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Suicide Witnessed By 20,000 People

can you imagine a suicide by a person and around 20,000 people witnessed it.yes it happened in paris when a person jumped from the FL Tower in paris.police arrived at the spot when heard of a person trying to attempt a suicide.Police cleared the area and evacuated the tower.police negociated with the person who was speaking english but all in vain.Around 20,000 people were their to visit the tower.All eyes were set on the person and suddenly he jumped from the tower and committed suicide.

Funny Funny Jokes,Funny Jokes

Laughter can make your day and in this warm day here a few funny funny jokes to make you laugh. Here is collection of funny jokes.Rather a collection of Funny funny jokes.
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Mubashir Luqman & Mehar Bhukhari Controversy

This program was on aired on Dunia news channel which was seen worldwide.After the program someone uploaded the Talk between Mehar Bukhari ,Mubashir Luqman and Malik Riaz.This Chat between these three created another controversy .Watch to reveal the truth .Its about pakistan.share to aware others.Subscribe to get all the updates

Cow To Face The Judge In India

A strange story of its kind happened in India when the judge ordered the milk man to send the cow to courts for examination.According to a British news paper,It all began when in prosecution of a theft case in Rajistan judge ordered a milkman to bring cow in courts.The cow was stolen a year ago and a milkman named Heera lal filed a case against a man for the recovery of the cow.The cow was recovered and Heera Lal was ordered to present the cow in the court for final check.

American Nationality For Sale

America is going through recession now a days and its economy is at it its worst.with no jobs for the future generation.To over come all these hurdles America has planned to sell its nationality for $500,000-$100,0000.Every foreigner or an Asian wants to be part of a country that has allot to offer. According to the news on a local newspaper,Nationality will be provided on urgent basis and all the family members will be allowed to study buy property and live in America.So are you looking forward to buy American nationality

World's Largest Marine Park

To protect the marine life Australia has planned to make the world's biggest Marine Park.The park is planned in such a way that fishing and oil, gas exploration will not be permitted in that certain area.These new reserves will cover 3.1(million square kilometers) which accounts for the one third of the Australian waters. The main motivation to create such a big marine park is to protect the vanishing marine animals.Building such park will help us protect the disappearing species.source

$3 Billion Of Assets, Paid Rs6.8 Million Tax

Malik Riaz the man who emerged from no where.Started a construction company with an amount of $15,00. Now holds an amount of $3 Billion own every luxury sports car,private jet and palaces around the world has paid a total Tax of Rs.6.9 Million.Yes he spends allot on poor people.Daily approx 10,000 people get to eat for free but what has he given to his country which has given him so much to spend. He showed a property of Rs.58 crore to the government of Pakistan and paid tax of Rs.6.9 Million.What would you say about him?
He always mentions in his interviews that its all about Pakistan,i have given people of Pakistan a luxury life style to live in,i made hospitals,community centers,shopping malls but Mr.Riaz Malik people paid you for that,you didn't gave it for free.source

Shahanshahi Gazal Mehandi Hassan Died In Karachi

A sad news for all those Ghazal lovers,Mehandi Hassan who was known as the "shehanzhai ghazal" died in Karachi today.
Mehandi hassan Ruled the film industry.He was also a playback singer for Lolly wood died at the age of 85 in Karachi.He was honoured with Tamgha e Imtiaz,Pride of performance and Halal e Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan. And Gorkha Dakshina by Government of Nepal

You Are More Likely To Die On Your Birthday Than Any Other Day

According to report published by The Telegraph,A recent study has shown that you are more likely to die on your birthday than any other day.So if you are blowing candles on your birthday than be careful next time. Doc Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross said "death rate increase on birthdays as the person gets older"
Researchers have studied about two million people and have found that the rate of deaths by Heart Attacks,Strokes and accidents on birthdays increase alot.
William Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616. Research says that on average 14% people over the age of 60 are more likely to die on their birthdays. People with high blood pressure are most likely to die on their birthdays. Heart attacks rose to about 18.6% for men and women on birthdays were as strokes rise to about 21.5% mostly in women. There is 34.9 % rise in suicide 28.5% rise in accidental deaths and 44% rise in deaths from falls on birthdays.This study was published injournal Annals of Epidemiology.
so next time if its your bi…

Top Ten Religions Of The World

Here is the list of Top Ten Religions of the world
Religion --Date Founded --Sacred Text-- Membership--% Of World
Christianity -30CE -The Bible- 2039 Million-32%-(Dropping) Islam -622CE -Quran & Hadith -1570 Million -22%(Growing) Hinduism -1500 BCE-Bhagvad Gita- 950 Million -13%(Stable) No Religion None -775 Million -12%(Dropping) Chinese folk -270BCE-None -390 Million- 6% Buddhism 523BCE -The Tripitaka -350-1600 M- 6% (Stable) Tribal Religions -Prehistory -Oral Tradition -232 Million -4% Atheists -No Data -None -150 Million -2% New Religions -Various -various -103 Million -2% Sikhism -1500CE -Guru Granth- Sahib -23.8 Million -1%
Note:- According to the reports the only religion that is growing is Islam,All other religions are either stable or dropping. source

74% Of Smokers Quit Smoking Due To Their Family Or Friends

According to a survey conducted by Gilani Poll and Galup Pakistan survey, about 74% of Pakistani quit smoking just because of there family and friends and about 26 percent of them quit smoking as stopped by some doctor nurse or any other medical practitioners.This survey was conducted in Pakistan from 13th May 2012 - 19th May 2012. About 2644 Men and women from rural and urban areas were asked "Why they quit smoking?" and 74% of them replied due to their family friends and 26% replied due to there doctor nurse or any other medical petitioner. This survey was conducted in all the provinces of Pakistan.An error is estimated to be +2-3 and with a 95% confidence level.Facts about pakistan

Raja Chaudhary Proposed Veena Malik

Veena Malik the hot pakistani actress is always in the spot light for one or the other controversy and here it is another one.Raja Chaudhary ex husband of Big boss celebrity shwita tiwari has recently proposed Veena malik.
He is so in love with the Pakistani actress that he does not even mind being called raja malik.
Lets see how veena malik responds to his proposal.

11 Feet Long Bike Can Accommodate Eight People

Sheikh Heera from Faisalabad built this bike just because he could not travel with all his friends at a time.Heera who belongs to Samundri district of Faisalabad said,I got inspired from a Bollywood movie and made this bike. This bike is 11 feet long and can accommodate 8 adults and 12 children.Bike has six shock absorbers and is connected with two chains. Heera said now i can go anywhere with all my friends.

Man Wakes From Coma After Hearing Girlfriend Voice

31 year old Mathew Taylor meet with an accident as he was on Bali island for Teaching doctors.Doctors said he might not be able to recover as he was in serious condition.But to the shock of doctors and parents Mathew showed some signs of recovery as tears began to fall down after hearing voice of her girlfriend on the phone.
Anda Nurul 27 from Bali called from thousands of miles away to his boyfriend.Parents moved the phone to his years,Anda said something on the phone and Mathew answered yes in a silent way.He even started moving his hands to hold the phone and tears started falling from his eyes.
Mathew was concious after the inccident but could not be treated as he did not have insurance.Mathew's parents raised an amount of $15,0000 to get him treated.

NASA Discovers Life Under Arctic Ice

According to a new research by NASA,Life exists under arctic ice.Microscopic marine organism are present in abundance under the ice.these organisms consists of single cell and are known as Phytoplankton.these Phytoplankton consists of Chlorophyll just as the plant have and live on sunlight by the sun. These organisms bloom in summers when the sun is constantly above the horizon. According to the reports these organisms bloom more under even 3 foot ice.