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Hollywood Actor Liam Neeson To Convert To Islam

While Filming in Turkey Istanbul LaimNeeson said that he might convert to Islam,Inspired by the call of prayer.LaimNeeson is right now working in Turkey for his new film.He has previously been nominated for Oscars and three different Golden Globe awards. He is an Irish actor. Ranked 69 in Empire Magazine for 100 greatest movie stars for all times. He said"Azan" Muslim call of prayer inspired me of thinking to convert to Islam.It happens five times a day.The first week it just amaze you and the next week it just gets in to your soul.I am really inspired by the call of prayer. He further said: he is a catholic but Islam is not the religion for people to get scared of,the people must look into the religion and get inspired and once a person gas inspired you will know there is something in this religion.I have always wanted to know the meaning of life.I might convert to Islam as it inspires me allot

Umer Sharif To Work In Karan Johar Film

News Tribe:UmerSharif the legend has been offered a film by well known Bollywood director KaranJohar.UmerSharif has previously worked in India but that was restricted to stage shows and awards ceremony's.This time Karanjohar has offered him a supporting role.Other actors expected to work in this film are Shahrukh Khan,Lara Datta,Priyanka Chopra.This shows that the movie is going to be a "romantic comedy". Umersharif is very excited about the film and will leave for India in march this year

Be Aware Of Hidden Camera's

This is to notify all girls out there that when ever they buy a dress and use changing room to check there dress be aware of such camera's they can be any where in a changing room.These hidden camera's can capture your video and guys can upload them to make money. For guys these things don't matter but for a girl its a life time mistake. Be careful from such hidden camera's like shown in the picture. Spread the message to make others aware

Future Photography With A Small Lens

Funamizu is famous for his concepts about future technology .Here is another of his master piece .A lens that can itself magnify image and captures what you aim for.It wirelessly transmits image to a hub device

Maya Khan Fired From Sama TV

A very interesting news for all.Maya khan host of Samma TV morning show was fired accompanied with her entire team.This all happened when Maya khan raided parks in Karachi to catch unmarried couples sitting with out the permission of there parents. This became a controversy as Maya Khan Raided the parks and without the permission of the people sitting there tried to catch them.Asking them to show there "Nikah Namma" which seems stupid to ask. when People saw Camera Man coming they tried to move away but.Maya khan with her crew ran behind them to get there view.Which is an act not accepted. People commenting on the social media said"Every one has his/her personal life,who is she to catch them" Maya khan when asked about her job replied"yes i am been fired from my job accompanied by my team members,It was not the people that were against me it was other media channels that didn't want me to work.Other rival channels started the campaign against me and they succe…

10 Year Old Naomi Kutin Breaks World Power Lifting Record

A previous record set by Kutin at the age of 9 back in july 2010 was broken by Geitner in September by lifting 209 pounds.She was aiming to break that record again.At last after months of preparation and hard work she was able to break the record by lifting 215 pounds at the age of 10. Kutin weighs around 97 pounds and she lifted weight twice her weight. Talking to media kutin said,i use to watch my father doing stuff that i couldn't do.I always thought to make a record .And this was it at last i did it.It is not how much strength you have to lift the weight,it also takes metal focus.

Wo Daikhnay Main- London Paris New York

Movie : London Paris New YorkArtist : Ali Zafar Singer : Ali zafar Song :Wo Daikhnay Main

Facebook To File Law Suit Against 'Likejacking' Spammers

Facebook is fed up of spams that are running freely on the internet pages and people walls.Facebook is spending millions of dollars to get rid of this scam.But all in vane.Scam has spread all over the worlds largest social website.At last Facebook is ready to take action against the scam accompanied with the Washington government.This is the first time ever that a state government is filling a case against a company for scam. Facebook is filing a scam against "clickjacking" Clickjacking is actually a technique to fool users to click on the link that takes the users to the advertising site.It is said that the company responsible for clickjacking is earning 1.2 million dollars a month. This kind of advertisement is also known as likejacking as users are forced to like the link that spreads on there wall and the pages that they visit allot.

New Plant Found In Fiji

Scientists have discovered a new plant named as Tagimoucia Flower.This beautiful flower belongs to Scarce Madinilla group on Fiji's Kadavu island.This plant was previously found in august 2010 but it took them time to verify the plant.There are about 193 species of plant in south Asia, Africa and pacific Island.Out of these 11 are found in fiji only. More on

World's Biggest Silver Ring

Pakistani sets another world Record by creating the Worlds big
gest silver ring.This beautiful silver ring is created by a Pakistani named Amin saleem.Amin saleem is actually the owner of jewlery company, Amin and company. He claims it is the biggest silver ring ever created .This beautiful ring weights around 71.5 kg. The ring is named as "fragrance of love" Ring contains 97.83% silver and the ring has a inner diameter of 85cm.Source

Punjab Government Imposes Ban On Concerts In Institutions

Pakistan is going through allot and people have nothing to enjoy for.Concerts were the only activity that would give a piece of refreshment to the people but Punjab government has taken it all from the institutes.Punjab government has imposed a ban on all concerts in the institutions in Pakistan . All the solo singer and bands in Pakistan are totally against it.They say this is the only source of income for us.If such bans are imposed then were will we stand.We will have nothing to do.They are totally against the ban. A resolution was passed in the Punjab assembly by PML Q.which was approved by the Punjab Assembly and concerts are totally banned in the institutions in Pakistan. This is one side of it.There is another view point. Some of these concerts by Punjab college have become reason for kidnapping of girls from the concerts,The singers are highly paid for single concerts,A simple singer costs around 2.5 lack for one concert and a singer like Atif Aslam and Rahat costs around 10-15 la…

First Pakistani To be Nominated For Oscars 2012

A Pakistani documentarian sharmeen obaid chinoy became the first Pakistani to be nominated for Oscars for her short documentary name "Saving Face".Her documentary is based on the social issue of women been insulted and their face destroyed by throwing acid on it.The documentary is based on a British Pakistani plastic surgeon who dedicates his time to heal the victims of such incidents. The documentary is set to release in march where as the Oscars are to take place on February the 26Th. She is also the first non american to win Livingston award for young journalist and also the first Pakistani to win Emmy awards in 2010 for her documentary about Pakistan: Children Of Taliban

Facebook App Lets Dead People Post

Facebook users are blessed with another interesting app that is available in the market now.This special App has a beautiful feature it allows dead to post.This App is designed by an Israeli company "willook".A person can record a message or video that will be posted after three trustees confirm he is dead..The message or the recorded video will be posted on Facebook . CEO of the company said it all happened when three of my friends died in a road accident and it was a shock for me.There are many things a person wants to share before he dies or there are things which he wants to share after he is dead.This app will provide all these things.visit the Facebook app page click here and visit ifidie

Amir Khan Boxer Is Ready To Get Engaged

Mr.King khan the boxer is Ready to tie a naught with gorgeous Faryal Makhdoom a pakistani.Amir khan has bought a ring worth 100,000 pounds for her which is 14000000 Pakistani Rs.The function will take place in Bolton Wanderer's Reebok Stadium.An estimated 150,000 pounds will be spent on the engagement party. About 1,000 guests are invited at the party including many England football players .Amir was gifted a BMW by Faryal parents on the day their engagement was fixed. Both look very happy and excited for the upcoming event. Faryal said she was having difficulties previously to listen to the accent of Amir as he has a different accent which was not easy to understand.But now she said, i have the command over it. Both will tie the naught on 29 of January

Single Pakistani Eats 67 Eggs Per Year

Poultry industry in Pakistan is boosting every single day.The production of eggs is increasing but still we are far behind as compared to other advanced countries.In advanced countries the consumption of eggs per year per person is 350 eggs as compared to Pakistan which is as low as 67 eggs per year per person. According to (UVAS) university of veterinary and animal sciences prof Doctor Muhammad Akram the Egg consumption in Pakistan is very low. If we compare our self with India the production of eggs in India is about 27,00,000 million eggs per year.with 92 eggs per person per year.Where as the production of Eggs in Pakistan is very low which is 12,800 million eggs . This also becomes the reason of high prices of eggs in winters as compared to summers as the consumption of eggs increases. He further said the use of eggs increases the growth rate of hairs and nails as the eggs contains sulpher and other healthier Minerals.So people in pakistan should consume more eggs for healthier diet.

Megaupload king Dotcom's Life

The man who changed his name to Dotcom after his website Maga upload was a hit known as Kim Schmitz.He turned from a home guy to a millionaire in a decade.38 year old was arrested on his birthday party in New zealand in his luxury mansion in Auckland.When he saw police coming he moved to room and loaded a gun after words he was arrested and his website was closed. Closing of the website was a shock for million of customers worldwide as data worth of million of dollars was uploaded to the website. It is said that Megaupload became a cause for loss of half a billion worth of pirated music and video content. He earned more than 200 million dollars from advertisement and premier membership of the website. Kim Schmitz Megaupload and cyberlocker have been closed and both of these companies were involved in spreading of copy write material. It is said that kim Schmitz had a luxurious life style with a collection of 18 luxury cars including ferrari,lambergini,mercedese,bmw and many more.Kim had sp…
The man who changed his name to Dotcom after his website Maga upload was a hit known as Kim Schmitz.He turned from a home guy to a millionaire in a decade.38 year old was arrested on his birthday party in New zealand in his luxury mansion in Auckland.When he saw police coming he moved to room and loaded a gun after words he was arrested and his website was closed. Closing of the website was a shock for million of customers worldwide as data worth of million of dollars was uploaded to the website. It is said that Megaupload became a cause for loss of half a billion worth of pirated music and video content. Kim Schmitz Megaupload and cyberlocker have been closed and both of these companies were involved in spreading of copy write material. It is said that kim Schmitz had a luxurious life style with a collection of 18 luxury cars including ferrari,lambergini,mercedese,bmw and many more.Kim had sports cars with number plates mentioning his name as "GOD","STONED","MAFI…
The man who changed his name to Dotcom after his website Maga upload was a hit known as Kim Schmitz.He turned from a home guy to a millionaire in a decade.38 year old was arrested on his birthday party in New zealand in his luxury mansion in Auckland.When he saw police coming he moved to room and loaded a gun after words he was arrested and his website was closed. Closing of the website was a shock for million of customers worldwide as data worth of million of dollars was uploaded to the website. It is said that Megaupload became a cause for loss of half a billion worth of pirated music and video content. Kim Schmitz Megaupload and cyberlocker have been closed and both of these companies were involved in spreading of copy write material. It is said that kim Schmitz had a luxurious life style with a collection of 18 luxury cars including ferrari,lambergini,mercedese,bmw and many more.Kim had sports cars with number plates mentioning his name as "GOD","STONED","MAFI…

How Saeed Ajmal Teesra Works

Pakistan has produced number one bowlers in the history.The reason being they have had always come up with new deliveries and shock the batsman.Pakistani bowlers were always difficult to play by any batsman in the world.If we begin with the world best bowlers pair.Waseen Akram and Waqar Younis.The in swinging yorkers by both were not easy to play.Banana swing and many more deliveries were developed by these bowlers.
Waseem and Waqar when came up with a new delivery reverse swing they were put in a controversy and said "They are cheating in the game of cricket" and when others bowlers including bowlers from England team copied them,it was said "its an art" This is how Pakistani bowlers were differentiated from the others.but the bowling performance and there wickets forced the world to believe they are the best bowlers ever produced in the history of the game. Bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar were so fast that players sometimes even couldn't see the bowl coming.Shoaib e…

Horse Fly With Golden Butt Named After Beyonce

Beyonce a world known singers name is given to a horse fly and it is not the only name for her.Scientists have named a horse fly with Beyonce.The main reason being the bottom of the fly is of golden colour that made the scientist name the fly Beyonce.This is not the only similarity between the horse fly and Beyonce. The scaptia(plinthina) Beyonceae was discovered in 1981 which is the same year the beautiful singer Beyonce was born.On the other hand Beyonce was part of the group 'destiny Child' which recorded the 2001 hit 'bootylicious'The fly got his name from its booty features a big gold butt. This is an honour for the singer that a specie is named after her name. The horse fly helps the nature in the process of pollination.They travel from plant to plant like hummingbird to take the nectar. source

Architectural Model

Are you stunned watching these beautiful piece of architecture.These beautiful structure are designed byAlex Neretinfrom Moscow.His piece of art is marvelous.The architectural structures made look like real .Every single structure is made to the best.He has verities of jewlery designs as well as architecture like this. From the whole building to grass, tress, lights, every thing is made to perfection

China Launches Magnetic Train

China has recently made a magnetic train that works on the principle of magnetic levitation.They are actually planing to use this train on urban areas and mountainous region.The train designed in such a way that it can pass through heavy populated area with less or no sound.The train can attain a speed of 100km/hr and has the tendency of carrying 600 passengers at a time. The best fact about the train is that it produces very less pollution and is allot safer than other trains.

Strings To Compose Tracks For Hollywood Film Avengers

It is in the news that Pakistani band Strings is in top two of the bands been selected for the sound track of the Bollywood films sound track.The other band competing for this sound track is Indian band Agnee.Just keep in mind that string band has previously produced sound track for Hollywood film spiderman. Jal and janoon were also in line to get this chance to make music for a Bollywood film but they were rejected just because they didn't had better vocalists.Let hope and pray thins times strings get the chance as they have an edge over the Indian band as they have previously produced soundtrack for the Hollywood film.

Pilot Dies Of Heart Attack Mid-Flight

Sergei Golev 44 year old pilot died of heart attack during a flight from Bangkok to Russia when the plane was passing over china.It was reported that a cardiologist found in the plane tried his best to save the life of the pilot but all in vain. Chief pilot tried to make an emergency landing for the pilot but he died before the plane made landing so the plan was abandoned. It was reported that incident took place on Tuesday and news broke that one of the passengers who was a pilot died. But a spokesman for the regional transportation told the local newspaper that it was actually the pilot who died,there is always a reserve pilot which takes the pilots place if anything goes wrong.

Third Smallest Baby Ever Survives

Malinda Star Guido a baby believed to be the third smallest baby ever survived left the hospital on Friday.The baby was born 16 weeks early with a weight of 9.5 ounces which is 270 grams.The baby is believed to be equal to weight of a soda can or less the the weight of two iPhone. According to global birth registry figures she was the third smallest baby ever survived.Dr Rangasamay nanotologist said"he was not sure will she survive or not ,it was not less than a miracle" The baby was kept in the hospital for 5 months.Dr Rangasamay said it has happened first time in his career that a baby which was weight less than 400 grams or 300 grams survived.

Indian Pakistani Chefs Competition Foodistan

Foodistan is a new television show starting next week on NDTV.This special and unique TV show will be showing chefs from Pakistan and India competing with each other.Chefs will be making dishes from scratch.The producers of the show believe that the show will be a huge success and will become to bridge gap between Pakistan and India.Pakistan and India share many dishes which are part of there culture,This is how we will be able to compare those dishes and will learn allot from each other. Indian and Pakistan teams will be competing with eight players each. Vir Sanghvi a food critic,Sonya Jahan an actress Marrilees Parker who is a British celebrity chef and TV presenter will be the judges of the show. CEO of NDTV Chakrabarti said "This show is very important for us because India and Pakistan are those countries that share a common passion for food"

Piya o re piya(slow version) By Atif Aslam & Priya Panchal

Everybody is waiting for Atif Aslam new song.Here is another master piece by Atif Aslam whose voice will defiantly make you cry. Singer: Atif Aslam & Priya Panchal Song:Piya O Re Piya(slow version) Movie: Tairay Naal Love Hogya

Most Needles Threaded In One Minute

One 19th August 2011 a Chinese wan fuquan set a world record of most needles threaded in one minute. This record was set on live CCTV.It looks impossible but this guy made it possible.The previous Record was of 100 needles.But wan fuquan broke the record by passing 101 needles

Afridi Says No To Bpl For National Duty

Shahid khan Afridi rejected the offer of $700,000 by Bangladesh premier league saying"unfortunately the dates of Bangladesh premier league clash with Pakistan series against England.So,i have decided to opt out of Bangladesh premier league as national duty is more important to me"Shahid khan Afridi is now a days playing big Bash T20 tournament in Australia. Bangladesh premier league is beginning from Feb 9 to 28 and on the other hand Pakistan vs England limited over series starts on 11 Feb in UAE. "I am waiting for the series against England so it was not a difficult choice for me,i am always ready to play league matches if not required for the national duty"Said Shahid Khan Afridi.Other players bought by Dhaka Gladiators were Saeed Ajmal, Rana Naveed, and Imran Nazir for $100,000. Sohail Tanveer,Kamran Akmal,Abdul Razzak,Muhammad Sammi,Fawad Alam,Muhammad Sammi,Qaiser Abbas,Faisal Iqbal are also included in other teams.

Afridi Becomes Most Valuable Player Of T20 Worth $700,000

Cris Gayle was considered the most valuable T20 player in the history of cricket but Shahid khan Afridi was snapped up by Dhaka Gladiators with an astonishing price of $700,000 at the inaugural of Bangladesh premier league in Dhaka.Cris Gayle was bought by Barisal Burners with a price tag of $551,000.Cris Gayle is in a long dispute with WICB and this is the reason he is playing more t20 cricket. Marlon samuels was bid for $360,000 by durontoRajshahi.Gladiators picked up Polard with a 300,000 deal. Dwayne Bravo and ShoaibMalik were auctioned for $150,000. 17 other players were put for auctions worth $100,000 Stuart Macgil was one of those 36 players that were auctioned for $50,000 dollars. 6 franchises were bought for $1.01 million dollar and 1.02$ million dollar. Chittagong was picked up by S Q sports for the highest value.

Indian Teacher With A Bank Balance Of $10 Billion

Parjeet Saha a high school teacher with a normal salary of $700 was astonished to see his bank account of 10billion dollar.parjeet said he checked his bank account online to check his interest payment of Rs 10,000 which is $200 but he was amazed to see an amount of 10 billion dollar in his bank account. After recovering from the shock to saw 496 billion rupees in his bank account he contacted his friend who works in a bank. The state bank of India said that it is not yet cleared that how that much amount transferred to his account.We are looking for errors said local manager subhashish Karnakar.

Victorinox packs 1TB SSD Into A Pocket Knife

This is what you call a gadget.1TB memory in a pocket knife was a dream that is coming true by victorinox.It will be released soon,but it wont come cheap. It is designed in such a way that it comes in swiss army knife blades and scissors. Gizmag

Bacteria's Discovered To Reduce The Speed Of Your Growing Age

Good news for all those girls who do not want to get old and want to remain young forever.Russian scientists have discovered a bacteria that can slow down your rate of growing age.These bacteria were discovered in Siberia. This Bacteria is named as bacillus F. The bacteria found in the Siberian frozen area are about 3 million years older than those bacteria's previously found.

Saeed Ajmal Responded To Bob Willis Allegations

Weather Pakistan team tour England or England tour Pakistan .It is in the past records that English media and players are always pointing fingers at Pakistan. In past many incidents have happened when they blamed Shoaib Akhter for ball tempering.When waqar and wasim were at there peak and few of them new about the art of reverse swing they put an allegation on them,although Wasim Akram and Waqar have always rejected there allegation by saying its an art. On the last tour of Pakistan to England three of Pakistan players were charged with match fixing allegation on English soil.Including our emerging fast bowler Muhammad Amir. Now after today's match former England captain bob Willis called 'Ajmal action questionable' Where were they for the past several years? Ajmal responded to the bob Willis comments about his action saying'he will not be affected by the comments made by the British media,his action was cleared by ICC' The right arm spinner claimed his career best 7/55 …

Register For Sur Kshetra Auditions

It was in the news that singing competition between Pakistan and India Sur Kshetra will be starting soon.But this show has taken a wide turn as this show is taking place in collaboration with Sahara TV India and Geo television Pakistan.It is in the news that AbidaPeveen ,Runalaila,Ashabhoslay will be the judges of the show.Show will be shot in dubai ,So those having talent must participate
Atif Aslam and Hamaish Reshamya
will be the captains of Pakistan and India teams. The promos of this show are being on aired on Geo television.
The auditions in Lahore and Karachi will be stating on 17 and 18 . To participate in the show do the following
TypeSUR space name space city send it to 436 Age limit = 16-27

Lady Gaga Of Ancient Times-Tomb Of Ancient Singer

1,100 year old Tomb of women singer was discovered in Egypt by Egypt and Switzerland archeologists in the valley of the king.It is being said that tomb is of a female singer who use to sing at karnak Temple one of the largest open air sites from pheronic era.Senior official Mansur Boraiq said that it is the only female tomb found which is not related to royal family.He further said when the coffin was opnened it was in a very good shape and a funeral mask was molded to her face. This shows that how much music was loved by the people of that time.Because this is the only tomb of a women ever found instead of royal family. The singer is named as nehmes bastet.they believed that she was to be protected by feline God bastet. Click here for more

Technology Park Named After Arfa

We lost the daughter of the nation Arfa Karim Randhawa a girl that made us proud.Chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif took a very good decision after the burial ceremony of Arfa.He ordered to name Lahore Technology Park as 'Arfa Software Technology Park' .He mentioned this on his official page status on Facebook.This brave decision by the chief minister will tell the generations to come ,how brave and intelligent Arfa was.

First Asian Premier League Player Joins Hong Kong Kitchee

Pakistani football player that made a history way back in 2004 when he became the first Asian to play for a premier league club by playing for Fulham.As a petriotic Pakistani he plays for Pakistan on international level.Zeeshan Rehman has joined Hong Kong Champions Kitchee sports club.It is a 18 months deal.He was choosen after a wonderful spell in Thailand. Rehman tweeted on Thursday saying that "Waiting to get with my new club in Hong Kong.Bundle of thanks to all MTUFC fans and people of Thailand"

111 Year Old Women Becomes US Citizen

Iraqi native Zaya Bashu Second oldest women in the world has recently became a US citizen said Marilu Cabrera US Citizenship and immigration services spokesman.she was born in 1900 and took the oath on friday at sterling heights home north of Detroit. When she was asked about her long age she said it is because she drinks green tea.

Arfa Karim Randhawa Died

The girl that portrayed a better image of Pakistan to the international world.Worlds youngest Microsoft certified professional Arifa Karim Randhawa died today after being in coma for several days.

She was being monitored by worlds best doctors when Bill Gates 'worlds richest man' made a team of professional doctors that were monitoring her through webcam.It was also planned to take her to America to provide the best of care but she took her last breath today in CMH.She proved herself at a very young age.She had a dream to meet with Bill Gates and her dream was fulfilled when Bill Gates himself Invited her at the Microsoft headquarters because of her achievement.She was awarded with Fatima Jinnah Gold medal in science and technology ,Salaam Pakistan youth award and biggest civil award of Pakistan pride of performance in 2005. May she rest in peace.

Astola Island In Pakistan

Everyone dreams of visiting different parts of the world in vacations but have you ever thought there a place in you country you never heard of,an island in pakistan. yes,there is an island in Pakistan named as Astola island which is also known as 'satadip' which means an island of seven hills near pasni in the district Gawadar.
This island in the only island in the Arabian sea which is most significant. It takes about 5hr to reach the island on motor boats under complete security. Island has a Muslim prayer yard which is dedicated to Pir Khoaja ghizer which is known to rule the oceans.People believe that he visits that prayer yard to pray. There is also a Hindu temple on the island this is why the island is known as satadip. Other islands are Churma;pakistan's second largest island Buddo island Baba bhit island Bundal island Clifton oyester rocks Khiprian wala island Shmas pir island Manora island Salahabad island To know about more intersesting news from pakistan and ab…