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Who Was Green Eyed Blond With Doctor Shakeel Afridi

A mysterious Green Eyed Blond With a British accent was continuously with Dr.ShakeelAfridi to guide him what to do and what not to.It has been uncovered now that she was a CIA Agent with a name "SUE"Sue was one of those agents that were supervising Dr.ShakeelAfridi for this mission.According to the new uncovered story SUE use to pick Doctor Afridi From a petrol pump and always ordered ShakeelAfridi to lay Down behind the seat and cover himself with the blanket. Dr Shakeel handlers used different locations to pic him up and most popular in all of them was saeed Book Bank in the capital city of Pakistan. All these stories uncovered when Afridi was sentenced for 30years in prison on account of found guilty for spying against his national interests. Afridi was told many times by the American forces to cross the Pakistan afghan border and from there he will be shifted to America.But Afridi rejected there offer saying he is not doing anything against his nation. Afridi was part of the…

Pakistan's Handmade Football Will Be Used In London Olympics"The Albert"

It is a proud feeling that the country that has never even qualified for the football world cup's qualifying round is providing the world with the handmade football know as "The Albert"London Olympics prefer art over machine.The football is totally handmade.Tom Cleverly the Manchester united player unveiled the ball at a ceremony and said " It is a unique Ball,i have not seen a ball of its kind.The ball will really standout on the pitch".
The ball is named as "The Adidas Albert"
Pakistan is one of the largest exporter of football.Every year Pakistan exports 30 Million Football.Making it 40% of the total market. You can even buy one here

Pakistan To Sue Uk Newspaper Over Fake Visa Scandal

The Federal cabinet has decided to sue UK Newspaper of fake news that was published in Uk Newspaper "THE SUN" saying.Pakistan is issuing fake Passports and Visas. DG Passports and Chairman NADRA issued and inquiry and showed its reports to the president that not even a single passport was issued by the passport office.It was decided in the meeting that the government will sue the Uk Newspaper for publishing fake news. The adviser to PM Rehman Malik said those people found involved in the conspiracy against pakistan would be put on exit control list.

British News Paper Claims To Have Busted Pakistani Visa Scam

According to recent news in a British news paper "The Sun" they have recently busted a Visa scam been run by Pakistani officials and a Lahore based politician AbidChaudhary.The Investigator claims that he was provided with a Pakistani passport with a fake name. The investigator also claims that he was informed by a Lahore based politician that he will get him a visa for 2 months that will cost him around 7,000 pounds. 1000 pounds are required to get an official letter from the sports board showing you as part of there Olympics team. The news paper has alerted the MI6 and other intelligence agencies and investigation is on its way. Mean while NADRA Chairman said from all angles fake passport scam will be checked and if found culprits will be thrown behind the bars.

600 Year Old Bra Found In Austrian Castle

University of Innsbruck said that archaeologists found these bra in a castle in Austria.These Bra are expected to be worn about 600 years ago.Although it was previously thought that Bra's were introduced about 100 years ago.One specimen of the bra looks exactly like a modern brassiere. said Hilary Davidson, a fashion curator for London. These garments were unearthed in 2008 but they did not make news as the archaeologists were working on it to check whether they were genuine or not. Brassieres found were made up of cotton and leather.Leather strips were used to make it look more beautiful.via AP

Girls In India Banned To Wear Jeans And Use Mobile Phone In few States

India: A court in the province of utarperdesh in India has released a statement saying that.Girls till 2nd year will not be allowed to wear jeans pents and are not allowed to use mobile phone.women having age below 40 will not be allowed to go to market alone.They must have one male family member with them. Sohan Weire who is the head of an NGO said,laws like these completely show the impact of Talibnisation on our society.These laws shell not be allowed to be implemented .