigger. Aitezaz gave away his life saving hundred of children.

Customers To Pay Extra Tax In Pakistan

Government of Pakistan has finally taken the decision on illegal call charges by (Telenore Zong Telenore Mobilink) mobile phone operators in Pakistan.
PTA, Pakistan telecom Authority has finally took notice and ordered mobile phone companies to pay extra tax that they had taken from their customers,
This clearly shows that customers will be charged an extra 12
paisa per call or package from now on.

Shahid Afridi Fastest Century Record Still Stands ICC

According to news sources,Anderson has broken shahid Afridi's record of fastest century by scoring 100 Runs on 36 Balls.Previously the record was held by Shahid Khan Afridi. Shahid Afridi Scored 100 Runs on 37 Balls. But there is a twist in the story as match Between Newzeland and West indies comprised of 25 Overs and a 50 Overs match is considered as a one day match. Keep your fingers crossed as ICC is still to take a decision.

Silent Message About Pakistan Government

A Silent message by a wonderful cartoonist. Who explained a full story in a single picture.
This picture explains the whole story. Killings of hundred of Pakistani's from tribal area is unjustified. No body raises his voice for people living their.Because media is supporting them,if a single drone kills a single Pakistani in Islamabad,the story will be different. Why?
Why a Pakistani living in capital(Islamabad) is different from a Pakistani living in tribal area?

Facts About Pakistan

1.Pakistan's National anthem tune ranks first in the top three tunes of the world.
2.Fourth Largest broadband internet system of the world is in Pakistan.
3.Gawadar is the worlds Largest Deep Sea Port.
4.More then 50% of the world's football are made in Pakistan. Most of them are hand stitched.
5.MM Alam(Air Commodore) Holds the record of striking down 5 Planes in less than a minute.

More facts about Pakistan