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Is Mohammad Amir Set To Return To Cricket ?

The most asked question in Pakistani cricket circle is "Is Mohammad Amir set to return to cricket ?" . Everyone in Pakistan is curious about Mohammad Amir's return .

 Because he was a special talent , he was such a raw talent that Wasim Akram once said that when he was 17 he could only bowl out swinger , he only learnt in swinger when he was 23 , it took him 6 years to learn inswinger, But Mohammad Amir used to bowl both in and out swing at 17 . So indeed he was far greater bowler than Wasim Akram at 17.

Now PCB is trying to get Muhammad Amir back to cricket but they know that ,there is no such law in ICC to reduce a Ban and 5 years is the minimum they can do . 
The PCB has sought advice from the Queen's Counsel in England, with regards to getting Mohammad Amir's five-year ban reduced. The interim PCB chairman, Najam Sethi, is intent on having Amir back in domestic cricket as soon as possible.
But what PCB is trying is to get a permission for him to atleast use PCB&#…