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Facebook Becoming Major Cause OF Divorces

Facebook flirting is triggering divorces around the world.It is this because of Facebook that people consider it easier to communicate with the opposite sex.According to reports by the official us departments that Facebook is becoming a major cause of divorces in the us.According to a report 33 percent of the divorces taking place in the us are because of Facebook.Officials say 50 percent of them include word Facebook.This all happens when there partners see negative activity on there partners wall.

Falak-Ijazat Official Music Video

Song By:"Ijazat"Atrist:"Falak" Music By:"Ali Mustafa"

Women Survived Three Days Trapped In Car

Australia: Women survived after been trapped for three days in her car after a road accident.She said i was so desperate to escape that i wanted to amputate my leg but i didn't find any sharp object.
This all happened when Mcknight grandmother was driving near batlow near southeast Australia.She swerved that while driving at a normal speed she came across a kangaroo.She tried to protect it and the car went out of control crossed guard rail and car went down the cliff.Her left leg got stuck between the ground and roof of her car.She tried allot but couldn't escape.Her cell phone battery dying she was not able to contact the police or emergency services.Although few meters away from the road no one heard her.After three days a local boy was passing near that area when she started screaming and the boy went for the rescue.
Police told the reporter that she was so desperate to escape that she even wanted to amputate her leg but she was not able to find any sharp object.She is now ad…

Rs 97/kg Gas From Januray Next Year

Today i came across a news which said CNG price will be increased to 97/kg in the first month of new year.A new year gift for all.Some of you might consider it as a bad news and some who think from a broader prospective will take it as a good news.Yes individuals with cars will have a added effect on there daily life because of the enormous increase in the prices but to be very true it will have good effects.Just because of the increase in the prices some of people will surely shift to petrol the reasons are given below.

A normal gas cylinder contains 9kg gas but the CNG stations in many area like Peshawar road near Islamabad and many CNG stations located out of the city through low temperature and high pressure up to 240 bar can fill your tank to about 10 kg gas.Which even reaches 11kg at some CNG stations, so, 11kg gas = 97*11 = Rs 1067 which is equivalent to 12.12 liter petrol.
A car on petrol on average travels 12km in city so with an amount of Rs 1067 the car will travel 145km. And …

Wish:7Ron Watch

This is like a dream watch.This watch was designed by Scott Galloway.This cool watch was inspired from Tron.This watch is like a fantacy.This is what we call watch of future

source:Tokyo Flash

Ptcl Launched Sms Customer Complaint Service

Ptcl has launched its complain registration service for mobile customers.customers can now register there complains by sending a text message.Here are the details how to register a complain through sms.
You can now register a complain by 5 easy steps.
Complain,Area Code,Land line number ; product code 'LL' for land line complain and BB for broad band send the test message to 05 1218 1218 and you will get your complain number via text message or you can type'Help' and send it to 05 1218 1218 Ptcl is launching such customer services to make there services better and help solve customers problem as early as possible.Ptcl has about 5 million customers.

Pakistan Maintains Top Slot In Google Search For Word 'Sex'

Pakistan has garbed number one spot in Google search for word sex.According to fox news Pakistan was ranked top country in searching for the word 'sex'.In 2010 Pakistan was ranked number one. Now this year the results are the same. Pakistan maintains its top slot in searching the word sex on Internet followed by India ad Vietnam. Pakistan has about 20 million Internet users and growing. city Islamabad was ranked 1st in Pakistan for searching the word sex in the months of September and December 2011 followed by Lahore which is also in the list of top ten cities of the world. Lahore was in the top ten cities for the months of January,march, April may June July, September,October,November and December. The good thing is that Pakistan was not in the top ranking in the months of February and August(ramazan) in the global ranking.Only in the month of Ramadan Pakistan was not in the global ranking for search of the word 'sex'

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles under your eyes is becoming a major problem now a days.there are many reasons by which these dark circles are formed.these dark circles can be removed by medical treatment and other home made remedies.You will prefer home made remedies as medical treatments are very expensive and can have side effects on your eyes.
Causes of dark circles.
Dark circles can be formed under your eyes because of many reasons.major causes include.Incomplete sleep.Use of less amount of water in your daily life incomplete diet and one of the most common reason is sleeping on your stomach.
Home made remedies for dark circles.
Drinking allot of water ,having a complete diet,giving full time to sleep and less stress will prevent dark circles to appear on your eyes.Many people have a habit of sleeping on there stomach,which increases pressure on your eyes.which causes dark circles.try to sleep on your back to prevent dark circles.Apply sliced cucumber or sliced potato on you eyes for 15-20 Min's.Thi…

Yaadein By Axis(Official Video)

song: Yaadein
Band: AxisAxis band has come up with this beautiful song and dedicated this woderful song to the band of the pastVital signs.

China To Build World Highest Airport

China: next year china will be constructing worlds highest airport in the Himalayan region.the altitude of the airport will 4,436 meters.there are still 5 airports in that region.the total area covered by this airport will be 660 acres.the estimated cost for this airport was made to be $285 million. According to the news this airport will be 102 meters higher than the Bamda airport in Tibet. officials said that from nest year we are starting more flights in that region which will help to bring 2.2 million passengers in a year and 15000 Tons of cargo.out of the five airports operating in that region two of them open for few months because of the high temperature changes.

Vietnam Can Block Facebook But They Can't Stop Mark Zuckerberg

Vietnam: The government of Vietnam has blocked Facebook in there country but they can't stop the founder Mark Zuckerberg from visiting it.Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg visited Vietnam to spend his Christmas .He arrived on 22th of December and spent his holidays on a very famous tourist destination Ha Long Bay.He spend his Christmas day at northern mountain town of spa said the local media.Vietnam's censors have blocked the use of Facebook in the country but the young generation found different ways to use Facebook in the country.

Giant Outdoor escalator

Bogota a city in Columbia got a giant outdoor escalator for its poor residence that were to climb a long distance to reach there home.Approx 12,000 residence of that area had to climb a long distance.Officials planned to make there route easy for them.So they decided to make an escalator .Few days ago the inauguration ceremony of the escalator took place . Officials inaugurated the escalator and talking to the media told that it cost them around 6.5 million dollar.It is about 12,60 ft height.It took people to reach at the top about 30 Min's now there distance has decreased to about 6min.
Residence of the area where very excited to see the outdoor escalator."Its a dream come true" said one of the resident.

Kaptaan-A Film on Imran Khan Sound Tracks

Kataan-The making of Imran khan a movie been released on the life of Imran Khan.

This video includes ,sound tracks promo of the movie

List of tracks
MairayHamsafarMaaAllah hoJaltadia

China Tested High speed Train-Can Reach 500kmph

China: China has recently tested its High speed train.The train can reach a max speed of 500kmphWhen taking to one of the technician he said the design of the train is taken from an ancient sword .This design of the train will give this train more aerodynamics and speed.The material used in this train is plastic which is reinforced with carbon fiber.

Amir Khan Reached Islamabad

Amir Khan Reached Islamabad today and was warmly welcomed by relatives and Pakistan boxing federation.Amir khan on an interview with the media on the airport said that.Pakistani boxers have alot of talent and strength.Benazir Bhutto International boxing championship in Pakistan is going to provide good boxers for the future.Talking about imran khan his brother he said that we are hooping that he qualifies for the Olympics. answering media questions he futher said that i have filled a case against my opponent 'peterson' and hope to get a positive result the next year. Amir khan will be visiting his relatives in Pakistan and his friends in Lahore.

Apney Ulloo- Shehzad Roy(Watch Video)

Song: Apney Ulloo Singer: Shehzad Roy

Junaid Jamshaid To Make His Come Back With Salman Ahmed

A news that will shock you all.It is in the news that Junaid Jamshaid may be producing a new version of the song.'Dil Dil Pakistan' and 'jazba' in collaboration with Salman Ahmed.

It was few weeks ago when Salman Ahmed tweeted about this on twitter and now things looking to be true.As Salman Ahmed and Junaid Jamshaid are spotted sitting together and Salman Ahmed playing the tune for Junaid Jamshaid.

Salman Ahmed later said"actually we are planing a new version of dil dil Pakistan" and jazba.If this is the case then hope next year will bring some great music for all.As patriotic songs are really required by the generation at this time of country crises.

Us Compensation Offer Rejected By Pakistan Army

The investigation reports were released saying that these check posts were not mentioned in the map.Pakistan army has totally rejected the reports saying that all these posts were mentioned in the map.

US forces must have known that taliban fighters do not make check posts .They fight and run away.knowing all this they intentional fired on our check post. USA has offered the compensation for the life of 28 Pakistani soldiers that died by brutal firing of american armed forces on Pakistani check post.

Pakistan army has rejected the offer saying that we will our self support there families and we do not want that amount from America.Our soldiers fought for there country and we do not sell our soldiers.

Akcent Live In Lahore and Islamabad 2012

In our previous posts we have been telling you that Akcent band is coming to Pakistan.Here are the details for you guys those of you who want to be part of the one of the biggest concerts in history of lahore here are the details.
Date: 21st January 2012 Location: Lahore Organisers: Aj events and productions contact: 03333122223
More info on:
NOTICE: We are not responsible for any fraud by ticketing or any means by event management as we do not have any links with them.Make sure about the event and the event management company then go for tickets.

Fatwa On Veena Malik

I think Veena Malik was born with troubles.The quote 'out of fry pan into the fire' suits Veena malik the best.The anger in Pakistani's was at its peak when hercontroversial photo shoot was revealed to the public.Week after the photo shot Veena Malik faced another hurdle when Bal Thakray said send Veena Malik back as she is portraying bad image of our community and she is on a short term visa why is she staying here for so long,and now yesterday Veena Malik faced a fatwa by Indian Muslim community. Indian Muslim community gave a fatwa yesterday on her new TV reality show.Venna ka rishta.According to the religious scholars she is portraying a bad image of her religion and this will give a bad impact on new generation of girls.This fatwa was published on her new TV show Veena ka rishta on NDTV.She has even recorded the promos of this show.Now the reaction of veena Malik is awaited after this Fatwa

Road To Fairy Meadows

This is the Karakorum Highway.One of the most dangerous roads on earth.The dangerous journey from this road leads to a place which is not less than a heaven on earth know as fairy meadows and one of the most highest mountains on earth Nanga Parbat.Once you reach there you will yourself say that this risk was worth taking.Before you reach fairy meadows .
You have to pass through this dangerous road which is a single road and is about 10km long.The more dangerous thing about this road is that you wont be able to pass through if you come across a jeep from front,because there is only space for one you have to reverse back to some place where the other car gets space to pass through.All your way till the fairy meadows you will be driving over a fast flowing stream of river(Indus river)

The Glass That Turned A Small Company To A Million Dollar Company-Rednek Glass

A family owned company struck Gold when there product was a hit made $5 million in sales.This company turned to a million Dollar company when they made a product called 'Rednek Glasses' The company initially got orders of about 2,000 glasses and till the end of June there product orders reached 70,000 Glasses a month it was a 40% boost in there sales.It was so high that the company has to recruit 20 more employs.Now according to the owner the sales have reached 1,00000 glasses a month. The glass is simply a ball mason jar glued on top of Libby candle stick holder A single glass costs them about $6.50 and is sold at about $15.
If you want to buy this beautiful glass and give that gift to your loved one here is the link The Original RedNek Wine Glass

Ptcl Re-Launches Vfone Azadi Package

ptcl Pakistan telecommunication limited has re launched its vfoneazadi package.It was last time launched on 14 august when celebrating Pakistan 62 birthday.According to the package the customers will be ale to buy vfone and an equal amount of balance in there vfone.For a 1900 Mhz phone a balance of Rs 3600 will be awarded and with 450 Mhz a balance of Rs 400 will be awarded.This balance can be use to make free calls to vfone to ptcl land line and vfone to vfone.Customers will also be able to send free text messages to vfone to vfone and other networks on net and off net. PTCL wants to provide all its customers with the best of telecommunications services.This package also includes a Internet connection

Shortest Day Of The Year 22 December

According to news,Today 22th of December is the shortest day of the year.The sun will be setting at 5:07 pm and will be rising at 7:06 am.This means that the day will be of 10.01hr long .Making it the shortest day of the year.from today the days will start getting longer.

Pakistan VS India Singing Competition Sur Kshetra

SurKshetra a Indian TV show where singers from Pakistan and India will compete each other from one platform.Singers from Pakistan will be selected from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.
Judges :AtifAslam and HamaishReshammiya
These judges will be judging the contestants.

Here is the video of the launch of the Tv Show

Nail Care Tips

Every single part of your body that is visible to others have its own importance.Your hairs, skin, lips, eyes, and feet etc.People actually do not take care of there nails in daily life.although nails are of great importance and enhance the look of your hand. There are certain things that you can take care of to have healthy nails.if you think the growth of your nails is not fast and you want them to grow faster massage your fingers and feet daily with oil,giving it a downward to upward movement including the palms of your hands.for healthy and fast growing nails you need a healthy protein filled diet.If the growth of your nails is not fast,you must think that you diet does not include enough protein. One of the most important part of your nails care is your cuticles .To prevent your self from diseases you must take care of cuticles .drinking fresh carrot juice daily will give you strengthened it includes high calcium and phosphorus.
Here are few tips that you can use to have …

Chinese Player Praise Pakistan

Chinese players have praised Pakistan team when they had press conference. Chinese coach and Team manager in a press meeting said that we were shocked by the welcome given to us at the airport by Pakistani's.we were not expecting such a welcome.
he further said that when we raised concerned about our visit to Pakistan.The management said that Pakistani people consider china as there bothers and after a warm welcome here it was proved.
coach Gaochao said that in 1970 our 4 coaches came to Pakistan for training to get to know about the game and now after 40 years the team we have is because of the help by Pakistani's.We came here to learn more hockey skills by Pakistan's and hope to have a good series here.
Chinese team will play two matches in Karachi on 20th and 21th of December and on 24 in Faisalabad and 25th in Lahore.
After 7 years its the first international match been played in Karachi.All the sports activities were banned after the incident with the sirilankan team.

How To Remove Blackheads

How To Remove Blackheads
Now a days home made remedies are getting very common .The reason being there are no side effects of these remedies as they include natural products instead of chemicals.These remedies are very effective in some cases.Even if you do not believe in these remedies you can still give it a try,as they are worth trying.
Here we will show you a simple remedy on how to remove blackheads from your skin.
Simple home made remedy is take some amount of sugar and Grind it.after grinding it preserve rest of it in a bottle.Apply some grinned sugar on your face and after some time wash your face.After about 3-4 days you will find the results .Your face will be looking more glowing and free from black heads.

How to make your skin shine
Take some apple and lemon juice ,make a paste and apply it on your face.wash it after some time your skin will get more shiner.Milk works as a cleanser for your skin,do not boil the milk just apply on your face and massage it for some time.Soon you …

Send Back Veena Malik Says Bal Thakray

Bal Thakray is famous for his comments against Pakistan's .As a representative of a big Hindu political party.Bal Thakray yesterday released a statement that Veena Malik should be send home accompanied with other Pakistani actors.
In his statement he said that Veena Malik came here on a short term Visa,how is she staying here for such a long time.She goes to sleep for few hours and our media starts breaking news although she is not that well know actress.It is all publicity stunt.She gives a naked Photo shot and destroys the image of our society.Pakistani actors come here earn money and do not return home.They increase there stay here in India.
We have great singers and actors why we need Pakistani actors to come here.They should not be allowed here.As Pakistani government has imposed a ban on our great actors like Amitab bachan and others.They do not allow our films to be launched in Pakistan,so there actors should not be allowed here.People from Pakistan come here in India to watc…

Japan Refuses To Ban Iranian Oil Import

Japan the country with third largest economy has refused to impose ban on Iranian oil.Japan foreign minister while his visit to USA made it clear to the American government that it will not impose any ban on Iranian oil as the country has no fossil fuel of its own and the country has to emphasis on other countries for the oil.If import of oil is made from other countries it will cost them allot .He further said that if the import of oil is stopped from Iran it will effect entire Global economy which is not a good sign.Keep in mind that America has imposed ban on the import of Iranian oil after international nuclear agency accused Iran of purchasing Iranian oil.

PTI is Spam Calling for jalsa Gathering

Here is a latest update for you guys.PTI Pakistan Tehreekay Insaf is Spam Calling people at there land line numbers to market its jalsa.Which is against the rules and regulations of Pakistan Telecommunication authority(PTA).
This strategy was previously used in Lahore jalsa and they found better results.This is why PTI is using this strategy in Karachi now.
According to users which received calls said that Telephone calls received says :
Asalamo-o-Alaikum .how are you? This is Imran khan.I am coming to your city on 25 of December at Mazar e Qaid.Hope to see you there.This is the beginning of new Pakistan.I am waiting for you.Imran khan.

Many of you might be angry with me that why i am saying it as spam calling.Hope many of you don't like getting up in the middle of night to listen to a spam call.This strategy is applied by Imran khan and in future if all the parties start such kinda compaign you guys will be receiving many such fake calls in a day.
Imran khan is known as a trend setter …

Chitral Pakistan

Chitral is a beautiful valley located in the north west of Pakistan.It comes in the hindukush range of mountains.Its a dream place to visit because of its cultural heritage which is till today as it was 100's of years ago.The dress worn by the Chitral women are different from any other community in the world.People living in that area are totally cut off from rest of the world.This area of Chitral was a very important route for many invaders like Alexander, Changez khan and many others.
This beautiful place is a heaven on earth and one of the most visited tourist destination in Pakistan. PIA Pakistan International Airline is offering daily flights to Chittral from Islamabad and Peshawar. depending upon the weather conditions.

World's Smallest Woman

Jyoti Amge has been announced as the world's smallest woman . Guinness world record team went to her house in Nagpur on her 18th birthday to confirm. Previously the worlds smallest man was from USA Bridgette Jordan 22 measuring 2ft and 3inches.Jyoti is about 2ft .06 inches tall.

she celebrated her 18th birthday at her house with her friends and relatives.she is studying in a college and wants to work in a Bollywood movie.Hope her dreams come true.

She was very excited at her birthday wearing a pink sari at the party.she said i am never ashamed of being so small because if i was not that small i would not have ever been able to travel the wold and countries like japan etc..

But all time smallest woen world record still belongs to Pauline musters.she died in 1895 ,she was 2feet tall.

How To Activate Facebook Timeline

Hey friends here is what you were waiting for Facebook Timeline.Which makes facebook more easy to use.Facebook has launched it facebook timeline new feature for its users.Many of the users were able to activate it early.But if you want to activate it now here is the linkClick here---Facebook Timeline and click get the timeline.

But before you activate it just keep in mind once activated you will not be able to revert back to previous profile.Before activating, change your privacy setting .Your timeline will remain visible to you only for seven days.So you have enough time to play with it and save your changes.Timeline makes it easy for everyone to share stuff more easily.
Share this and let others know.

President House Demands 260 Million for New Kitchen

This is Pakistan which is still surviving after been part of millions of dollar corruption.Here is an example for you.The person which has about 56 billion dollars in Swiss banks didn't show mercy to his nation after been hit by a heart attack.He didn't learned a lesson .
It is in the news that President house has requested CDA for development of a new kitchen in the president house.CDA has passed a bill of RS.260 Million (26 Crore) for a new kitchen in the president house.5 crore for the destruction of the previous kitchen.10 core for the plantation of the new kitchen.1 crore for crockery and 10 crore for the imported kitchen.
Was the previous kitchen not enough ?Cant they survive with that kitchen for another year?If they do not have enough money to pay bills to petroleum companies ,why are they wasting our money on there luxuries?A government servants pays an amount of 30 thousand as tax money each year,that makes about 1,00000 employs tax money been wasted on his luxury.If h…

Vaseline And Its Uses

The cheapest beauty product in the market is Vaseline and it has so many Uses in your life that you might not have thought of.Let us begin with how Vaseline came to market.In the late 19th century a chemist named Robert noticed that the factory workers use Rod wax on there skin to prevent it from getting dry.He also noticed that it also helps in healing of the wounds quickly.Here he experimented and created large batch of this product that contained petroleum jelly and started selling it.
lets now discuss the uses of Vaseline in daily life.

How to soften your feet: If you notice that you have rough feet or cracked heals.Dip your feet for 15min a tub of water and take them out.Apply petroleum jelly to your feet ,Wear thick socks and go to sleep.When you will wake up you will notice that you have very soft feet.
How to improve your smile: Petroleum jelly also helps to improve your smile,Have you ever noticed all those movie queens that smile on the television have a glittering effect when t…

11 year old Pak Girl sets World Record

Proud to be Pakistani,An 11 year old Pakistani girl Sitara Akbar has set a world record by passing o'levels Examination at the age of 11.
This cute little girl belongs to chineot.This is not the first time she has broken a world record.She passed chemistry examination at the age of 9.Then at the age of 10 she set a new world record by passing Biology examination .This was all not enough for her so she set another world record at the age of 11 by passing Mathematics, Physics, English, Chemistry, and Biology.She also managed to pass International English Language Test(IELTS) which is required by universities for post graduation and scored 7 bands out of 9.When talking to Sitara Father we came to know that he was once thrown out of school just because the teachers said she asks many questions.
Now the colleges are not giving her admission in A Levels because of her age.

Shahrukh Khan Offered Lady Gaga Film Role

Shahrukh Khan with his interview with Lady Gaga in a TV show offered Lady Gaga with a leading role in a Bollywood movie.Lady Gaga accepted his offer but she further said that she do not want to be part of a leading role in the movie.She wan't a smaller role instead.

This interview was on aired on an India television.When audience was asked to ask questions ,One of them asked lady Gaga will you date Shahrukh khan she said "No way , he is married and i am that spiritual kind of person with old thinking".

Urdu Feature Film The Dusk(Trailer)-Pakistani Film

Here is an Official trailer of the movie "The Dusk".This movie will soon be released in cinemas all over pakistan.The story of the movie is very different from the others.Its about a couple that recently got married,just after 5 days of there mariage the Ali goes missing .The kidnappers do not ask for the ransom and they don't even contact back .From here the fatima starts searching for her husband.
This movie is directed by Zeshan KAzmi
Produced by Wajahat KazmiStarring : salman Khan and Uzma Khan

Aakhri Baar - Shaheryar Mirza (Music Video)

Shehreyar Mirza releases his news album with a very romantic and melodious song,Akhri baar milo.This is a beautiful music video composed by Yasir M.Jaswal. Liste to this beautiful song and it will take you to another world.

Biggest Ever Day Time Firework

Recently largest ever day time firework took place in Doha "Qatar" This beautiful fire work was funded by the international Qater museum .Chinese Atist Cai Guo-Qiang took about two months to plan this event.In this event militery grade anti missile decoy were used to create a beautiful firework that tuned the sky colorful.According to the Al jazeera news reports it was the biggest ever day light firework.Thousands of people were invited at the event.Every one was appreciating the efforts put by the Chinese Artist Cai Guo-Qiang.

About Pakistan

Independence: 14 August 1947
Capital: Islamabad
Provinces: 5
Tribal AreaBaluchistanSindhKhyber PakhtonistanPunjab
Population: 18,9000000
Area: 30,737 sq mile
National Dress: Shalwar Kameez
National Game: Hockey
National Flower: Jasmine
National Language: Urdu
Total languages spoken in Pakistan: 72
Total Rivers : 5 The 2nd largest mountain in the world is located in paksitan that is K2. Pakistan is the first Muslim country to have nuclear power.It has the 8 largest Army in the world.It is located in such an area that it has mountains as well as sea,desert and rivers.

Dresses Of Pakistan

If you travel the world you will see that people around the globe wear different dresses depending upon the location of the country.This is because the weather
conditions of the country depend alot on the dresses of people.
In Pakistan the national dress of pakistan is Shalwar Kameez.The reason being,Shalwar kameez comes in lose fitting and the weather of Pakistan is Hot
as compare to western countries.Shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan,it is worn in all the cities and provinces of Pakistan.
Here is a glimpse of Pakistani dresses,Shalwar kameez.
The dress Shalwar kameez wore by men are simple but the designs change according to the occasion.
Shalwar kameez worn by the ladies are a bit change than men.But they have a huge collection of designs when it comes to shalwar kameez.They come in tight fittings depending upon the trend in that season.

people in Pakistan do wear jeans and suits.Suits are mostly meant for bankers and people working in private sector jobs.Mostly suits are wo…