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10 Most Google Searched People In Pakistan 2013

1.Paul Walker 2.Jiah Khan 3.Nelson Mandela 4.Maryam Nawaz 5.Shradda Kapoor 6.Altaf Hussain 7.Imran Khan 8.Alia Bhatt 9.Sara Bharwana

10.Suraj Pancholi

The Man Who Saved Millions In India And Pakistan

Norman Borlaug March 25th 1914- Sep. 12, 2009 was the man who saved millions of lives in Pakistan and India alone.
Norman completed his Phd in plant pathology from university of Minnesota in 1942. He developed Semi-dwarf,high yield,disease resistant wheat varieties. During mid 20's he introduced these crops in market which let to high yield in 1965-1970 resulting double yield of crops in India and Pakistan. He was later awarded with nobel prize.

Basant In Lahore 2014

Hamza Shehbaz,Son of Chief Minister of Punjab has announced Basant in Lahore in year 2014. He in a press conference made it clear that Basant will be celebrated next year in months of January February.
Final date for basant celeberation is from 21st Feb to 5th of March. Location will be Changa Maanga.Special train service will be available from cantt station to Changa Maanga.

Government Of Pakistan Youth Loan Scheme 2013

Prime minister of Pakistan has approved  Youth Loan  Scheme 2013. Details are given as under