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O'level Schools From Pakistan Send Rs.2.5 Billion Yearly To Briton

Standard of education is Pakistan is falling with every single day.This is the reason that Pakistan has faced an astonishing increase in o'level schools.According to the reports there are about 450 schools that are affiliated with Cambridge and 20 other institutes are affiliated with Adicsol. There are about 30 thousand student of o'level in Pakistan and about 14,212 students of A'levels in Pakistan.
Every single paper costs around Rs.7,000.And there are a minimum of 8 papers.So around Rs 56,000 Paper fee goes to Briton every year. A'level student takes around 6 paper ,so Rs.28 thousand per student is sent to Briton. So a total amount of Rs 1 Billion and 680 Million are sent to Briton for o'level examination and around Rs. 790 Million are sent for A'level examination.Exams takes place twice a year.

Pakistan Will Pay UAE Prince Rs.30 Million For Releasing His Falcon

According to a local newspaper of Pakistan.Pakistan authorities will pay an amount of Rs. 30 Million to a UAE prince for releasing his falcons.
Customs authorities will pay an additional Rs.10 million for the prince mental torture.In a check up in Islamabad airport in march falcons of a UAE prince were taken in to custody for not having proper documentation.
Sheikh Muhammad Sultan Ahmed member of the royal family requested FTO Shoaib Sadal that his falcons were takne from him on 10 March form Islamabad airport and were not given back to him.
Now authorities will pay a total amount of RS.36 Million to the UAE prince

Pakistani Student Who Made Headlines In Turkey

Pakistan and Turkey are in a good relation since Pakistan became independent on 14th august 1947.People of both the countries love each other.Same love was shown by people of turkey to a Pakistani student that belonged to Pak-Turk school Peshawar.
Arsalan Naseer has become a hot topic in Turkish media and made news headlines in few of the countries largest selling news papers.Even social media is full of people taking about Arsalan Naseer. Arsalan Naseer is a student of 10th class and was one of the 14 student that were sent to turkey for participation in International TurkishOlympiad.Total number of 1500 students from 135 countries are participating in this competition. Arsalan became famous in turkey as he sang a song by legendary Ahmet Kaya(Late).His Resemblance with his personality and voice took over the hearts of Turkish people.He was quoted in the newspapers saying"Ahmet Kaya is not dead,he is living in pakistan"
Still the final position is not announced but everyone says…

Cricketer Umer Gul House Raided By Pakistan Army Commandos

Fast bowler Umer Gul is in the news not because of his bowling performance but because his house was raided by the army commandos on Tuesday,express tribune reported.According to the news the faster bowler brother was arrested and taken to an unknown place,the reason for the raid was ,his brother was found guilty of harboring a wanted militant. Gul's brother "Meraj" along with two other men was arrested for providing shelter to a militant named Haji Daly. Haji Daly is a wanted active member of banned outfit Lashker e Islam. Younas and shakil the two other men along with Miraj(Gul's brother) were shifted to an unknown location. When contacted Gul's family.They declined to comment,where as Gul cousin confirmed the raid.

Waxwing Drunk Birds

It all began when thousands of birds started crashing in Los Angeles area.Few crashing into windows.Hitting cars and other moving cars etc.People saw thousands of them falling from the sky.Many of the residents believed that its the judgement day.
Scientists took the birds and there sample to check what really was going wrong.Birds were sent to California Animal health and food safety laboratory.
Scientist examined the birds and came to a conclusion that.These birds live on a diet ,that comprises of 84% fruits.dining on overripe berries can leave them tipsy.They have large livers which compromises of 5% of Body mass can break down toxic ethanol before it causes serious damage. Study showed that birds died as they ate to many berries.There is an expandable pouch in birds mouth that is used to store fruit.When fruit stays in the esophagus it ferments and produce ethanol. Waxwings stored so much fruit that there liver could not keep up with the alcohol that was produced as much as 1000 parts…

Samsung Galaxy S3 Features And Release Date In Pakistan

The most awaited mobile phone of the year,Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits the markets world wide.Samsung is a Korean company,with the largest selling mobile phone in the world.Samsung is the only touch screen mobile phone that is giving tough time to its rivals Apple.
Samsung has recently released its new mobile phone galaxy S3 world wide.Its fatures include.

1. Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich 2. 4.8inch screen, 22% larger than S2 3. Face recognition technology
4. 2100 mAh battery 5. seamless multitasking 6. Eye movement detection and over ride the automatic shutdown if the user is looking at the screen 7. Supreme Graphic quality
Price in Pakistan = Rs. 62,000/
Apple shipped 35.1 million smart phones this year in the first quarter and was left behind by arch rival Samsung with a shipment of 45.5 million smart phones. Samsung has left behind Nokia,making it the biggets seller of mobile phones of all types. It will be available inPakistan from Thursday(Tomorrow) via 296 wireless carrier

Pakistani Students Make Application To Retrieve Snatched Mobile Phones

A group of Pakistani student have made an android application that is capable of locating a snached mobile phone.
Students from Sir Syed University named this application as "Emergency Solutions"This application sends all information related to location of the mobile via text message.This App is available in only android app market. After installation of the application it can be activated by the addition of the IMEI number.Emergency solutions sends all the information via text message to the number provided to the applications. This will surely help reduce mobilesnatching and detect the location of the thief.
Note :- Applications like these are available in the apps market,but this is the Pakistani version of the applications.

Falcons Out To Control Pigeons

Pigeons have always created problems in french open tennistournament .To solve this issue eight falcons were unleashed.Falcons with razer sharp claws and with an astonishing diving speed of 300km/hr will help control the pigeons.Recently other tactics were applied to control the birds like,disturbing them with loud speaker voice but all in vain. Now French tennis federation has at last took the last step and unleashed the falcons. According to the tennis officials pigeons droppings alter the trajectory of the ball and it is difficult for the players to play in such environment. One of the Falconer said,when we arrived there were around 30 Pigeons here but now we got rid of them all.The problem is pigeons are stupid as they do not send information to others.So we will wait till we get rid of all of them.

Facebook Robbery: House Robbed After Teen Posted Images OF Cash

According to BBC the world's leading Tv Channel a house in South Easter Australia was robbed after a teenage girl posted images of cash at her Facebook status.Police sources said that robber's armed with knife stuck the girl's mother house and took all the cash and other property items from her place.But she said her daughter does not live here now.Police are investigating how the robbers knew the address of girl's house. Girl posted images of cash that she was counting for her Grandmother and posted images at her Facebook status.
Police sources say that Teens and other youngsters should avoid posting such images that can lead to robbery.Thenewstribe

Poonam Pandey Posses Nude After KKR IPL Win

Mumbai: Indian Model PoonamPanday promised her fans that she would bare it all if Sharukh Khan team wins the IPL final .

Poonam Pandey told her followers via social networking site Twitter that she will pose nude if her team KKR wins this year final of IPL.

There it was,Knight rider defeated Chennai super kings in this years IPL Final.
She kept her words and Bare it all for her fans on her twitter page saying
"wow which ever team i support wins the match,i promised a pic and here it is"

Below is her messages to her audience

Below is the link of her pic
Viewer Discretion is required : Strictly Over 18

Poonam did what she said , God knows what her motive was it can be a publicity stunt because her debut film is about to get released . It is a easier way to get attention rather cheap way to get attention but so far she is getting everyone's attention .

PoonamPandey also promised the same when India Won the world cup way back in 2011 but didn't fulfill…

12,000 New Multi Millionaire In Pakistan

According to new reports issued by the the State Bank Of Pakistan,in the last three years from 2008-2011 there is an increase in people having Rs. 1 Crore in there bank accounts.From the past three year 12,000 more People Became rich enough to deposit an amount of Rs. 1 Crore in there bank accounts.
According to the news source,Rich are getting richer where as poor are getting poorer in Pakistan. These figures do not include those people who have most of there intangible assets.

Shayan Akhtar Turns Out To Be A Fraud

According to sourcesShayan Akhtar Who claimed to have set a new World record of scoring 998 marks out of 1000 was a fraud.
Microsoft has totally rejected saying Bill Gates didn't call any Pakistani recently to meet up.Shayan him self fabricated the emails sent to him to gain publucity .Reasons for his publicity stunt are totally unknown.
Sources from Microsoft told that shayan him self sent us an email to meet up Bill Gates but his Call was rejected by the authorities. When asked any legal action would be taken,the officials kept quiet. When contacted Shayan said"Microsoft officials might be lying to you,i have emails to prove i was invited by Mr.Bill Gates"
Shayan father on the other hand didn't picked up call.Propakistani reported

Do You Know? Defaulted Hina Rabbani Khar

Do you know that Pakistan's foreign Minister HinnaRabbaniKhar owns a Textile Mill? Yes she does "Galaxy Textile Mill".Galaxy textile mill has defaulted Rs 677,00000,which equals around Rs.70 Million. This huge amount is put on monthly installments of Rs 3000/ Month.
If a poor Pakistani is not able to pay his/her Electricity bills his connection is terminated with in a day.But is a politician has defaulted millions of Rs.He can run away with it.This is the justice of pakistan Imagine the time it will take her to pay all her bills.You can call her the beast behind the beauty. She is not the only one to be part of corruption scandal.If you open the book of our recent politicians,Every single page opens a new story.Even Mr. president Gillani corruption

Aleem Dar Makes Another Record

Aleem Dar who is an international empire from Pakistan has made his country proud one more time as he makes another record of umpiring in the most number of matches being an Asian.Previously this record was held by an Indian empire Venkat Raghav who umpired in 73 Matches. According to the Icc reports Aleem dar is at the 6th spot in world ranking for umpiring in the most number of matches. Aleem dar said that my target is to Umpire in the most number of matches ever in the history of the cricket. He further said this became only possible just because of the prayers of my family and friends.

Gillani Purchased 3 Coats Worth 8 Million During London Shopping

People of Pakistan are in there worst condition ever,if we compare this time with the past.We the people of Pakistan pay Tax's for the betterment of the country but our tax's are spent by the so called leaders of Pakistan.Mr.Gillani the prime minister of Pakistan purchased 3 coats in there shopping in London and the estimated cost of these three coats is Rs.8 Million Mr.Gillani mentioned in his assets that he does not even have a car.In his book Mr.President writes "These was a time when i didn't have money to give fees of my children school" but how come in a few days he became so rich"?
According to the sources Mr Gillani and his family spent 54,000 pounds in a shopping Mall buying watches,glasses cloths and suits.The owner of the Mall was shocked and thought some royal family from Pakistan has come for shopping. Its never about Pakistan for them,Its about them.According to the previous reports it was said that Gillani Spent Rs.80 Million but it was not true.

Colorful Peaches Of Pakistan,Be Aware

Is this the same Pakistan that was the dream of our Quaid "Muhammad Ali Jinnah" ? No way,We Pakistani's are not the same nation any more.We are not following what Islam has taught us and this is the main reason we are falling behind as compared to other reasonsFruits are considered as nutritious for health and have many benefits, specially the peach.But wait a second whats happening here is some thing you will be shocked to see.Are you looking for peaches with red color?Then you must buy these,They are Red like rose but the only thing that will stop you to buy these is the color is not real.These peaches are been artificially coloured to make them more valuable and costly.People coloring them no idea what they are doing.They are just considering it an easy way to sell them but what they are actually selling is death. Eating this artificial color will not only lead you to Food poisoning but also Cancer.
So be careful when you buy fruits.Spread the message to guide others

New Web Browser Axis Launched By Yahoo

Yahoo has recently launched a new web browser named as axis.According to the sources this new web browser was launched just because Yahoo was battling to stay at the top of the table considering its users.The new web browser has no search result pages instead search results are displayed at the bottom of the browser horizontally.Axis will sync your data with your IOS device and your desktop computer by the permission of the user.The app will be available at iTunes and there is a free plugin for IE. Axis will face a great competition from google chrome,Internet explorer and FireFox which cover a huge amount of users on the web.Lets see how Axis goes for Yahoo

Artificial Heart Saves Baby Life For 13 Days

Science,Scientist doctor Robert Jervik from US invented this heart,which is actually electrically powered.According to the doctors this heart was previously tested on animals and they were quiet sure that this will work on humans to.This special heart kept the baby alive for 13days.The baby was brought to a local hospital in Rome who was suffering from a heart disease. Italian doctor Rome's Bambino examined the baby and said that the baby has a rare heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy.In this specific disease the heart becomes to small and stops pumping blood.The 16 month baby would die if serious measures are not taken.Donor heart was not available so he took the last chance and implanted the artificial heart which is equal to a small finger. The heart started working and kept the baby alive for next 13 days.Later due to some electrical problems the heart started functioning badly.In this time of span new heart was available for transplant.
The new heart was transplanted and…

Bill Gates Invite Pakistani Student Who Sets New Microsoft Professional Certificate Record

Arfa Karim Randhawa was the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional from Pakistan who was previously invited by Bill Gates.Now another Pakistani Sets a new World record of securing 998 marks out of 1000. Shayan Anique Akhter who is still waiting for his matriculation results has Set a new record.According to the sourcesGovernor house Punjab is hosting an event for Shayan Anique Akhter to honour him.Shayan will meet bill gates in July as he is invited personally by the Microsoft owner Bill gates. Shayan has always been interested in making games and software's since 2009 and many of his games were demanded by many software companies to be sold to them. He has the honour of being Microsoft certified technology specialist and Microsoft professional developer and now an added certificate of Microsoft certified professional.

13 Girls And 31 Boys Arrested In S** Party In Lahore,Pakistan

According to sources13 girls and 31 boys were arrested from a s** party that was being held in Assad Guest house in sher shah colony Lahore Pakistan.All were caught red handed when they were fully drunk and busy in immoral activities.
Police said that large amount liqueur was found at the spot.Girls include 12 models from the industry. Girls were identified as Aisha Tahira,Sadaf,Madiha,Rabia,Naureen while boys were identified as yasir,waqas,imran,yasir,wasim and many others. Police sources said that all these boys and girls belong to families of government officials ,traders and industrialists.

Ring Of Fire

According to the news sources,A ring of fire was visible in most of china on Monday that shifted from china to japan,taiwan and was moving on to the pacific.NASA predicted the ring of fire few days before it happened AFP news source reported. Here is the image of ring of fire that was witnessed by many people who were early risers. The sun looked like a ring of fire as the size of moon is too small in front of sun and was not able to cover the sun completely.

Pakistan 2nd Most Badly Rated Country-BBC Poll

Who cares what BBC says about Pakistan.Who cares what other countries think about Pakistan.But we as a Pakistaniwe do care about our countries reputation.The most negative thing that came about this poll was that People of Pakistan were the only nation in all these countries that rated their country as negative.Pakistan stood 2nd as most Badly rated country with Iran at the top.Followed by Israel at the third place.Pakistan's Negative views were mostly from the Western countries.
75% Americans.69% Canadian and 72% Australian voted Pakistan as negative. Aren't you guys shocked to see two Muslim nations rated negatively are at the top.Why Pakistan and Iran?Because we are going to be the next target of non-Muslim forces. There is something that is really shocking.The only country that rated Pakistan as positive is Indonesia. Japan was rated as the most positive country with 58% voted .Germany with 2nd position with 56% votes. This survey started in December 6 2011 and ended in Februar…

Where Is Our $Million,Says Ajmair Sharif Administration To President Zardari

I think we are the only nation in this world.who is having the most currupt leaders of all time.This is only because of our attitude.why we voted for them?.On the other hand i am having no dought that in the coming elections we are surely going to vote for them,just because a man named bhutto brain washed our ancistors and PPP is still bearing the fruit of what Bhutto sowed.
Mr.10% (Asif Ali Zardari) on his last visit to india announced to provide a fund of 1million dollars to the sherine of Ajmair Sharif.A month has passed by the authorities are still waiting for there charity that was to be provoded by the president.
When Mr.President announced the amount of 1million dollar to be provided it was a shock for everyone as we are a poor nation.This huge amount could have been spent on poor people .A discussion started in pakistn as weather Mr Zardari will pay this amount from his pocket or from the funds of the poor nation.
Money didn't reach AJmair sharif yet.They are asking for it.No…

World's First Flying Car Ready For Production PAL-V

Here is what everyone was dreaming for world's first flying car.Two dutch man have came up with an idea of making this flying car "Helicar".They combined pieces of helicopter and car and designed this beautifulHelicar.which is named as PAL-V. This is the video showing the first ever flight of Helicar.It is designed in such a way that it can attain a speed of 180Km/hr on ground and air.It moves like a sports car on the ground and fly like a beautiful bird. Both the inventors have shown this idea to the world and are looking for Investors to make the first ever Helicar.

Miracle Survivor

When ever a plan crashes there are no chances of survival if the plane hits the ground with brutal force.Recently a plane crashed in Nepal,but to everyone's shock a couple including 4 other people survived the crash.Andreas Rash 30 and emiliejoejsenson 29 , belonging to Holland survived the plane crash with minor injuries.Speaking to Danish news paper Andreas said that i am perfectly fine.I am just having pain in one of my legs.We are very happy to be alive. The Plane crashed in Himalayan in Nepal killing 15 people.

90% Of People Do Not Know How To Brush Teeth

According to a research by Swedish only 10 percent of the people know how to brush your teeth.Most of people use fluoride tooth paste but they do not know how fluride works for there teeth.How much quantity of paste should be used?For how much time you should brush ?Only 10 percent of people do it perfectly.Are you one of them?
An experiment was conducted by swedes and about 2013 swedes were tested.There age raning from 15-16,31-35,60-65 and 76-80. Most of the people said they just brush there teeth as they were told by there parents when they were children and its a habit now. Some people brush there teeth just to smell good.And only a few poeple out of thousands brushed there teeth to prevent tooth decay.
How To Brush Teeth?
1.Brush your teeth twice a day,brushing your teeth once a day wont help you. 2.Use moderate amount of paste. 3.Brush your teeth gently. 4.Wash your mouth before and after brushing your teeth. 5.Apply paste to every corner of your Teeth.

Shreya Ghoshal To Visit Pakistan

RenownedIndian Singer Shreya Ghoshal is expected to visit Pakistan in June.According to the sources .Shreya Ghoshal and Shan are invited by a local NGO to Pakistan.Remember Shreya is not the first singer to visit Pakistan.Many known singers like Sonu Nigham have performed in Pakistan previously. The final date of her visit to Pakistan is not confirmed yet.But it is expected that shreya will perform in Pakistan's Capital Islamabad. It would have been more better if she performed in Lahore as it would have gathered more crowd as compared to Islamabad. News related to tickets will be updated as soon as we get it.Subscribe to our daily news to get latest updates

Man Needs $20,000 For A Dog

A man needs around $20,000 to get his Dog back from his girl friend as they had a breakup.He claims that he has already spent $30,000 and needs more $20,000 to pay his legal fees.Knuckles the Dog was kidnapped by his girlfriend according to the guy named Craig. He published this news to raise this huge amount.On a website named He has already raised an amount of $881. To attract people he offered to give "Virtual Smooch" to those giving 10$.Free entry on a nightclub where he is a door man for paying $100 and Graffiti Mural to those giving $10,000. Craig said i have no money now to get my Dog back and i love my dog like a child. Geo

Egyptian Declared Dead Wakes At Funeral

According to the Egyptian news channel a man who was declared dead by the doctors.Woke up at the funeral.According to the news this incident took place in southern Egypt where hospital doctors pronounced HamdiHafezal- Nubi as dead after a heart attack.He was taken to his house. Family members gave him bath according to the Muslim tradition and doctor was called to sign the death certificate.As the doctor touched the body it was a shock for her as she found his body as form. As the news broke that Hamid is still alive,his mother fainted in happiness,later both Hamid and his mother were treated and the funeral turned to celebrations.

Pakistani Engineer Invents Generator That Runs On Water

Pakistan is now a days facing energy crises.Government is doing nothing to solve this problem and many industries in Pakistan are shut down.But on the other hand many Pakistan engineers are working hard to make products that are not available in the market.
One of those engineers is Rehan Aziz who Belongs to Swat in Pakistan.He Built a generator that totally runs on water.
Rehan speaking to Express tribune said i have spent years working on this project.Millions of rupees were spent to get the final machine and here i am.I have done it. Explaining the science behind it rehan said,Its a simple process you just need to Extract hydrogen from water using the electrolysis process and use it as a fuel. Rehan furhter said but i still have to conduct more Tests to make it final as hydrogen is the lightest of gases and is highly flamable.If anything goes wromng it can convert in to a bomb.So conducting these experiments in a lab in my house is very dangerous so i need help from the governmet"…

How To Remove Black Marks On Lips

Lips are seductive to look but just if you take care of them well.There many ways lips can look ugly,one of them is having black marks on your lips.Here is a tip which can be used to reduce black marks from your lips.
Home made Remedies
Take some quantity of coriander leave juice and apply it on your lips daily. This will help to reduce black marks from your lips.

News That Hit Internet Like A Storm -CM Shahbz Sharif Weds Cops Wife

According to source news that is hitting the internet like a storm is CM Punjab getting married to a cop's wife.As the news says,the lady is actually ,wife of a police officer. Shehbaz sharif sent his marriage proposal to the lady and the lady asked for the divorce to her husband. No one knows the truth behind this.But one thing is sure that getting married to a divorced women is the right of a person.Weather he is a politician or a simple person. If this news is True,leave him alone.Sources

Pakistan Mobile Subscribers Reach 118.3 Million

PTA " Pakistan Telecomunication Authoruty" is Updating its subscribers montly to have the know how of where we are heading.According to latest reports published by the PTA.Pakistan mobile subscribers have reached an astonishing 118.3 million.These are the connections that are active for more than 90 days. According to the reports by PTA every month there is an increase of 3 million subscribers.Out of which 10-15% are new subscribers. The numbers are high may be beacause of dual sim phone of subscribers changing there sims but still if we exclude all of them the numbers are very high

Mitra Ready To Go Nude For Hollywood

The Bollywood star Mitra said in an interview that it is not a big deal going naked for a film.If the script demands it i can do that.Mitra is right now working for a project with Micheal Hershel's.The movie called "The Story of Naomi"She is playing a role of a wife who is having extramarital affairs. Mitra said.It was not easy for me to reach at this spot where i am write now.My eyes are on Hollywood not Bollywood.

Peterson And Khan Rematch Cancelled

The most controversial match between Amir Khan and Peterson that took place last year resulted in a controversial victory of Peterson.Two of the judges gave Peterson 113-112 and the third Judge gave Khan 115-110.
The rematch was to take place again on 19 May,but according to the news the match was cancelled as Peterson was tested positive with synthetic testosterone.

Dog Killed 27 Penguins On Cat Bay

Thursday on Cat Bay Australia about 27 Penguins were killed by a dog.Few say this is not a job of a single Dog it must have been a pack of dogs.
Investigating officers said that if it was proved that these deaths were caused by a dog then the owner of the dog will be charged with a fine of $3000.
These dead penguins were found in Phillip nature park in Victoria state.According to the sources,These penguins are named a fairy penguins because of there small size and at night hundreds of these penguins turn to shore to there houses.

Indian Media Fake 5 Pakistani Terrorists Story Exposed By Dunia Channel

Indian media Credibility for fake intelligence news about Pakistan is exposed by Pakistan media

Indian intelligence agencies are not able to find a single clue of Pakistan people involved in Indian terror activities,but still they are trying to involve innocent Pakistanis in there stupid acts.on 5/9/2012 Indian news channels showed pictures of 3 terrorists that entered India through sea,and major places in India were on high alert for that reason.Just after hours, Pakistani media showed those people live on Tv channels to tell them those people are still in Pakistan and are respectable people belonging to Lahore.
Atif Butt who is in computer business for the past 12 years,Mehtab Butt who is in mobile business for past

14 year and babar who is a security Guard for past many years and a father of 5 children.
When talking to these people.Atif Butt said"Me and mehtab are very good friends and through our friends we came to know that our pictures are been played on Indian
Tv  channels …

Pakistan Vs World 11 (2012)

Pakistan cricket board is working day and night to start international cricket in Pakistan.According to latest news from the local media channels.Pakistan is going to play two t20 Matches against world 11.These matches will be played in Karachi .Matches will be played on 25th and 26th of May.
According to the sources 6 players from south Africa and 4 players from West indies and 1 from Sirilanka will be playing from World 11.
Every single player will be paid an astonishing amount of $50,000 for playing just two matches.Names of the players were not provided as the Board thinks other countries that are not in favor of playing in Pakistan will try to stop these players.

LED Bulbs That Will Last For More Than 20 Years

Recently a light fair conference was held at Los Vegas were all the international brands showed there products.One of the product caught the eyes of every one and that wereLED bulbs that were designed in such a way that they can last for more than two decades.
According to US based Firm General Electrics and Philips the Dutch company.These LED's light emitting diodes are capable of producing light equivalent to 100 watts.According to the company these bulbs have the capability to produce a light of 60 watt while consuming an energy of 9.7 Watt.
companies have arranged discount shops that will sell these bulbs for $20 later this year.

Dinosaurs Helped To Warm The Earth By There Burps

Dinosaurs helped to warm the earth by there gassy Burps 200 million years ago.According to the study by David Wikinson of Liverpool dinosaurs produced 570 Million tons of methane at that time by there flatulence and burps.
This amount is equal to the total amount of methane produced in earth by livestock farming and industry in this time of the earth.Cows around the world now produced an amount of 100 Tons of methane a year.
At that time dinosaurs were the reason of Global warming said the scientist.
Read the full article here

Zoo Keeper Licks Monkey Bottom To Save His Life

Chinese Zoo keeper licked monkey's Bottom to save his life.
It all happened when Zhang Bangsheng saw a monkey ill,on noticing a peanut he came to a conclusion that monkey might have consumed a poisonous peanut.So he did what a devoted worker or an animal lover can do.He washed monkey's bottom with warm water and licked its bottom for about one hour so that it should pass the peanut from the bottom.
Francois leaf monkey are very rare in the world.Due to its tiny size the monkey was not capable of taking medication so it was the last option for him to lick its bottom said Zhang Bangsheng.
There are about 14,00 to 1650 monkey left in china.This specific monkey was born in Wuhan Zoo china after a decade.
According to Orange News the zoo keeper laughed when the monkey finally exerted the peanut

Lie Detector Machine Failed In Pakistan

Lie Detector machine "VSA" known as voice stress analyzer failed in Pakistan.Voice stress analyzer is used to detect the thefts and to catch the terrorists.These machines were brought here from the USA including  Explosive analyzer and 500 civil disturbance management sets and other equipment.
CID inspector speaking to the local Urdu newspaper said that these Voice stress analyzer machines failed in Pakistan as we Pakistani's are use to lies and didn't show positive results.
In the western countries people are not use to lies and they speak the truth to avoid large punishment.

Jailed For 4 Months,Called An Asian "Paki"

Lauren socha who won Bafta when 21 in channel 4 show misfit was jailed for 4 months when she was found accused of calling Sikander Iqbal a "Paki".She abused him called to  **** off ,Dirty ******* and told him to go back to your country where you came from,All she said as he was an Asian.
Sikandar Iqbal who is a Taxi driver for the past 22 years told the news that he recorded all her abuses on the tape.
Lauren first rejected the alegations in the court but latter she accepted that she did said all that.She even punched Sikander Iqbal in the face.
Sikander IQbal said"All this began as i was taking her to her place in my taxi,She told me i was following the wrong way,Sikander Iqbals said i know what i was doing, but she started abusing me and said "you do not know who i am,i can throw you out of this country"
Lauren is now facing 4 months in prison with 80 hour unpaid work at the jail. For more dailymail

85 Camels Worth Millions Gifted To UAE Royal Family

According to news from the Airport officials A top official from Pakistan has sent 85 Most expensive Camels to royal family of UAE worth millions of dollars.
Camels were transported by a cargo plane that was owned by the UAE Royal family.As soon as the plane reached 85 camels were brought to the airport for transportation.Matter was noticed when when of the officers stopped the transportation of the camels as it was not notified before.But after receiving calls from the higher authorities camels were boarded with in half as hour and plane left for Dubai.

Muhammad Asif To Be Released On Thursday

Muhammad Asif Pakistani Cricketer who took 106 wickets in 23 tests and 36 wickets in 48 one day international was jailed for 6 months on account of match fixing will be releasing on Thursday.
According to the lawyer of Muhammad Asif. Ravi Gill, Asif will descide after his release when to leave for Pakistan.It is in the news that asif will appeal against his conviction.All these matters will be solved as soon as Asif comes out of the jail said a local news paper.About pakistan

Arif Lohar Performing Live In New York

Singer: Arif Lohar Song: Alif Allah Chambey di Boti Location: New York

Event By: Asia Society

Facebook New Feature,Share Your Organ

Facebook is looking forward to announce a new feature that will allow users to sign up to donate there organs.
Mark Zuckerberg owner of Facebook said in an interview to an american channel that,We known people use Facebook to get in touch with each other and share stuff but we want to use this platform to help other people so we have decided to launch a new tool that will allow users to share there status as an organ donor,This will help to encourage other people to donate there organs and will be beneficial for the betterment of the people.

Camels Sacrificed In Kazakhstan To End Epidemic Suicides.

We have watched many movies or might have heard of many stories that lead to evil people.Same story happened in Kazakhstan.
White camel was sacrificed to prevent suicide epidemic deaths blamed on evil spirit in Karabulak,Kazakhstan.
Otyrar a local channel reported that around 200 local people including elders gathered to witness this sacrifice.
All this started when two teenage children hung themselves on the trees.Followed by 14 other suicides by the children.Many suicides were stopped by the people as they were spotted.
According to the children who were about to hung themselves.They saw a man dressed in white saying this world is of no use so he showed them a rope in his neck.
According to the locals same happened a year ago when suicides increased in the town,so they sacrificed a white camel that helped to control the suicides by the children now this year it happened again and they again sacrificed white camel to prevent more suicides.
No reports of suicide attempts after the sac…

Foreigner Girls Being Sold In Pakistan

Pakistan was founded on 14th August 1947 as a Muslim state and most of the population in Pakistan is Muslim but due to influence of western media and India movies the upcoming generations are following the western culture.
According to a reports girls from Soviet states are been smuggled in Pakistan for prostitution purpose.Countries from where these girls are brought include Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
According to the sources these girls come through legal process as they are brought here on conditions of jobs in medical sector in Pakistan and are latter deprived of there documents and are sold in major cities of Pakistan including Karachi,Islamabad and Lahore. Embassies can not help them as they do not have there documents with them.FIA "Federal Investigation Authority" has totally failed to find the people involved.The news Tribe