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Dresses Of Pakistan

If you travel the world you will see that people around the globe wear different dresses depending upon the location of the country.This is because the weather
conditions of the country depend alot on the dresses of people.
In Pakistan the national dress of pakistan is Shalwar Kameez.The reason being,Shalwar kameez comes in lose fitting and the weather of Pakistan is Hot
as compare to western countries.Shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan,it is worn in all the cities and provinces of Pakistan.
Here is a glimpse of Pakistani dresses,Shalwar kameez.
The dress Shalwar kameez wore by men are simple but the designs
change according to the occasion.
Shalwar kameez worn by the ladies are a bit change than men.But they have a huge
collection of designs when it comes to shalwar kameez.They come in tight fittings depending upon the trend in that season.

people in Pakistan do wear jeans and suits.Suits are mostly meant for bankers and
people working in private sector jobs.Mostly suits are wore on occasions like weddings and other occasions.

Now lets talk
about the sindh province,Girls usually wear more colorful cloths in sindh with some thread work done on there dresses. here is an image of dress worn by the sindhi girls

Dresses wore by Baluchistan girls Resemble allot with the dress worn by the Sindhi girls .Use of red color and some mirror work on these dress make them
unique and different from the others.

Here is a beautiful pic of a dress worn by the province Pakhtonistan,Girls in this area wear very bright colours and use of small pieces of mirror is prominent on these dresses.These dresses are comparatively Long in length with beautiful thread work on these dresses.


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