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World's Shortest Man

People are crazy to get listed in the Guinness Book of world record and can do any crazy stuff to be a part of the book.but there are very few in the world that do not have to do anything to be part of the book.We have mentioned worlds smallest women in our previous posts and here it is a Nepali villager 72 which is the world,s smallest man.chandraBahadurDangi was measured by the Guinness Book of world record team and declared world smallest man.He measured 21.5 inches Tall. Previously this record was held by Junrey who was 23.5 inches at the age of 18. Dangi said he didn't new that there is something known as Guinness book of world record.He is living with his brother as his parents died when he was a teen.He said i do not have any desire to get married.

Samsung Launches Galaxy Beam SmartPhone With Built- In Projector

Wow! Everyone was talking about whats coming next in the technology and here is it.Samsung launches its first Smartphone with Built in projector.This is not it.Phone has 4 inch screen with 800*450 Resolution.!GHz dual core processor.1.3 Mp front camera and 5Mp back Camera with flash.8GB internal memory and SD card slot. The projector is rated at an Ultra Bright and can project onto surface up to 50 feet wide in HD. theeverge

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's Documentary Saving Face wins Oscar

Pakistan has Won its First ever Oscar.This is what every Pakistani was waiting for that sharmeenObaidChinoy brings home the biggest award of film making. Sharmeen said"This award is dedicated to all the pakistani Women that are working for the change in Pakistan,don't give up just keep trying",Sharmeen said its not just the award its "THE OSCAR" Yes she was right,its the Oscar.SharmenObaid has made a documentary named as the saving face.Its a 52min long documentary. The documentary is all about girls who lost everything when acid was thrown on there faces.It was not an easy job to film such a documentary as girls do not feel safe coming in front of the camera,but sharmeen some how gave them the confidence and here it is.

Husband To Say Sorry On Facebook Page To Wife-Court To Man

UK-Mark Byron father of one was ordered by the court to say sorry to his wife on facebook page for 30 days inorder to avoid 60 days jail sentence.It all happened when Mark was so tense and bothered by his wife who was not letting him meet his son.He wrote on his Facebook wall"If you are evil women and want to ruin your husband life completely and take his son away.All you should do is ,say you are scared of your husbandme and domestic partner,They will take him away from me.

Top Ten Most funny iPhone Messages

It happens in one's life that you feel depress and lonely but some words can change the expression on one's face.It usually happens with everyone,When you are trying to text a message to your friend you text it to someone else,which even sometimes creates problems for you.Here are top ten most funny iPhone messages that will make you laugh,Some spelling mistakes and some "auto correct" iPhone feature mistakes.Please leave a comment.. Tiptoptens for more

World's Richest Super Model Kathy Ireland

You might have heard many stories of business who start from scrap and turn out to be richest in the future but a model earning so much,must have required brain and ideas.
Kathy Ireland is named as world's richest super model with worth $350 million.This is because of her interests in business like lisencing products like furniture rugs and many more others and designing.Kethy Ireland has developed a business of $2billion Dollar world wide.Kathy is also CEO and Designer of her brand product marketing company.

New Abbottabad Will Be Created In India To Shoot "Kill Bin Ladin"

According to the news sources Kathryn Bigelow's is looking forward to make a movie on Usama Bin Ladin(Kill Bin LAdin).First the directors decided to shoot the film in Pakistan but as Abbottabad is an army garrison and always on high alert and western media is prohibited to shoot there so they changed there plan. Locations chosen for the shoots of the film are Chandi Garh and Patiala in punjab, India. Kathrine said "I was working on a project in turkey and as soon as i finish it i will go to India to shoot more"
Remember that Kathrine is the only female ever to win an Oscar for her movie "The Hurt Locker" Other actors part of the movie are Aymen Hamdouchi,Kyle Chandler,Mark Strong,Jessica Chastain.Indiewire

iphone Leather Book Case

Twelve South Bookbook For Your Iphone 4/4S

Wow! This is a beautiful leather case for your iPhone,Its stylish and can also be used as a wallet.You can even put your phone in your back pocket if this leather case is holding your phone.To buy one of these follow the link below Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4/4S

Yah Zammen Ga Rahi hai - Josh (Official Music Video)

Song: Yah Zameen Ga Rahi HaiBand: Josh Location: Lahore Shot by: Maram and Abroo Actress: Amina Sheikh

Oldest Rock Carving Of Americas Found In Brazil

Scientists in Brazil have found rock carving in Brazil that is believed to be the oldest ever rock carving found.Scientists believed it to be 10,000 year old.But one of the scientist that was part of the team said that this carving could be part of cult of fertility.A debate has risen saying when and now human populated Americas.

HEC Declared List OF Top Ten Universities Of Pakistan

HEC higher education Commission has declared a list of top ten universities of Pakistan.Quaid e Azam university is again declared as the best institute of Pakistan followed by Pakistan institute of engineering and applied sciences. Agha khan university is ranked as third and agriculture university as fourth in Pakistan. National university of science and technology Islamabad,Arid university Rawalpindi.University of health sciences Lahore and comsat institute of information Technology and Lahore university of management sciences were also declared best among the top ten universities.

Muhammad Amir To Return Home On Sunday

Muhammad Amir Pakistani pace bowler to return home(Pakistan) on Sunday after completing his 3 month sentence in young offenders Institute.Muhammad Amir was charged with spot fixing when he confessed he took money to bowl a no ball in a test match.Muhammad amir has requested ICC to lift 5 year ban on him.Pakistani former pace bowler Wasim Akram and Imran Khan former captain of pakistan want him back in the team by saying"We have not seen as much talented bowler in history".
Salman Butt and Muhammad asif are still facing there sentence in a jail in London.

Pakistan Government Imposes Radio Tax On Mobile Phone Prepaid Card

Tax tax and tax .We have been paying an amount of 17Rs as Tax on every card we recharge but here is it guys another Tax for you all "Radio Tax"
Parliamentary committee on information and broadcasting has decided to charge radio tax of amount 2Rs per Rs100 card recharged on all prepaid cards. According to information minister "Dr.Firdos Ashiq Awan" Radio pakistan is sinking day by day and we do not want that to happen.Pakistan railways has already sunk.Now to save radio pakistan we have to take this step.This Tax will be implemented after budget 2011-2012. Thenewstribe reported

Shahid Khan Afridi To Lead Pakistan Cricket Team In Asia Cup

Shahid khan Afridi has rocked Pakistani nation not only just by cricket skills but also by his character and love for the country.People started loving him more just when Mazhar Majeed said he is not easy to tackle. So, guys there is a good news for all Shahid Afridi fans out there. According to news on a local television.It is reported that Shahid khan Afridi will captain Pakistan side in asia cup starting on 12 of march in Bangladesh.All the matches will be played on Sher e Bangal stadium in Bangladesh under lights
Schedule Of Asia Cup Matches

Bangladesh vs Pakistan (March 12) India vs Srilanka (March 13) Pakistan vs Srilanka(March 15) Bangladesh Vs India(March 16) India Vs Pakistan(18 March) Bangladesh Vs Srilanka(20 March) Final
It is expected to be the best series as Pakistani fans are expecting allot from Shahid Khan Afridi and a revenge from India for the world cup semifinal defeat.Its All about pakistan Newspakistan

Ali Zafar NoWhere In 57th Film Fare Awards,Although He Performed At The Stage

Our actors feel good working in Bollywood as they are paid well.Its never about acting for them or about Pakistan.Its about big screen and money.They are always been rejected by Indian media but they are shamelessly acting in there films.One of the examples is Ali Zafar who participated in the India's most prestigious award ceremony named as Film fare awards.It was the 57 film fare awards this year.Ali Zafar was invited at the ceremony and he even performed at a stage during awards but his performance was edited out by the Indian media when it was on aired world wide. Ali zafar was very keen and he even tweeted to his fans to watch him perform at awards but to his shock his performance was cut off by the media. He then said sorry to his fans by saying."Everything happens for a reason,life is an award in itself" Isn't that funny ?

How To Avoid Hair Loss Due To Dandruff

There are many home made remedies for Removal of the scalp and to stop falling hairs due to scalp.will discuss all of them in our later posts lets discuss one of the methods today. Home Made Remedies
Take one table spoon of Methi powder and one table spoon of Amla powder and mix them with 2 table spoon of eucalyptus and one table spoon of curd.Take some beetroot juice and make a mixture of all these ingredients and leave it for few hours. then apply this mixture on your will find a great decrease in scalp and hair loss

Oldest Living Twins

These ladies hold the record of oldest living twins.Both of them are best friends of each other.Help each other when ever they require each other.When they were born Britain still had Edward vIII as king and Florence nightingale was still alive.They were born on 15 of November.There mother use to dress them with same dress.Both of them have Grand children,Great grand children and Great great grand children.

Man Founds $26,000 In A Safe Bought On eBay

Every one wants to be rich but few people on earth are lucky enough to win a lottery .But a man from Barlett was lucky enough to win cash without a lottery.James Labrecque sold an old safe for $122.93 on eBay .James said i didn't have the combination for the safe so i was not able to open it.I shook it well and it felt empty to me so i put it on eBay for sale. The person who bought the took it to a welder and got it open.It was to his shock when he saw an amount of $26,000 inside it. James tried to convince the buyer to give him even half of the money back but the buyer said it is in James policy that "what you see is what you get,no money return" So should we call James the stupid person or the buyer the luckiest one .

Man Proposes His Girlfriend With Dress Made Of 9,999 Roses

Love has no boundries but Everyone has its own way of expressing his/her love.A chinese man Yin designed a dress made by him of 9,999 flowers to gift it to his girl friend he wanted to propose.He made this dress just to express his love to her. Flowers are always a unique way to express love.This beautiful dress was so well designed that every girl wishes to wear it no matter what. He proposed his girl friend in a park where they met first time.He gave a yellow rose bouquet with Red roses dress which looked amazing.

Poland's Radzikowski Becomes World's Strongest Man

Everyone wants to be the strongest man on planet but poland's Radzikowski becomes the world's strongest man.He was cpmpeting with 25 contendors from 22 different countries.The event began on sunday.After 3 days of showing strength and power he became the world's strongest man.Scoring a max of 35 points and winning an amount of $6000.He latter on expressed his feeling by saying.I realy worked hard for this day.It was not easy to beat all those contendors

TV Anchor Got Bit By Dog During A Live TV Show

85 pounds(39-kg) dog bit the TV anchor during a live TV show in the face and she needed 70 stitches on her lips and nose.Kyle wrote on her Facebook page that she cannot speak as she went through a surgery and she is expecting another surgery in the next week. This all happened during a live TV show when Kyle introduced a Dog owner and a firefighter who rescued people from a icy pond.As she was petting the dog the dog suddenly bit her.

Crypteks USB Drive-Worlds Most Secure Usb Drive

Everyone wants privacy.Sometimes you forget your USB at a friends place and sometimes others access your Laptop while your USB connected to your personal computer.So need privacy.Here is the world's most secured USB device.This USB is not only secured digital but also physically.It consists of a five ring combination lock which protects your USB.This lock contains about 14,348,907 combinations.Which is not easy to break.USB measures 3.3" in length and 1.1" in height.You can order your USB at

Mathira Naked Photo Shoot For This Valentine

Mathira is all set for her new TV show this Valentine.Mathira posses for a publicity stunt for the TV Show naked with a topless man holding flowers.Matheria is known to be a local paris hilton.Her nude photoshoot was published on the internet last year which got millions of hits. She is a perfect Red hot Valentine

Syrian President Email Id Hacked

While the people and the world request the Syrian president to step down.The email id of the Syrian president Bashar ul Assad has been hacked by hackers named"Anonymous".According to the the news the president set his Email password to be "12345" the worlds second most easiest password.Hackers said it was not difficult for us to hack his id.more than 60 id's of members of the parliament were hacked and 3 of them were having passwords as "12345" and "123456".

Indian Ministers Caught Watching Pornography In Assembly

Times of India reported on Tuesday that LaxamanSavadi and CC Patil ministers of BJP were caught watching pornography on cell phone during an assemble session in Karnataka Assembly. patil is women and child development minister where as sawadi holds the cooperation portfolio. soon after these videos where shown on the television .opposition parties demanded resignation from both the ministers

Valentine Dress Made OF Roses

As Valentines day is coming near people are planning to gift there loved ones with the best gift they can give.Everyone planes to give the most different and the best gift they can.Floral designer Joe Messi has made it easy for you as he designed a valentines day flower dress. This unique and beautiful dress is made up of 2000 Bloom's.It took joe 170hr to make this dress.Joe is a renowned floral designer as he is the winner of three times RHS Chelsea young florist of the year. Entire body is covered with petals from Naomi red roses.200 chrysanthemums,15 Carmen roses and are beautifully decorated with Gold-Leaf. 75 gerberas 300 carnations,petals from 175 purple power roses were used on the dress

Italian Shoe Maker Pays Record Rent At London Store

Rents for Bond Street are extremely high,and they can be judged by this shop bought for rent.A shoe maker from Italy bought a shop for rent worth $1576 per square foot. Previously the most expensive shop for Rent was paying $965 per square meter.