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4 Million Sales In Just 3 Days : Amazing

Its been only three days since Iphone 4s in launched at it is already smashing some records .

Iphone 4S  has managed 4 million sales in just three days , that's crazy and it is doubled the amount of sales IPhone 4 has achieved in three days .

And most shocking fact is that its been available in only 7 countries USA , UK , Japan , Canada , Australia, France and Germany .And it will be launched in many more countries in coming months .

Most important feature Iphone 4s has is its SIRI software.

Wash Your Hands And Mobile

A Study done by researchers at the London School of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary ,University Of London suggests that one in six mobile phones is contaminated with faecal matter .

They took 400 samples from mobile phone and hands from 12 different cities in UK and found 16% of phones and 16% of hands contains bacteria which inhabit the human intestines.

Most contaminated phones were in Birmingham which is 41% and Londoners were most effected with 28% .

So one should wash their hands when ever possible , while hand washing can prevent a stomach bug where you live but it can save lives in poorer countries .

Kindle Named Gadget Of The Year

Amazons Kindle won best commuter gadget at the T3 awards.

Apples IPad came second ,Apple also lost to samsung as Samsung Galaxy SII won smartphone of the year award beating IPhone.

While Google won technology brand of the year award at the T3 magazine awards.

Kindle's simplicity helped it wining the award."The one thing Kindle has over the IPad 2 is that it does one job very well" said T3's editor .

Kindle has a long batterty life and it is light weight most importantly it can be easily readable in direct sunlight aswell.

Apple did win three awards , but it shows market is catching up and is becoming more competitive especially in smart phone sector .
Samsung Galaxy SII has every thing in it . It is gorgeous , it is slim it has a big screen with a dual core processor . GSII is a world beater , it has a 8mp camera , no one can match GSII in camera in addition to that it has super amoled plus screen which in my point of view is best among smart phones .

While IPad won …

Afridi Rejects Champagne Live On stage

Pakistan becomes Titans of cricket 2011 champions .
Weather the world likes him or not but the truth is we like him just because he represents pakistan the way a Pakistani wants him to represent.Shahid khan afridi rejects champagne live on stage.
This is called a true cricketer a true captain a true Pakistani and a true Muslim.
We all love you shahid khan afridi and we want you back in cricket.


Richest Village in the world

We are living in a world where Rich gets Richer and poor gets poorer.In Pakistan and India people from villages migrate to cities to get better education and jobs.When they have both they forget what was there past.They never visit there villages again.Which keeps there other follow villagers in that condition.Actually it is there duty to go back and teach them whats good or bad for them.
Today will tell you about a village that is the Richest village of the world.And it all happened in 5 decades.
The only reason the village becomes the richest in the world was that there people got educated from the cities and applied there education in there village.Making it the richest village in the world.Every villager in this village has his own Car,his own house and $250,000 in his bank account. GDP of huaxi is 50 Billion yuan,which makes about $7842521906.In 2010 every single resident of huaxi paid .85 million as tax.
This village covers an area of 30 square kilometer which was about 1 square ki…

Star Wars Augmented Reality-Amazing game

Just an Amazing game which turns your background into your game background using your camera.The technology is awesome.
Do not be late just search for the game in your app store and download it now and have fun.
Remember it discharges your battery very quickly.

Payee Lake-Pakistan

You might have visited many places in your life but this place is truly an amazing place to visit.Lush green fields give you the most soothing effect ever,it freshens your mind and takes you to an other world.This beautiful place is situated in kaghan near shogaran valley.At a height of about 10,000 feet around 3000 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by Mosada Musallah,Makra peak,and Malka Parbat and the mountains of Kashmir.You can reach this lake by passing through a hilly mountain on a jeep tack.It is not accessible by cars as the track is to rocky and steep. so if you go there you must take a jeep on rent.
The place is actually known as Siri Pai.Siri is located on top of Pai and it is also a very beautiful place

Gawadar Bay-Pakistan

This is the future guys.This is Gawadar port Pakistan,Which is going to be the nest Dubai or better than Dubai.
Gawadar Culture and history has given it the unique blend of cultures.Gawadar is locates at the Gulf of Oman on the border of Pakistan and Iran.Every eastern county wanted a coast like this,but God has bestowed Pakistan with such a great place.
Gawadar is an inlet of Arabian sea.With the passage of time this Port is going to be the hub of trade for south east Asia.
The construction of this port is given to Pakistan's friend china.Thousands of Chinese engineers are working day and night to make this port available for counties to start there trade.

Laser Gun Technology In Pakistan

How many of you watched the movie star wars?Do you know that two of the movies predictions have gone right.In star wars it was shown that there is a planet in this universe which has two sun and that was proved a month ago when scientist discovered a planet with two sun.
In the movie laser gun technology was shown and now only two countries in the world posses this technology that include America and Israel.
Last Month on 28th of September when PIA(Pakistan International Airline) flight took off from Quetta to Lahore.It was around 9:30 pm when the plane was at a height of 14 thousand feet it was attacked by a laser gun.The pilot being a trained fighter pilot knew what to do to protect the plane.He turned off the navigation system of the plane before it did any damage to the plane.This brave move by the pilot saved the lives of many people.
Scientists believed that 14000 feet was the best height for the laser to strike the plane.Intelligence agencies got active and now searching for that …

Ammazing 3D Immersion Technology

This truley is an Amazing technology which will surely blow your mind.
This is the future guys.This technology can be used in playing games and movies.The affects are so real in this technology that you can see that persons reaction as how he touches stuff to feel that is it real or not.
A simple featherweight heads a 10'*10'*10 white room and $600000 worth of projector computer and equipment shows this immense reality Video by IDEO Lab and technology by Eon Reality

Salman Butt Admits

Three of the Pakistan cricketers that were involved in the match fixing scandal previously denied the fact that they were involve in match fixing.But last week after fast bowler Muhammad Amir claimed that he was involved in match fixing and took an amount of 20 thousand pounds for just bowling a no-ball.Now former Pakistan captain salman Butt has confirmed the authorities that he was involved in spot fixing and he took an amount of 14 thousand pounds from the bookies for playing a maiden over.
It was briefed in the meetig that the major cities where bets are placed are Mumbai,Karachi and Dubai.It is believed that an amount of 100 million dollar bets are placed in Each city.
These bets may increase twice or thrice if the match is between India and Pakistan.

Worlds First GPS Goggles

These are the world's first Gps goggles with head mounted display.
With just a push of a button the rider can call up the data infront of his eyes just like a fighter pilot gets all the data.It includes speed ,altitude, temperature, time,GPS location stopwatch etc For more about these awsome goggle's go to buzz-beasts

Jheel Saiful Muluk-Pakistan

This is an image of the famous lake 'Jheel saiful Muluk'
'Jheel saiful Muluk' is one of the most beautiful lakes i the world,which can reflect many colors in minutes.Their is a famous fairy tale written by a famous writer Mian Muhammad Buksh named as Saiful Muluk.The story is about a prince fro Persia that falls in love with a princess near this lake.'Jheel Saiful Muluk' is one of the best tourist destination in pakistan.
'Jheel Saiful Muluk' is at a walking distance from Naran Kaghan.Some people prefer hiking from kaghan to 'Jheel Saiful muluk' and some take four wheel drive.Which passes from breath taking road at the edge of Fast running river

Pakistan-Land of Glaciers

If you say pakistan is a heaven on earth then you wont be wrong.After having a look at this pic you might be thinking that this is antarctic or more some northern part of the world.You are wrong,this is Pakistan.
Pakistan is the largest land of the glaciers.Glaciers serves as regulators for regional waterr supplies.Pakistan's glaciers are spread over a lage area of 16933 Kilometer square.5 of the 14 highest independent peaks are here in pakistan,with 108 peaks above 6000 meter and many above 5000 and 4000.This is the beautiful Pakistan.

iphone 4S Launched

The most awaited iPhone 4s has been launched.The delay in launched was due to earth Quakes in Japan.Now iPhone lovers don't have to wait long.
More powerful camera with a faster processor and HD video recording capability.

iPhone 4s Specs:
1080p HD Resolution video Recording
8MP Cameradual-core A5 chip Pricing:199$ for (16)GB,299$ for (32)GB,399$ for (64)GB
Available from 14 October

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Song Afreen From Movie 'Azaan'

Rahat Fateh Ali khan has rocked the world with his beautiful voice .Now Rahat Fateh ali Khan has sung a beautiful song for a bollywood movie 'Afreen' for the movie 'Azaan'
This song is better then ever ,in voice of the great Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.Here is the video for the song rocordings