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Legal Notice Sent To Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

A legal notice has been issued to singer Rahat fateh Ali Khan by "overseas event management company".
When the manager of the company was asked about the reason he said that.We organised an event for which 5,000 tickets where sold.The function was to start at 9:00 pm Sharp but Rahat Fateh Ali Khan arrived at 11 Pm.Although there was a written agreement betwee us and Rahat Fateh Ali khan to reach in time.As the function got late the crowed that paid for the event left the event and asked about the refund of the tickets.
Later when the function started Rahat stopped our camera man for making the video,Although it was part of the agreement,and we paid him the money .Friends of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan destroyed all our equipment .
Rahat Brought with him many un invited guests although we made him stay at 5 star hotel in that city.
Rahat will have to pay 15,00000 to company as per our loses,said the manager of the company.

Toyota To Launch Touch Panel Car

Toyota to launch Fun-Vii its Futuristic car this week at the Tokyo car show.This car is totally Amazing with some amazing features.
This car is a touch car.Whose door open with the touch of your fingers.It is totally equiped with the latest technology from inside.It has internet access from inside the car.
The car can change colours with the change of the climate or you can choose your own colour.
According to tokoyoda owner of the company its "a smart phone on four wheels".This car resembles with a phone and will soon hit the markets.
Guys this is the future car

Amazing Glass Speakers

You have always heard that glasses shatter when brought in front of high frequency sound.But here is something opposite to that.These are speakers made totally of Glass and can even with stand high frequency sound.
These beautiful Glass speakers produce about 360 degree Audio.These glass towers are steady enough to withstand 24- Watts of power and have a frequency range of about 300 Hz to about 15 KHz .

These speakers are available in variety of designs and are soon going to hit the market.

These speakers are designed in such a way that they do not take much of your space and are included with some colorful lights of your choice to match with the interior of your house.So they work as speakers and looks like decoration pieces in your house.

Here is the video you can even check the perforamce of these Speakers.


Your Coffee Will Always Be Hot Now

You always wanted some thing that could keep your coffee hot.Coffee served and you got busy,soon after some time you realised oh my coffee.Here is a Gadget for you that will keep your coffee warm for you.What you need to do it switch it on and your hot coffee is waiting for you.This cool gedget was designed by:Burcu Bag,Amalia Monica,Vinay Raj somashekar


Truck Art Pakistan

In the old days about nine decade ago trucks were used for passengers travelling purpose .People use to travel from one place to another using these trucks but one day one truck driver from the Kohistan region(Northern Areas of Pakistan) asked his craftsman friend i want to attract more passengers for my bus.Make my buss colorful and full of art work.He with his other friends started working on his friends Truck.He invited other artists with famous backgrounds whom families were great artists in Mughal realm.
Soon the truck was ready and it looked so cool that it attracted more passengers .When others saw this they got there trucks painted and this art began. Now most of those buses are converted to trucks and are used to carry stuff from one city to the other.

Now this art is some times also used by some people to decorate there the image below.

Some of the artists even get famous personalities or girls pics painted behind there trucks,or some even get there loved one's pic…

Old Pics Of Imran Khan

Mr Imran Khan ,Playboy of his time.A legend of cricket.Was the captain of pakistan cricket team when pakistan won its fist world cup in 1992.
Now is ruling the hearts of the young generation.His political party is gaining popularity day by day.Will he be the next prime minister? Its to early to say anything but
Here are few old pics of Imran Khan for its lovers.If you have more send them using the above contact us tab.If you liked the pics please leave a comment.

Worlds Largest Teabag

World's Largest Teabag was presented by kevin pereira candace Bailey early this year which weighed about 150 pounds.Later this year that record was broken by a US tea company .
Just after that England got the record back by making a 264 pound Teabag which was about 8 feet tall and had enough tea to make 50,000 cups of Tea.
This record attempt was made on Guinness world Records day on Nov 18th.

Latest Song Socha Kabhi Nae By Khawar Jawad And Nauman JAved(Official Video)

Khawar jawad and Nauman javed sing a beautifully written song for violence against Women .This song was sponsored by united nations.
Song: Socha Kabhi Nae

How To Be A Vegetarian

Have you ever considered your self of becoming a vegetarian.Many people think that becoming a vegetarian is good for your health.I have read many articles related to this topic,but i was not convince by anyone.I can bet all those guys posting "how to become vegetarian" are not vegetarian themselves.
There are many people here trying to become experts and saying becoming vegetarian is good for your health i totally disagree with those.
They give the following reasons to convince others.
Low Risk of Heart Disease: They always begin their talk by saying that if you become a vegetarian their are low risk of Heart Disease.As meat contains Fat and fat is not good for health.what?I don't understand,Fat is required by your body needs, yes excess of everything is bad so eat meat by staying in your limits.I mean there is still a Risk involved if you are a Vegetarian.I have known many people who were vegetarian all their life and they died with a heart attack.So put this aside.

Worlds Smallest Engine

You wont believe it.This is the worlds smallest engine and the good thing is it runs as well.In this video everything is shown how the engine was made the parts required and even shows how the engine started running.

How To Save Your Personal Data Make Privacy Monitor

You need privacy with your stuff in the PC?You have personal stuff like some pictures and movies and you do not want to share that's stuff with your friends here is a trick for you.You need a spare LCD and 3D glasses that you use to watch 3D movies with.
Instructables "dimovi" suggests ,His instructions are give belowFollow the given bellow instructions and you are done with some thing amazing that will even shock you.
Remove the LCD frame ,cut out its polarised film with a utility knife.Before removing the screen's film adhesive with combination of the cleaner and paint thinner and reassembling the monitor.
Now take your glasses,take out the lens and combine it with the plastic sheet removed from the monitor and attach the lens back with your glasses.Now you have some thing amazing that will shock everyone.White screen will appear on your screen when looking at with a naked eye.But when you will look at it when wearing glasses you will see is a video to…

Toyota's new GT 86

Toyota is the worlds largest auto manufacturer in the world. After several years of concept cars here comes toyota's Subaru.Toyota will be showing this beautiful car in Tokyo soon.This beautiful car has low center of gravity,Beautifully balanced and a perfect combination of power to weight Ratio. The 197-bhp Subaru 2.0 liter flat four has a rear wheel drive will be for sale in the mid of 2012.This beautiful car will be costing around 30,000 pounds. Car is about 4240mm in long 2570mm wide and 1285mm high.All these dimentions make this car as most perfect 4 seater sports car available today

Major And Captain Martyred In Nato Attack

This is the image of two off icers that gave there life(Martyr) for Pakistan,Captain and major
Thousands of soldiers from Pakistan army died for a war that was not ours.How many US soldiers died?do you have any idea?nothing as compared to Pakistan.Still we are asked for more. Our soldiers protect our boundaries when we are a sleep,and they kill our soldiers and forget it just by saying sorry .Is this the value of a Pakistani soldier?is this what we get after fighting a war for nothing. Same incident happened last year when two of our soldiers died in a same attack like this and our Gen stopped the NATO supply for 10 days and later on ban was lifted, that's all. Kiyani says"Aisadobara nae honachaeay"Isn't it the same line he said when Osama was killed? There are two type of people one of them say ok it happened now we have to cool down and apply pressure on America instead of taking any wrong decision and there is another category of people which say Is this what we have got…

PTCL Evo Package Revised

Evo Wifi cloud has launched new exciting package for its valued customers.Evo is Pakistan's first mobile wifi device.

It is gaining popularity daily because of its compatibility to take it any where and connect 5 wifi other connections with it.

It is a sleek and attractive 3G wifi enabled device.

New revised packages of this device are given by PTCL after the implementation of GST.
Evo cloud can be obtained for Rs.8120 and the massive saving bundle for Rs.12,120 with a 3 month package for the price of 2.

Two Kachura Lakes Pakistan

Are you looking for heaven on earth? here you are.Just at the right place.Pakistan is really heaven on earth. The image you are viewing is of kachura lake.Located near sakardu.There are two Kachura lakes in sakardu the lower kachura and the upper Kachura. Lower kachura is about 18km by jeep or if you walk or preffer tracking it is not as far.If you love fishing You will find trout fish in this can do fishing and cook for yourself or there are restaurants near the lake where you can find cooked trout fish. There is a beautiful restaurant near kachura lake which is made up of the debre from the plane which crashed here few years ago.Do visit this place.It realy is a heaven on earth

Sheosar Lake pakistan

This beautiful and dream place is located in Deosai National park Pakistan,in the province Gilgit Baltistan.This lake is named as sheosar lake.In the Karakorum west this place is located at a height of 4,142 Meters.The total length of this lake is about 2.3Km and a width of about 1.8 Km.The average depth of this beautiful lake is about 40meters.This is a must visit place.The most peaceful and no doubt heaven on earth

Property Of Imran Khan

The Political war is at its peak in Pakistan.As the upcoming leader of the young generation Imran khan is on its way to historic gatherings.Many Well known and underground Rappers are singing songs to bring nation out of there houses for a change,for the better Pakistan.
Imran khan is pointing fingers on other poli
tical leaders for showing them there assets.Imran khan believes that all the political leaders have gathered all there property through corruption.He wants all the political leaders to show there real assets to the nation.
A list of Imran khans property is released.
Details Of The Property
Imran khan paid Rs .3 million as tax money in the year 2011.Which is 15 lack less than the previous year.Tax payable income is shown to be RS 5,46620.
Imran Khan showed his house expenditures as Rs 66,71700.
Showed two houses in Islamabad in which the value of one of the house was not shown.In foreign Banks he has a property of $ 1,83220 and 1230 pounds and 92,062 euro. He has about 825 Kinal of …

Ali Azmat New Song "Chalta Main Jaon"-Pakistan Magazine

Cross Roads Presents Ali Azmats new song "Chalta main jaon" here is the video of that beautiful song.Please leave a comment to let us know did you like the music or not?

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband

What is happening in this country is beyond ones thought.A new story is heard daily of cruelty of men and women. If we go into the past.Javed Iqbal the renowned serial killer from pakistan who killed 100 children by throwing them into drum of highly concentrated Acid.
Then came the undertaker who raped more than 40 girls inside there grave.And by looking at his face he looked so satisfied that he has
not even committed the crime. A few days later after this news. A new news was hit saying that skulls of children were dug from there grave and were missing.Later on the criminal was caught.Who was found to be planning to do black magic.
Today i woke up early in the morning and as usual grabbed my news paper ,as i was turning over the pages i came across a news that first shocked me and after reading the news completely i thought to myself what happened was best.
Last night few people of the Shah Faisal Colony in Karachi reported that they are smelling something from a certain house and…

Zardari Spokesperson's Email Hacked

A news has recently been hit that, email account of Pakistan's president spokesman was hacked and used to send out messages about the "memogate" controversy.
After haqani resigned as ambassador the email account of Farhatullah babar the spokesman of the president asif ali zardai was hacked.This email account was then used by the hacker to send few emails to some important personals.Keep in mind that hacker was not a simple hacker, as he knew the email ids of all the important personals .As he send messages that he was the "real memorandum" and was involved in this controversy.
FIA was able to restore the email id of Babar and is working on locating the hacker.

Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight

There are a few well known diet foods that are actually not the right diet food . You must not feel comfortable eating or drinking these items.Ignoring these food items you can actually increase the rate of burning fat in your body. In spite of losing weight you actually gain weight because of these items so why not ignore them.Here is the list of these food items.

Sugar Free Desserts
A lot of sugar free desserts and candies contain a chemical called sorbitol which can give you bloating and diarrhea which is not good for anyone.Flavored yogurt When ever you are dieting you might be thinking that eating flavored yogurt is good for your health but for your information flavored yogurt contains twice the sugar than plain yogurt.i hope you don't want to have twice the fat then normal.
Diet Beverages Although diet soda are a better choice but for your information diet soda contains artificial sugar which triggers cravings for real sugar. No one can stay away from soda but its on to you the mo…

Ajmal Tops ODI Rankings

After miserable and controversial 2010 , Pakistan came back strongly in 2011 reaching semi final of the world cup . Winning ODI series in West Indies. ODI and test series in Zimbabwe.

And Now after  defeating Srilanka convincingly in tests Pakistan won ODI series 4-1 . They completely dominated Srilanka in all forms of the game.

Pakistan's batting was always a weaker link but in 2011 all the batsmen have performed excellently , Pakistan now has a settled batting line up , in all the formats .

Especially with the re emergence of Taufeeq Umar and Hafeez. And emergence of Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq .

Pakistan never had any problem with the bowling in the past even now when two of their best bowlers are banned they still are a great bowling side .

Among our bowlers Saeed Ajmal is a rare talent , he has threatened all the batsmen in all forms of the game .

Due to his excellent performances in all the three formats he is at No. 9 in tests , No. 2 in T20 and most importantly he holds  No…

This Happens Only In Pakistan

You might have traveled the world but you will never see anything like this jet on the road,This is Pakistan :)

How To Keep Hairs Silky And Shiny In Winters

Excessive hair fall,Dry hairs , dandruff and dry scalp - All these problems are waiting for winters to come and they attack your hairs.perfect hair and a cool hair style can change the total look of a persons face.All these above problems can be controlled by the right treatment.

It is obvious that people do get tense with bad condition of there hair and the worst thing is,getting tense is also a major cause of falling hairs.So do not get tense and get the right treatment for your hairs.

Rebellious hair.frizzy and flaky skin are the most common in winters but taking preventry measures it can be avoided and even repaired.To keep tresses lustrous and bouncy regular use of oil is very effective.

Fungal infection becomes common in winters and this is why because people actually do not wash there hairs regularly in winters or let the conditioner stay in there hairs for long.All these things become major cause of fungal infection in hairs.

Other factors that effect hair is using hot water …

Facebook To Launch Facebook Phone

This news is really going to shock you guys.Facebook is on its way to launch Facebook phone and they named as "Buffy".
Facebook was trying to get into this industry when they launched many applications like integrating your Facebook friends contacts with your phone contacts.
Many phone in the market are coming up with special buttons to make it easier for there users to connect with Facebook.This phone is going to use Google Android software and will hit market in about 12 to 18 months.
It is in the news that Facebook is working with Samsung and other companies like HT C to get there work done.
This phone will be including features like integrating Facebook contacts with your phone contacts,Taking picture and directly uploading it to your Facebook profile.Special buttons to directly connect to Facebook and much more.
As the competition heats up between Google and Facebook after Google launched Google plus a social network site users are going to get allot from it.
But Questions ar…

Kon Bachae Ga Pakistan(Underground Rapper)-Hassan Ghori

Kon Bachae Ga Pakistan: A beautiful song sung by a Pakistani Underground Rapper Hassan Ghori.You can download and Listen to the song here.

Remember in past Patriotic Songs have played an important Role in Boosting the moral of the nation.Songs like this or other can convey message to the nation in there own way.
This song is dedicated to Imran Khan and his party.

Kon Bachae Ga Pakistan by Kashif Awan

3 Million Children Do Not Exist In Pakistan

According to UNICEF about three million children born in Pakistan do not officially exist.UNICEF stressing that all these children should be registered so that we can provide there rights to them.From 2000-2009 only 27 percent children in Pakistan where registered,which is a shocking thing to hear.

This report was given by UNICEF on a press release on the occasion of 'Make Every Child Count' It is shocking to hear that in FATA and Baluchistan only 1% of children were registered on birth.Figures for Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhoa show that only 20% of the children born are registered.Kashmir with 24% and Pujab with most number of registered Children 77%.
They said that birth registration is very important as this help us to provide children with civil rights and other education facilities.

Reason for not registering children are totally different for different areas including Lack of awareness,Cost factor and geographical distance of offices from the place of birth.

People should…

Veena Malik Can Not Work In India

Veena Malik after signing for 5 films in India came across a hurdle when When 'Raza Murad' chairperson (CINTAA) cine and TV artist association said"Veena Malik is on a Business visa which means that she cannot earn a living inIndia".

So she is not permitted to shoot in India.

Veena Malik says i go to high commission when ever i come to India,I follow all the rules.My passport says i am an actress and come to India only for work .

I pay all the taxes like others.When ever i move from one station to other i tell the cops .

My passport says i can make commercial presence ,so this shows i can earn a living in India.

98,000 Pakistanis Die Every Year Due To Lack Of Water

We are Living in our houses with all the facilities .We get clean water to drink,we waste thousands of gallons of water every day on just taking shower.Have we ever notices that how many people in just Pakistan die of unclean water?

According to a survey conducted by an international Organisation approximately 97,900 Pakistan's die every year due to lack of clean water.

This is not it,approximately 54,000 children under the age of 5 in Pakistan die of just diarrhoea.

This report was published by Water Aid an international organisation in Pakistan.

Do not sit here reading these reports as if urgent actions are not taken .93 percent of Pakistan's will not be able to get safe drinking water in 2015 and 64% of the population with adequate sanitation."Sadiq Khan" WaterAid's country representative in Pakistan said in a press conference that government should spend more and more on water and sanitation..

The amount been spent right now is not enough to provide Pakistanis wit…