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Top 5 Pakistani Brands On Facebook

Here is the list of Top Five Pakistani Brand Pages of Pakistan. Olx is on the lead with more then 2 million Facebook liks

Fastest Shrinking Pages of Pakistan

Here is the list of Fastest Shrinking Pages of Pakistan

Fastest Growing Facebook Pages Of Pakistan

Here is the list of fastest growing facebook pages of pakistan. Atif Aslam is at the lead with maximum number of facebook fans in pakistan followed by Rahat Fateh Ali khan.

Top Ten Facebook Pages Of Pakistan

Secret Facebook Folder,You Might Have Missed Hundred Private Messages

Facebook has been Running a Secret Facebook Folder Labeled as others, Today Running through my Facebook profile i came across this folder and to my shock, i had more then 99+ Messages that i didn't read and i feel sorry for all those friends who sent me private message and i didn't answered them.
Go to your Facebook Inbox and click on the folder named as other ( ) believe me you have many private messages that you have missed. Share this post and let million of others know about this.

Funny And Amazing


Top Ten Biggest Cities Of Pakistan

Here is the list of top ten biggest cities of Pakistan and there population.

Known as the city of lights

Famous for its food and known as city of gardens

Famous for its cotton industry

(Tried to find anything famous about Rawalpindi but didn't fine any) Help me on this please.

Famous for its Delicious mangoes,exported all over the world and shrines of Sufi saints

Famous for its biryani, known as Hyderabadi Biryani

Famous for its industry

Charsi Tikka,

Quetta is famous for its Wild Tulips

10)Bahawalpur  643950
Famous for its Handicrafts and Palaces

How To Avoid Speed Camera On Motorway In Pakistan

I have a vast experience of travelling on motorway. To my luck i have never ever been challaned on the motorway because of over speeding.
If you follow certain rules you will never get a ticket on motorway.  1.Speed limit for LVT is 120Km/hr and we all think that crossing this limit will result in a ticket on motorway,but it is not the case.Motorway police gives a discount of 10% percent.They will never stop you for over speeding if you are travelling at 120-130Km/hr or even 132km/hr,but as soon as you reach 133km/hr they will definately stop you.  So the first thing to do is remain under 132km/hr.Don't you worry i have experimented it many times and confirmed it from one of my uncle who is in motorway police. Probability of escaping ticket :- 100%
2. Speed gun detects your speed as soon as you come under its view,but for the accuracy, speed gun has to stay on your car for at least 93-100 feet .So as soon as you see a speed camera ,slow down. Probability of escaping ticket :- 95%

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Coming Back To Pakistan

Latest news through sources have confirmed that:-
Under prison exchange deal,US has agreed to send Dr.Aafia Siddiqui to Pakistan and offered two different agreements.
Interior minister Ch Nisar has agreed to 15  points agenda to finalize the deal.
US has agreed to send Dr. Aafia Siddiqui to Pakistan on conditions of recognizing her as terrorist and she will  stay in Pakistani prison for the rest of her prison period. Summary has been sent to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for approval.
At least she is coming back,she will stay in Pakistani prison and will be treated as a women,not as a slave.Will she be able to smile back,as she use to way back in university days.Time will tell

Geo News Sent Zaid Hamid Legal Notice

Jang News Has Sent Legal notice to defense analyst Zahid Hamid. Claiming that due to wrong criticism by Zaid hamid Jang/Geo groups which is the largest  group has faced decrease in viewership.The group demands apology by Zahid hamid. Below are the pics for legal notice sent to zahid hamid and his response.

Pervez Musharaf And Imran Khan Crossed One Million Fans Mark On Facebook

Pervez Musharaf former President of Pakistan Chairman APML and Imran Khan chairman PTI Set New Record on Facebook. Both the leaders have crossed one million likes mark on Facebook.
Pervez Musharaf and Imran Khan both represents the  youth but Imran khan has a higher fan base as compared to Pervez Musharaf.
Lets See who takes the lead

A True Message Written Behind The Rikshaw

Praying five times a day is the easiest way to heaven .
Not following the rules of Islam is the easiest way to hell.We in today's world pay for getting into hell and we don't have time for free ticket to heaven.

3D Print Of Your Unborn Baby In Pakistan

Expecting a baby and you wanna see how your unborn baby will look,Spend $500 and buy a 3D printer .Get the image of your baby.

3D Printers will be soon available in Pakistan.To Order now Go to Our Contact Section and Leave your contact details will get to you as soon as possible.

How To Trace Your Stolen Car In Pakistan

You woke up today and planned to dine in a best restaurant of your city.You enjoyed the meal and came out of restaurant,suddenly to your shock your car is not there.Now What?
Don't you worry.You can still have it back.You just need to calm down.Send your family home on local Rickshaw
and arrange a car.Call at 15 and alert various check points in the city.
Now The first thing you need to do here is search for all the car parking's near the restaurant. Yes Car Parking.
According to many sources,including car thief's.The stolen cars are not driven out of the city as soon as they are stolen just because police at various check points in the city are at high alert.So thief's park the stolen car in car parking's in the city and when they feel its safe now, they drive it out of the city.
Search for your car in car parking's like,Hospitals,Markets etc.. Locate your car not by its number plate,as thief's change the number plate as soon as they steel the car.Cars ar…

Pakistani Born American Buys EPL Football Club Fulham

Pakistani Born American Shahid Khan recently agreed to a deal on Friday and bought English Premier League club Fulham.
Khan, Bought the Club for 150 Million Dollars from Mr. Al Fayed. Shahid Khan Migrated to America in 1967 at the age of 16,He started as a dish washer at a local restaurant and later completed his engineering from university of Illinois.
Khan Struck it rich when he purchased Flex-N-Gate a car parts supplier and build it into a global company employing more then 16,000 people at 52 manufacturing and nine product development and engineering facilities.

Top Ten Pakistani Songs Of 2013

i)Tauba Tauba Singer Bilal Saeed ii)Hum Jee Lenge Singer Mustafa Zahid iii))Rabba (Zindagi 50-50) Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan iv))Kyun Gaee Singer Farhan Saeed v)Mera Ishq Singer Quratulain Baloch [QB] vi)Teri Jhuki Nazar Singer Shafqat Amanat Ali vii)Ijazat Singer Falak viii)Yeh Junoon Singer Mustafa Zahid ix)Mahi Mahi Singer Bilal Saeed x)Yaar Ko Hum Ne Singer Abida Parveen (Shehr-e-Zaat OST)
NOTE :-               Our List is compiled by user rating,Views of every person can vary.If you think there should be other songs or singers then please give us your favorite list of songs.We will publish them giving link to your website.

2 Places You Didn't Know Existed In Punjab,Pakistan

Located 40km from Chakwal in salt range,This is one of the temples in Pakistan
Wadi e soon sakesar, a beautiful valley located in Punjab Pakistan,50 km drive from Khushab Punjab Pakistan.
This beautiful valley has 3 major lakes Uchali lake which is about 6km in length and 3km in width.On of the largest natural lakes of Pakistan. Khabaike and Jahlar lake. There are dozens of waterfalls and much more. To know more about wadi soon Sakesar visit there Facebook page Here

13 Indian Websites Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

Indian government has recently claimed that Pakistani hackers have hacked 13 websites of its western state Goa.According to Indian spokesmen they were facing attacks by Pakistani hackers,second time in a row.
(  (  ( ( all these websites were hacked by Pakistani hackers. om 27 April Goa's NRI commission inaugurated its redesigned website.Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar launched the website,and few months after its launch it was hacked by Pakistani hackers.

Metro Bus Service In Islamabad

Federal Government has finalized the plan to run metro bus service in Islamabad. A private news channel reported.
 The Plan will reduce public transport by half.As in the capital taxis's and other public transport are looting the residence by charging maximum. Capital development authority has started working on the project as directed by the government.Bus service will be available from all the four directions of the city. From G-11 to Pak Secretariat. Buses from I-11 will be linked to zero point,which will be the main route. Rawalpindi Sadar To Faizabad Interchange. last route will be from Rawat. A total of 80-100 Buses will be brought in the first phase.Which will reduce the traffic to Half

Wasim Akram Getting married To Australian Women

Pakistani Left arm fast bowler Wasim Akram 47 proposed Melbourne born women Shaniera Thompson 30.
Ms Shaniera Thompson has converted to Islam and is a former public relation consultant.
When talking to media Ms Shaniera said, Wasim was asking me what would be my dream proposal and i told him,i am not that type of women who likes big scenes, I would want it to be at home or some where private.
Then i came into my room and Waseem was on his knee and ask me if i would marry him.
She told Wasim akram that if we are doing this the traditional way.You should ask my father.
Waseem called her father and he gave his blessings.
Both of them met in Melbourne in 2011.Wasim said,i though i would not marry again,but at last i found my love.Source


You guys might be wondering that why i wrote the spelling of Pakistan wrong,Actually i just wanted to discuss here that Pakistan is the word that is most searched in Pakistan but it is spelled Pakstan when searched on the internet. This word pakstan is searched more then 5 thousand times daily on the internet.IF you have entered this website that means you have just spelled the word Pakistan as pakstan.Got you :).Click here to reach more about pakistan

Education In Pakistan

If we start from the beginning, education system in Pakistan is getting worse and worse.Main reason being,education is now just restricted to rich people.Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer.All the well know and best institutes in Pakistan are far away from the reach of poor people.
If a poor person ever thinks about teaching his children he will have to spend all he has earned in his life for just the schooling of children. There are schools in rural areas constructed by the government but the education in those schools is at its worse.Building are there but there are no teachers. If there are teachers then there is no building. Even if their is building and teacher,The local landlords don't let the children go to school.For many reasons. But i must at this point make it clear that yes there are schools in rural areas of Pakistan which are run by some good teachers which are highly dedicated and are teaching children to take them to the heights of success. I give you my exampl…

HEC Ranked Top Ten Universities In Pakistan

Higher education commission has recently announced top ranked universities in Pakistan. Here is the list of Universities.
HEC Top Ranked Universities.

1.Qaid e Azam university.
2.Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
3.Agha Khan University Karachi.
4.University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
5.University of Punjab Lahore.
6.National University of Science and Technology Nust.
7.Peer Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University.
8.University of Health Sciences Lahore.
9.Comsats Institute of Information and Technology.
10.Lahore university of Management sciences Lahore.

ICC Announced Five New Rules In Cricket

(1) T20I Ranking: ICC agreed to change the calculation of the T20 rankings to cover the same period.

(2) In ODIs & T20's LED Lights will be used In Bails & Stumps.

(3) If umpire sees ball tempering he is permitted to give 5 runs penalty and book the captain of the team.

(4) TV umpire reviews will now include waist-high full tosses and bou
ncers above shoulder height in case of no ball.

(5) The World Test Championship will replaces Champions Trophy in the ICC's calendar and will be scheduled in 2017.

All these rules will be implemented from 1st of November this year.

Top 5 Idiots Of Pakistan In 2013

Mr Asif Ali Zardari,President of Islamic republic of Pakistan ,looting the poor nation with the little it had and listening to millions of abuses daily,Still living a happy life,Mr Asif Ali Zardari is at the fifth spot. hope Pakistani nation will learn a lesson and will not allow this man to be the next president of Pakistan.

Winning the hearts of Pakistani people by her spoken, and still standing by is not so easy,Not even a beauty queen but pretends like the most beautiful girl on earth,yes that's meera,Taking the 4rth place in top5 list of Pakistani idiots

Misbah Ul Haq captain of Pakistan cricket team takes the 3rd spot.He has maintained his record of standing till the last ball and confirming a defeat for Pakistan. Listening to millions of abuses during a match,Misbah Scores the 3rd Place.

Altaf hussain,Altaaf Bhai  take the second spot..Completing his half century for killing innocent people and still ruling a party,Altaf Hussein is at the 2nd spot in our top5 idiots of Pak…