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Phone Retrieved From Prisoners Rectum

Sirilankan Prisoner hide his mobile phone when he was being searched.Security officials were alerted when the phone automatically started ringing.
When searched again,phone was found to be ringing from his back.The man concealed his phone during his inspection.
He was taken urgently to the local hospital.He was discharged after two days.58 year old is serving 10 years in prison on account of theft.

Gurrila The Guard

Usually Guerrillas are considered as dangerous to humans,as they can attack at any time.
But in America there is a Guerrilla superman.Who is known to protect humans from any attacks by Guerrillas. Jumbo the superman once saved a 5 year old baby who entered the cage and got unconscious.Jumbo provided the baby cover and retaliated other guerrillas that tried to hurt the baby.

Real Life Vampire

In a case Report, Doctors in turkey have claimed to diagnosed a person who appears to be a real life vampire with an addiction of drinking blood.According to doctors he first started slicing his own arms,belly and chest .When the blood dripped from the body he use to collect it in a cup and drink it when needed.But as time passed by he became more addicted to the blood and he started finding other sources to drink blood.
The man whose name and address was not revealed in the address was arrested many times for stabing and biting people.
His father used to help him survive by bringing him blood from blood banks.
According to doctors it all started after series of incidents that took place in his life.His four months old daughter became ill and died.He witnessed the murder of his uncle.He saw brutal killing in which his friend cut of the head and the penis of the person.
The man has been talking to himself and is accompanied by a person in his thoughts who forced him to attempt suicide…

Big Breakthrough By Pakistani Doctors For Hepatitus

Pakistani scientists and doctors have invented vaccination for Hepatitis that will cost around Rs.75 ($1) each,and a total of 11 injections will be enough to treat a hepatitis patient.Where as injections available in the market cost around 14k each and around 60 dozes are required to treat the patient.But there is a big mafia involved that is not letting these injections hit the market.
Three times the meeting of board of governors have been postponed by people involved in this mafia.

Largest Prime Number

New largest prime number has been discovered,breaking the previous record of 12,978,189.The new discovered prime number is 17,425,170.
The number 2 raise to 57885161 minus 1 was discovered by university of central missouri mathematician curtis cooper as part of giant network of volunteer computers joined to finding primes.

Worlds Longest Cat Dies

Worlds longest cat dies,Cat measured 4 feet tall . Measuring from his nose to his tail.
Stewie the cat was awarded world record holder way back in August 2010.The total lenght of the cat was 48.5 inches.From the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.
Stewie was 8 years old and was suffering from cancer. Source AP

The Man Who Traveled Faster Then The Speed Of Sound

Felix Baumgartner traveled faster then it was estimated during his free fall from the edge of the space on Oct 14, 2012.
He traveled at 1.25 times faster then the speed of sound.Felix Baumgartner traveled at an astonishing speed of  1357.6 km/hr (843.6) Miles in free fall.
The federation aeronautic international is currently reviewing to weather to confirm this figure or not.Source