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India's World Record Beaten By Pakistan

Pakistan has  beaten India's previous world record of planting most number of saplings in a day.Guinness Book of world record officials confirmed the record on 22nd June.
According to the forest department of Sindh. In collaboration with private organisations,farmers from different parts of Sindh gathered to break the record by planting 7,00,000 saplings along the Arabia sea coastline.
Saplings of Mangroves plant were planted as Mangroves are considered as nature's defense against sea storm.

PTI Ayesha Gulaili Wazir Youngest MNA,Ready To Sacrifice Her Seat For Fauzia Kasuri

PTI's newly elected Youngest Women MNA in the history of Pakistan Ayesha Gulaili Wazir is ready to sacrifice her seat for Fauzia Kasuri.
According to news sources Ayesha belongs to highly conservative tribal area of south wazirsitan,she is the first women MNA from the tribal belt of federally administered tribal area.

Ayesha says i am reluctant to leave my seat only if Fauzia Kasuri shows loyalty to her party and join back in. She also sent a message to PTI spokesperson Shireen Mazari for her offer and other famous journalists.

Saudi Prince Spends 15million Dollars,For His Graduation Party

Prince Fahd Al-Saud,Spent 15 Million Dollars in celebration of his graduation party.He Booked the whole theme park for three days.Invited 60 of his friends as guests.He Booked the park from May 22 to May 24 and became centre of attention.Special security was put in place for the prince.
According to the theme park management, Disney land attracted around 16 million visitors each year.