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Dutch Man Who Never Stops Laughing After Hip Surgery

In this time of busy life people do not get time to laugh.So everyone tries different ways to laugh,Some watch movies,some read novels.But here the story is totally different.A Dutch man never stops laughing.All this happened after he got his hip replaced under anaesthesia in 2010. According to HuugBosse's wife it not funny for her anymore.He laughs on it is funny or not.But there is only one thing when he cries that is listening to dutch National anthem.

Tips For Oily Skin Care

Everyone wants a healthy skin and why not ,everyone wants to look attractive.Few people have problems with there skin,we often hear that people have oily skin and there are many masks available in the market,we have previously discussed about mask for oily skin.
Sandal powder.
Take half table spoon of sandal powder and add few drops of water in it.Make a paste and apply it on your skin.Leave it for 10min and then wash it. It is very good for your skin as it removes wrinkles and fight oily skin.
Small quantity of lemonjuiceTurmeric powder and wheat flour.
Add all these and make a mixture.Apply it on your skin.Let it dry. Lemon in the paste will remove dark spots and turmeric powder will make your skin bright.
you can even use yogurt instead of lemon
Use milk on your skin ,as it is a perfect cleanser and will never dry your skin.Use of milk will help not let pores clogged with sebum/oil.
Apply small amount of honey on your skin and wash after 10-15 min.As honey is the best moisturize…

Raw Terrorists Reached Balouchistan

I have never been to Baluchistan and actually do not know the views of people of Baluchistan but there is one thing i know that they are Muslims and Muslims can never betray there nation. Yes may be there are many Baluchistan tribes that want a separate home land but there quantity is nothing as compared to others. Baluchistan was never left alone by the government but it was because of the tribes leaders that left Baluchistan in this condition just because they wanted to keep others not to get educated,as if they did who will obey there orders. Millions of dollars were given to the Baluchistangovernment and all of them were divided by the tribe leaders. I my self as a Pakistani want that all the luxuries of life should be given to these people. I am really shocked to see RAW involvement in Baluchistan.

Muhammad Amir Interview With Micheael Atherton

Muhammad Amir in a recent interview on sky sports said" i was forced to throw a no ball by Salman Butt"
Here is the detailed interview of Muhammad Amir.First ever interview given by Muhammad Amir after he got released from the jail.

10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Female Politicians

If you talk about pakistani girls they are the most beautiful but here are the pics of few most beautiful pakistani female politicians.
Ayela Malik

Fatima Bhutto

Shazia Marri

Marvi Memon


Sharmila Farooqi

Hina Rabbani Khar

Sumera Malik

Salma Butt Forced Me To Throw No Ball-Muhammad Amir

Muhammad Amir, Pakistani pace bowler who was at the peak of his talent when caught for spot fixing told Mike Atherten former England Captain in an interview on Sky sports that he was forced by Salman but to throw no ball.He added that" i consideredSalman Butt as my elder brother but he destroyed my future and now i cannot play for my country" Muhammad Amir added saying"Salman told me to throw a no ball in presence of MazharMajeed.He said salman cheated on me and i have proofs of Salman but talks with Ali a person he meet in dibai,he told me he is a friend of Salman and asked me about my number"Muhammad Amir said" I am ashamed of my act and now i feel ashamed of it.I was not mature enough at that time to know the good and bad" Although after Muhammad Amir interview Salman butt father rejected the allegations saying why is he speaking now?why didn't he speak at that time?.

PTCL Upgraded Its 1Mb Connection To 2Mb For Free

PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication limited has taken another step for its valued customers that will bring a smile on their faces.As compitition is growing between all the internet providing companies all of them are trying to be better than the others.
PTCL has increases its 1Mb connection Limit to 2Mb for free. PTCL customers can now use 2Mb connection for the price of 1Mb"Rs.1250".This Automatic up gradation is valid for 3 months.And later a normal tariff of Rs.1499 will become applicable.

Largest Card Stacking Structure

A new Guinness book of world record was set by Bryan Berg as he made the largest playing card structure which was 10.39 meters.2.88m tall and 3.54 meter wide.Since 1992 he has broken his own record twice.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Akhyan Ost

Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali KhanSong: Akhiyan Ost Mirza

Snails Can Generate Electricity

I hope most of you have seen snails crawling around in your garden.They hardly move inches in hours.but do you know these small creatures can generate Electricity ?Shocked?Yes guys a latest experiment done on snails showed that snails can produce electricity. Tiny Bio fuel cells were implanted on the snails body in university of Potsdam New York that produced Electricity.This electricity was produced due to the presence of Glucose and oxygen in the snails body. These snails have a life of around 6 months and can generate electricity when ever there electrodes are attached to a external circuit.Nature

Dolphins Cannot Taste Food

Many of you might have been to aquarium and other places where you watch guys feeding dolphins.After tasting the food Dolphins run away in a very happy mood.This is not because they got a tasty food for dinner but just because they got the diet they wanted to live long.According to a recent study on DNA of animals and Dolphins they studied weather animals taste sweet bitter or umami.Scientists found out that dolphins do not have taste buds to taste a food.,They do not have time to savor there food. In there early work scientists found out that tigers and cats can't taste sweetness.Instead they crave umami.Meaty flavour of steak.Says a report from national academy of science by director of monell chemical senses center.

3 Days Old Goat Produces Milk

On a farm in Saudi Arabia a goat 3 days old has started to produce milk.The goat is 3 days old.According to a farmer who has a big experience of breeding goats told the news paper. I am breeding goats,camels and cows for many years and this is the first ever experience that have faced where i saw a 3 days old goat giving milk.First i thought it was the mother goat but i was wrong.I tried to milk the 3 days old goat and it really was producing milk. According to the breeder it is the first ever case in Saudi Arabia

Quratulain Balouch(QB) Dhamak

Singer : Quratulain Balouch (QB) Song :Dhamak

Sound Track from Drama Serial Dhamak

Us Women Is Addicted To Drinking Petrol

Many people on earth have different types of addictions few of them are so strange that people think how are they still surviving.Some people eat plates,some eat glass,but a women from us is addicted to drinking Petrol.Shannon became popular when she first came on a TV show named aptly.She said i drank about 18 litters of petrol last year.And with every passing month i am drinking more and more.I usually drink about 18 teaspoons of petrol each day.She said"When i drink petrol it tingles inside my thought and then i feel pain but still i am addicted to drinking petrol. Shannon mother told i didn't believe her at first but when i smelled petrol from her mouth i was shocked.

Commercial Spaceflight Is Ready

So,its time to move on with the future as first commercial spaceflight is ready for a test flight beyond the atmosphere. This spaceship will carry around 500 passengers.Many companies are trying there best to be part of space flights,as many think this will boost a great business. Many have paid around $5million for the flight enough to make a two seater rocket plane called Lynx. In the past about 7 people have travelled to space including one who travelled twice.which cost each around $20 million to $35million.Reuters

Warid Sms Carore Ka

Become Crore pati with warid offer.Sms Crore ka.Here are the details of the offer. Starting date 12 March 2012 Ending date 5 June 2012 How To participate in Warid Sms Crore Ka?
Type "w" and Send sms to 3000,This will start the game
Types Cash prize Total prize
Daily 100,000 72
weekly 500,000 11
Grand proze 1000,0000 1
Free Fuel for one year 10

India Vs Pakistan Semifinal Was Fixed,Nupur Mehta Denied Allegation

Cricket max fixing takes another turn as,Sunday times published a news that Indian actress Nupur Mehta was involved in trappingPakistani cricketers for match fixing. Talking to a local news channel Nupur mehta totally denied the allegations and said "I do not know about any match fixing,the news published in Sunday times is totally fake,and i will take action against the news paper. The news paper quoted an Indian bookie saying that Pakistan vs India Semifinal was fixed and actress was used to seduce Pakistani players.Source Watch the video for more about the news

About Pakistan In Urdu

By the grace of God our website "About Pakistan" is gaining Popularity day by day and watching the response of our valued readers and there suggestions we are planning to launch another website in Urdu.You guys just have to wait for the website to be launched.We will keep you guys updated.Please keep visiting "About Pakistan magazine"
Thank You for visiting,Please subscribe to our feed to get daily interesting news from pakistan and around the world.
It is all about pakistan

Chapped Lips

Even if you are a girl or a boy,the first thing a person notices in your while you are talking is your lips.Lips if are in perfect shape can seduce opposite sex in seconds.Many of us have a bad routine,some of us talk allot and our diet plans are not that good so we have chapped lips. Chapped lips is one of the major problems a normal person faces with there lips.Chapped lips can be cured using many home made remedies and methods.
How to prevent Chapped Lips?
Try to increase intake of water or other fluids in your daily life,you will find your lips in a better condition.Stop licking your lips.It shows tension on once face and destroys your lips.Even the color of your lips changes and you even face chapped lips at the end.
Home Made Remedies
There are many home made remedies for chapped lips,How to cure chapped lips 1. Use of Vaseline and lip balm are very helpful in curing chapped lips but excessive use of any product can destroy your beautiful lips.But to cure chapped lips apply Vaseline b…

Rinkal Kumari Accepts Islam,Now Faryal

For so many days, Pakistani society was blamed that a Hindu girl was forced to convert to Islam.Many articles were written following this incident in India and Pakistan.But the truth revealed when Rinkal Kumari her self gave interview to a local news channel and told them she has accepted islam her self,and no one forced her to accept Islam.This was a great slap to liberals and secular s.Here is the video

Girl Threw Acid On Boy Face - Faisalabad

There were many stories of acid throwing on girls face by boys,but this story is first of its kind.A short Film made by Sharmeen Obaid Chineoy(Saving Face) was based on acid throwing on girls face by boys received an Oscar .First Oscar for Pakistan.But here the story is totally different as the girl threw acid on the boy face.
May be this Oscar was given,just because bad image of Pakistani society was portrayed. Coming to the story. This incident took place in Faisalabad when the boy refused to marry the girl.Both of them were having an affair for the last two years.The boy named Mohsin and the girl named Nabeela belonging to Marzipura in Faisalabad. According to the girl he brought disrepute to her in the locality and at the end he refused to marry me and brought bad name to me in front of a crowed. She called the boy at her house and threw acid on his face.The boy was taken to the hospital. Such kind of incident are increasing day by day in Pakistan.Most of the victims are girls.Acid bein…

MD PIA Yousufzai Flying With Blue Eyed Air Hostess

Pakistan's international Airline is taking its lasts breath and the management is busy in having fun.MD PIA Yousufzai is spotted with a blue eyed Air Hostess.It was in the news on Friday that Yousufzai takes Sadia saeed Mughal to every flight he moves in.According to the latest reports "Sadia Saeed Mughal" is usually not available for duty as she is considered favorite of MD,And she receives all allowances equal to other air hostesses. ThenewsTribe reported

How To Protect Your iPhone From Water(Liquipel)

This is an amazing technology Liquipel which protects your device from water.This usually happens that people some times drop there mobile phone in water and are afraid of losing it.But here is a brand new technology which helps protect your iPhone.Liquipel penetrates your phone and all the vital components outside and inside of your phone. There is only one problem here.You cannot yourself apply it on your have to send your new iPhone 4s to the company so that they can apply the coating.Now its up to you that you trust them and send them your iPhone.Here is the link to official website

Apple iPad To Launch On 16March

Still waiting for iPad?You do not have to wait more,as apple is launching its new iPad on march 16.Apple after becoming the king of Mobile industry,dreams of taking over the gaming market now. Apple iPad will be the next big thing in the market. Retina Display and cuad core Graphics with a processor of A5X is more than enough to tell gamer to throw there Xbox and play station in a trash can and go for the new iPad. Apple is now aiming to destroy Xbox and play station market.If you ask me,i would rather say it is not that easy. Those who really love gaming they like holding the console in there hands which is wirelessly connected to a Tv.So i thing this is not going to be that easy. Lets wait and watch

Toshiba Develops Scanner that can Recognize Fruits Without Barcode

All international electrical appliance companies are working hard to produce best Appliances better than the others to take the lead. Toshiba has recently developed a scanner that can recognize fruits and vegetables .This scanner works at a very high speed. The main need of building such a scanner arisen just because, Bar code cannot be placed on each fruit so staff needed to input data,which was a waste of time.So Toshiba built this scanner,this scanner uses pattern recognition technology to recognize the fruits and vegetables.Even if you bring different types of apples in front of it.This scanner will easily recognize them.Watch video for more info

Lt Gen.Zaheer Ul Islam Appointed New ISI Chief

World's Best intelligence service "ISI" Appoints Lt Gen. Zaheer Ul Islam as new DG.Tenure of Gen Pasha Ends on 18march 2012.There were many speculations that Gen Pasha will be Given an extension for his appointment as GG ISI but they were all rumors.

Robotic Cheetah Sets New Speed Record Of Legged Robots

According to the owners of Robotic Cheetah.Robotic Cheetah has Set a new world record after attaining a speed of 18mph on a Treadmill. Previously the record was set by legged robot who ran at a speed of 13mph. "Darpa" the agency run by Pentagon funded Massachusetts Robotics company which was involved in the construction of the Robotic Cheetah said "We really want to run this machine on ground than on treadmill". The machine is designed in such a way that it can adjust the length of his legs according to the increasing speed.


Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth

Many of you might have heard about ending of the world in DEC 2012 and most of you actually consider them as fake.There are dozens of theories about ending of the world in 2012 .One of those theories claim that there will be disasters caused by the changing weather conditions.This is the only theory that scientists think can be right. Winter season brought heavy snowfall this year on all parts of the world.During summers floods will be one of the reason of disasters in different parts of the world. According to US space weather experts there is a big solar storm heading toward the earth that will reach earth on Thursday. This solar storm could effect Airplane Routes,Grid Stations and many space based satellite navigation systems.
How This Works
These are actually charged particles formed in shape of a cloud.Escaped from the sun at an astonishing speed of 4.5 Million miles/hour or 7.2 Million miles/hour.
According to the scientists these actually work in 3 stages,First two have already Reach…

Japanese Scientist Makes Violin From Spider Silk

ShigeyoshiOsaki of Nara Medical University claimed that he made a Violin made of spider silk.Japanese Scientist claims that thousands of these spider silk strings can be joined together to make a strong string.And these strings make a beautiful voice when played.
ShigeyoshiOsaki is working on spider silk for last 35 year.He said that, not only strong strings but also bullet proof jackets are made up of these strings,but making a violin of these strings was first ever experiment.He further said that in process of making these strings from threads there shape changes from cylindrical to Polygonal which make them stick together in a proper way.Making Strings from Spider silk is not a new discovery,he previously made a string from spider silk which he claimed could hold 600Kg of weight.

10 Spices That Increase Your Sex Drive

A research has proven that there are some spices that really effect your sex life.Sex life of a man increases by use of some Spices.

Use of Garlic Stimulates sexual performance as it helps you tingle the "G" Spot

Garlic: In old days Garlic was used to increase the sex drive and enjoy sex for longer period of time. How To Prepare The Mixture ?
Peel off the top layer and fry it in butter.Your medicine is ready.Now you can enjoy sex for a longer period of time. Nutmeg: Most of you might be unaware of the most popular spice on earth that has the same effect as "Viag**"
How To Use?
Prepare some Kheer and sprinkle some Nutmeg over ate and enjoy the night.
Cloves: Cloves are natural energy booster.They boost your energy and helps you improve your sexual behavior.
Ginseng: Ginseng improves Male's (ED)
Saffron: Have you ever thought why in old days Groom is given milk to drink, with saffron added in it?Try it,you will know its effects.
Fennel: Fennel is actually known as &quo…

Iman Ali To Work In An Indian Film

It all began when Pakistani singers were appreciated in Bollywood and now Many Pakistani actors are working in Bollywood now a days including Veena Malik,Ali Zafar and many more.Iman Ali who was part of hit Pakistani movies "Khuda Kay Leay" and "Bol" is offered a Film role in an Indian movie. Iman Ali been offered a film by Mani Ratnam ,she accepted the offer and asked for the script so that she can learn more about her character.
So,guys now you have to wait to watch her perform in Bollywood movies.

Coke Studio 5

A good news for all coke Studio Fans.Coke Studio 5 will be on Aired in April or May.The singers that will be part of this season will be
Atif Aslam
Hadiqa Kiyani
Bilal Khan Meesha Shafi
Uzair Jaswal
The Recording of all the Episodes were completed in Karachi in studio 146 in Korangi Industrial Area. There is some thing very shocking for the fans here,that is Gumby the Drummer has been replaced by Over loads Farhad's Hamayun.

Pakistan Cricket Squad For Asia Cup

While Pakistan series against England it was in the news that Shahid
Khan Afridi can be the Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team for Asia
Cup 2012 but it is not the case now.

Misbah Ul Haq will lead team pakistan in Asia Cup.

Here are the list of Team members in the Squad

Misbah-ul-Haq (captain), Mohammad Hafeez, Nasir Jamshed, Azhar
Ali, Younis Khan,Asad Shafiq, Shahid Afridi, Sarfraz Ahmed (wicket-
keeper),Umar Akmal, Saeed Ajmal, Abdur Rehman, Wahab Riaz,
Umar Gul, Hammad Azam,Aizaz Cheema.
The best thing about Asia cup is Pakistan's Match Against India In
Asia Cup.Will Pakistan Team Take Revenge for world cup defeat from India or will India defeat
Pakistan.Time will tell
We Wish Pakistan Pakistan Cricket Team best of luck for Asia cup and the match against india
on 18 March.Its all about Pakistan

Phillip McCauley A Victoria Farmer Grows 385.1Kg Pumpkin

The world is full of crazy people.People are always trying to get better than the others in any form.It can be Related to IT Medicine or Growing a 385.1Kg Pumpkin.
A farmer in Australia named Phillip McCauley has Grown a 385.1Kg Pumpkin in the field and was himself amazed by the size and the weight of the pumpkin.
This Pumpkin is said to be Victoria's biggest Pumpkin,Phillip Broke the previous Record by a margin of 130Kg.
Australian is record is 518Kg"Phillip says,i am going for it,if i put all my efforts i know i can break this record" Source