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Court Orders KFC To Pay Aussie Girl $8.Mn

Monika Samaan at the age of 7 suffered brain damage,Blood infection and septic shock which was due to food poisoning when she ate Twister wrap in KFC Sydney.Samaan other injuries include Severe cognitive motor and speech impairment and spastic quadriplegia.
KFC was ordered by the court to pay an amount of $8.2Million to the girl.The girl and all her family members suffered serious infections as a result of contaminated food that was not cooked by proper preparation rules.
Lawyer of the girl said it was a good decision as she needed money for her treatment and it was not easy for her family to take care of her needs.
KFC last week said they will appeal against the court order but they have not yet done that.Geo

14 Thousand Japanese Die Every Year In Bathtubs

Japanese health ministry has recently launched an investigation of why the rate of people dying in bathtub is increasing every year.According to the reports every year about 14,000 Japanese die in bathtub which is three times more than the deaths in an accident.
According to the figures about 4,201 people died last year in 2011 as a result of accidents ,Most of them were elderly people.
In japan mostly people use bath tub to relax after hard day in the office.Local reports say that most of these deaths result from heart palpitaions,Drowning,heart Attacks and Subarachnoid haemorrhages.

YSA List-25 Most Powerful And Influential Young People Includes A Pakistani

YSA(Youth Service America) and Washington Post has Published a list of most Powerful and Influential young people.This list Includes a Pakistani Galib Khalil.Galib Khalil is an activist and has worked for the great cause of humanity.Talking to Galib Khalil he said" i received thousands of Emails from around the world saying i am doing a great job and my work has inspired them allot".
Galib khalil explains it in his article how he became an activist for the social cause and how he earned money and made an NGO name "Rescue Pakistan Youth Foundation".He explains how he invited people to his NGO and how they collected Funds to transfer to the flood effected areas in Sindh.
YSA list will be published on Huffington post for 25 days from April 20th to May 14th.The winners will be award an amount of $1,000 for there cause and will be given Bloggers accounts to promote there cause.
Galib Khalil Article Here and List of 25 most influential and powerful young people.

Shahid Kapoor And Ali Zafar In Tamil Action Movie Remake

Talented Ali Zafar is all set to show his talent to Indian audience.Ali Zafar has proved himself by giving 3 consecutive hit movies.He was mostly doing comedy or romantic roles but he is ready for an action film now.After completing his 4th film"Chashme Badour" Ali Zafar is offered a role in a Tamil movie remake"Vetai".The story begins with a shy guy,who do not like violence but as the story goes on he turns himself to violence to fight enemies of his brother.Shahid kapoor will be playing the role of his brother.So Ali Zafar fans get ready for an action hero.Ali Zafar

South Africa Cricket board have turned down the request of Bangladesh to play Limited over series

South Africa Cricket board have turned down the request of Bangladesh to play Limited over series in May.South Africa cricket Board have Rejected the offer saying we have a very hectic routine ahead and many of our players are playing league matches in India and England.Those at home are not fit enough.
SCB further said .We have many important tours ahead.Against England and Australia with upcoming World cup in Sirilanka.
All this happened when Supreme court of Bangladesh have stopped there team from visiting Pakistan recently.
Pakistan a world class cricket team was ready to play with new born babies of cricket but after winning two matches against India and Sirilanka Bangladesh Team thinks they are good enough to reject offers from a world class team.
Most of the teams prefer not to play with a team like Bangladesh.This is why they reject all there requests to play matches.

Leeches Are Helpful In Searching Animals In the Jungle

Scientists around the world are searching around the world to do things for the betterment of the world.
Copenhagen Zoo and Copenhagen University have worked together to discover a new method to find species of animals in the jungle.This was done because searching for animals in the jungle is not an easy job and its very expensive. So Copenhagen Zoo and university in collaboration with each other came to a conclusion that they will take the DNA of the blood present in Leaches.As the Blood contained in Leaches will provide us enough evidence to find the species present in certain jungle

Musical Vibrating Bathtub

Vibracoustic is a beautifully combined Technology and bathing experience.Which gives you the best of the pleasure to take bath.
This beautiful bath tub has all the features you want in your bath Room,which includes lighting related to your mood,music you prefer at the time of bathing.Visit Vibracoustic page for more about the bath tub

Kohlar via ThenextWeb

Quad-core 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor Family Launched

Here comes the new generation of processor.Intel corporation has launched its most awaited quad-core 3rd generation Intel core processor family.This chips are totally different from the previous one as they are the first chips ever made from Intel 22 nanometer.Which is a 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology.Intel vise president Kirk Skaugen said 3rd generation Intel core processor are created for exciting new experience. He further said that these processors with Intel HD Graphics 4000 are capable of delivering twice better graphics than the previous one. These processors will be available in the market in the beginning of the month were as the processors for Ultra notebook and laptops will be available at the end of the year.

Nanosponge Absorbs Only Oil

The world is moving on.Students from around the world are trying to invent new things that can change the world.New inventions are made to make the world a happy and beautiful place to live in.At Rice University students made a sponge that is made up of pure carbon nanotubes.This sponge is capable of absorbing oil 100 times its weight.The material is olephilic and Hydrophobic which means that it do not absorbs water.It only absorbs oil. Once the sponge absorbs oil it can be reused after taking out oil from it. It is light in weight,Elastic and compressible .This technology can be used to save life of marine animals which will help absorb oil instead of water in oil spills.
watch the complete video for more info.Nature

Fact About People Of Pakistan- Montreal Convention

Did you ever thought why lives of people in subcontinent are not that important?Have you ever thought we people of Pakistan have got so cruel and shameless that after hearing a news of death of 127 people we were joking about it.Shameless idiots were stealing bangles,mobile phones and other stuff from the site of the incident instead of helping the authorities.Why?
Because money is out first priority not the lives of those people,who left there house laughing, and told there family members they will return home and will bring gifts for them. How many of you know about Montreal Convention 1999? Pakistan signed on the Montreal Convention in 19 December 2006 and up till 2009,97 countries were part of Montrel Convention. According to Montreal Convention 1999, if an air accident takes place the each passenger of the plane will be given an amount of 100,000 SDR and this amount was revised in 2009 to 113,100 SDR.One SDR Equals $1.5 So every Passenger should be given an amount of $169650. This me…

Saudi Arabia Can Supply Electricity To The Whole World

Allah has blessed Muslim nations with the best of natural reserves in the world. Saudi is blessed with oil and gas which is in such an excess that they can even supply oil to the whole world for many years to come.According to an estimate Saudi Arabia still have reserves of about $30 Trillion dollars. But wait a second this is not the end.The future of Electricity is Solar energy and, do you know that every square meter in Saudi Arabia has the capability to produce 15 Kilowatt Hour of solar energy in a duration of 12hours.If one day solar energy from Saudi Arabia is calculated it is said that solar energy produced in Saudi for one day can supply electricity to whole Saudia Arabia for the rest of 72 years to come. This study was published by world Academy of Science Engineering and Technology.
According to the world academy of science,Engineering and technology in Saudi Arabia,Energy produced in 3 feet by 6feet of solar panels is enough to supply electricity for one house to about 15 Kil…

Left Side Of Face Is Better Than Right Side

According to a new study by Kelsey Blackburn & James Schirillo from wake forest University,they showed that images of left side of the face are rated as better, pleasant as compared to images of the right side of the face.According to the study left side of the face are present greater intensity of emotions as compared to right side of the face.Study reveals that most painters prefer painting left side of the face as compared to the right side.Scientists say that left side of the face is more intense and active during emotional expressions.Both the scientists conducted many tests and came to a conclusion that people with images on from the left side of there face look more pleasing and attractive as it generates more intense emotions.

Pakistan's Four Best Professors Of 2011

Higher education Commission(HEC) awarded four professors from Pakistan for national professor award.These professors were chosen due to there education and contribution in there respective field.Out of 67 candidates 4 of them were chosen and were awarded at a prize distribution ceremony by "HEC"
Dr.Saqib Ali "Quaied e Azam University" "Department of chemistry"
Dr.Saleem Asghar Khan"Comsats University" "Department of information Technology Islamabad"
Dr.Asif Khan "Director of Peshawar University"
Dr.Muhammad Sarwar " Dean Agriculture University Faisalabad"

World's Richest Football Club,Manchester United

According to Forbes Magazine Manchester United is ranked worlds most Valuable Team with a worth of($ 2.24 Billion).Manchester United has achieved this rank 8th time in a row.With ($1.88 billion) Real Madrid is ranked 2ND in the world followed by Barcelona with worth of ($1.3 Billion) Bayern Munich and Arsenal are ranked fourth and fifth where as Chelsea and Liver pool Ranked 7Th and 8Th. Manchester United has a Fan Base of 330m.Which puts it to the top of the list for most valuable Team of the world. Forbes

100 Hour War Between Pakistan & India Would Cost $3 to 5 Billion

Yes,Staying at Siachin Glaciers costs allot to both the nations.The worlds highest war ground is Siachin.A single bread at Siachin costs around Rs.100 and the uniform of the soldier costs around Rs.100,000 Dr Farrukh Saleem a famous Pakistani scholar said it is not easy for any country to bear the expenses. Both the countries have deployed around 6,000 soldiers each at Siachin.6 helicopters are provided for the transportation of food and Armour.It costs around Rs. 55,000 each hour. The Report said 100 Hour war between Pakistan and India would cost around $ 3 to 5 Billion. An estimated $200 to 300 Million dollars are spend Each year by Pakistan to sustain its position at Siachin which are about Rs 50,000000 Daily. According to the report from 1984 around 4,000 Pakistani soldiers have lost there lives.

Veena Malik May Join PTI

The Infamous Veena Malik that knows the art of being in the media is reported to join PTI. All this was reported when Malik Aslam(Veena Malik father) joined PTI On an Interview With Saama Tv Malik Aslam reported that he has joined PTI and when he was asked about Veena Malik.He said as he has joined PTI all his family members and relatives including Veena Malik will be joining PTI.I thing it will not be shocking for Me to see Veena Malik in PTI as Imran khan is very generous.Most of the corrupt leaders from Pakistan have taken interest in joining PTI and Imran Khan Invited them with open Arm.

Convert Hindu Girls Choose To Go With Husband

In the past many stories were made on Hindu girls.Many Hindu leaders from Pakistan and India were spreading a propaganda that Hindu girls were forced to convert to Islam.But a video that we showed in our previous posts clearly showsRinkalKumari saying that she accepted Islam.And it was totally her decision .no one forced her to take that decision.

On Wednesday Supreme court of Pakistan allowed all Hindu girls to go with there husband.This decision was taken when all of them showed intentions to go with there husband.Chief justice of Pakistan said.All of them are mature enough to take there decision. Hindu girls decided there future at the registrar office at supreme court. The girls, Faryal "RinkleKumari", Hafsa Bibi "Dr Lata" & Haleema Bibi "AshaKumari" all were allowed to go with there husbands. Parents of all there girls protested saying the decision was not taken in an open court. Chief justice of Pakistan ordered the police to provide all of them wit…

Imran Khan Ranked 8Th In World's Most Influential People

According to an online survey conducted by the Time Magazine Imran Khan was ranked 8th in the world's most influential people.Imran khan became a super star when under the leadership qualities of the captain Pakistan cricket team clinched there first World cup trophy. Imran khan in the past was known as a Playboy because of his looks and personality that attracted millions around the world. Few years back Imran khan started a new political party and now he is a hero for the Pakistani nation as everyone wants him to rescue Pakistan from the current political crises. Keep in mind that Imran khan left behind Obama,General PervaizKiani and Salman Khan in this poll conducted by the Magazine