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Megaupload king Dotcom's Life

The man who changed his name to Dotcom after his website Maga upload was a hit known as Kim Schmitz.He turned from a home guy to a millionaire in a decade.
38 year old was arrested on his birthday party in New zealand in his luxury mansion in Auckland.When he saw police coming he moved to room and loaded a gun after words he was arrested and his website was closed.
Closing of the website was a shock for million of customers worldwide as data worth of million of dollars was uploaded to the website.
It is said that Megaupload became a cause for loss of half a billion worth of pirated music and video content.
He earned more than 200 million dollars from advertisement and premier membership of the website.
Kim Schmitz Megaupload and cyberlocker have been closed and both of these companies were involved in spreading of copy write material.
It is said that kim Schmitz had a luxurious life style with a collection of 18 luxury cars including ferrari,lambergini,mercedese,bmw and many more.Kim had sports cars with number plates mentioning his name as "GOD","STONED","MAFIA",HACKER" ..He chartered planes,helicopters to his tour to Hong Kong.
He got involved in the controversy when he bought a scrap company and spread the news he will invest 50 million dollar in it.The shares of the company reached sky high in a day.Just after shares reached sky high he invested 1 million dollar .Earning millions from this.

Kim Dotcom is now behind the bars and appeared in the courts today for hearing.Read more on


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