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How To Make Italian New Potato Salad

1/4 cup water.1/2 cup Reduced-fat itallian dressing. 3/4 pounds Green beans. 10-12 new potatoes(1/2pound),cut them into fourths 1/4 cup chopped red onion. (2 1/4) onces sliced ripe olives.
How To Make Italian New Potato Salad
slice beans in two.within two quart microwavable casserole,place potatos beans as well as water
cover the micro wave oven for ten to twelve mins,cook till potatos are sensitive deplete,Add beans potatoes as well as dressing in a plastic bowl and add onions and olives.Refrigerate it for two hrs
Italian potato salad is ready to serve
Serving 8 people

Facebook Use Cookies To Track Its Users

No matter you are logged out, Facebook can still track every action of you on internet, every page you visit.

It was revealed by an Australian Nik Cubrilovic that keeps cookies running after you logged out of Facebook.

"Cookies track the activity of the user and keeps information and this information can be pass onto the advertisers"

Loging out only de-authorises your web browser from the Facebook application, but facebook can still track every web page you browse.

It has only one solution to it , you have to delete every Facebook cookie from your browser.
And you can use different browser for Facebook activity and separate one for other activities

Shoaib Akhtar Slaps Indian Media

ShoaibAkhtar was part of controversies in his past and now even after his career is over he is still part of Controversies.
Before the launch of ShoaibAkhtar book many Controversies have born and Shoaib after getting worse response from every where still defends what he said.
There is no denying the fact that ShoaibAkhtar is 100% right saying that Sachin is not a match winner.I do believe my self that Sachin is not a match winner.He always scores against weaker teams and when ever he scores a 100 India has never won.All the matches in which Sachinplayed against Shoaib he looked terrified,we all know that.Every media channel is against Shoaib after his book controversially yours was released.He has the right to say anything ,its his point of view.Everyone has a point of view.
Media has just picked few lines from his book and started blaming him instead of telling the complete story.
Can you imagine Sachin saying yes i am not a match winner?WaseemAkram saying yes i did not wanted ShoaibAk…

Veena Malik Does Item Number In Tairay Naal Love Hogaya

Veena Malik can never stay away from hot Gossip .Veena Malik is all set to do an item number in an up coming Bollywood movie 'Tairay Naal Love Hogaya'
Many of our Lollywood celebs have tried their luck in Bollywood and most of them got extreme fame,IncludingAli Zafar ,Atif Aslam,Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.
Veena Malik on her last visit to India,worked in an indian Tv show BigBoss and was not welcomed in Pakistan when she came back,because of the dresses she wore and the way she behaved shamelessly.
When Veena Malik was contacted about her Item number she said that she was offered many roles in movies but she wanted to choose the best one,She said that this song suits her personality allot.Lets see what happens next when Veena Malik returns home after her Nude dance in this movie

10 Lashes For Saudi Woman For Driving A Car

A woman in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 10 lashes by Saudi court. She was found guilty of driving in Jeddah in July, her name was identified as Shema.
There is a ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia.

Women2drive, which campaigns for women to be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, says she has already lodged an appeal.

In last few months there are a lot of such incidents in which women are found guilty of driving vehicles in order to put pressure on leaders to change this law.

Saudi leader King Abdullah announced two days back that women would be allowed to vote in 2015 elections for the first time and now this sentence is announced.

61 Year Old Lady Got Pregnant

Brazilian women has stirred controversy after she got Pregnant at the age of 61 with a younger husband.
Her husband is 38 year old,she told the reporters that she and her husband wanted a baby so they planned for it.
She became pregnant from a Donner egg and expected in November.She planned not to tell her daughter about it.Both the mother and child are in very good health.She before getting pregnant gone through thorough medical checkup.This is not the first time any women in Brazil got pregnant in such a late age.Few days before on 9 September another women got pregnant,she was 52 year old and her husband 88 year old.
Doctors said that if any women wants to get pregnant in such a late age we after complete examination give them the permission.

Baby Born Without A Nationality

A Filipino women gave birth to a baby boy on an airplane.Women when boarded the plane was checked by the doctor and was given permission to aboard the plane from Manila Philippine to San Francisco.After some time she felt pain and was operated by three nurses and members of the crew.She gave birth to a baby boy.The baby is fine The nationality of the baby cannot be confirmed as the plane was over the sea :)..Sources NBC

Population of the World

The figures estimated in 1999 for the world population were 6 Billion,but now according to french research it has been told that the population of the World will reach around 7 Billion at the end of this year.It is believed that population of world at the end of 21 country will be around 8 to 10 Billion.The major countries that contribute to the worlds population are
China with a population of 1.33 Billion .India with population of 1.17 Billion. and other major populated countries are United states of America, Pakistan,Indonesia Mexico and Nigeria. It is believed that this drastic increase in the population of World is due to the large difference in the birth and death rate of countries.

Hummaima Malik Might Be A Part Of BigBoss 5

There is a big Rummer that pakistani actress Humaima Malik might be a part of Indian Reality Show Bigboss 5.
Mexican Actress Barbara Mori,who acted in movie 'Kites' and colombian star Shakira have also been approached.
Other acters that are part of Big boss 5 are actress Mink brar,singer jay sean,sexy riya sean,small screen famous doctor Dr Armaan aka Karan singh Grover,TV actress PArul Chuhan of 'Bidai' fame. Former Test cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu andSerial Killer Charles Sobhraj'swife Nihita Biswas have also confirmed there participation in the fifth season of BigBoss. This time the show is going to be realy Big as Salman Khan and Sanjay both are going to host the show.

Now You Can Check Who Unfriended You

Latest design of facebook has made it easy for you to check who has unfriended you.There was only way to check who unfriended you was to go to there wall.Now facebook newly introduced 'Timeline' that shows all activities of a user enable users to see which friend 'unfriended' you.According to the technology the new design doesn;t go live before 29th september but people have figured out a simple way to enable it. Various blogs have shown how to get timeline running in minutes.

Behari Kabab

300 g onion paste1kg mutton25g pawpaw stick(uncooked)1 garlic substance20 g ginger paste1 tbs black pepper powder1/4 tsp saffron shadesoup powderseveral table spoon mustard oilsalt as requiredOnion cuts
How to make behari seekh kabab
1.Mix everything and let the mutton marinate for 30 mins 2.make kabab and set them in skewer,Roast it at the appropriate tempreture 3.Roast them till they become dark brown and water starts to drip down 4.Now take it out and garnish it.This meal can be cooked in a cooker without change of the taste

Chicken Biryani Recipe

Ingredients :
Chicken pieces 3/4kgRice 2kgyoghurt 1 cupOnion 3 large,slicedGinger paste 1 tspGarlic paste 1/2 tspGreen chili paste 1tspTomato Puree 1/2 cupRed chili powder 2tspturmeric powder 1tsp
Cardamom powder 1/2 tspGaram masala powder 2tspcumin powder (roasted) 1tspMilk 1/2 cupSaffron a pinchWater 3 1/2 cupsGreen coriander leaves 2tsp choppedOil 7tspSalt as RequiredHow to cook Chicken Biryani

Make a mixture with tomato yughurt, green chilli paste, puree ,ginger, red chilli powder, garlic paste,roasted cumin powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder, coriander powder and salt.2.Marinate the chicken with same mixture and wait for 3 to 4 hr3.Fry Onions in oil till they turn golden brown4.Now Add the merinated chicken and cook it for 10mins5.Now add the rice with 3 1/2 cup of water and add milk and safroon6.At the end add chicken pieces and Cardamom powder along with the marinade.7.Mix all of it gently and cook in the pressure cooker for one wistle.

Here you go delicious Biryani is r…

40 Lessons From 40 Different Films

40 different lessons from 40 different films.This short clip of 7mins will show you 40 different lessons that we learn from 40 films.Yes there are many negetives in the movie but yes there are also some positive aspects of movies that can even change life of people.Movies some times teach us some leasons ,those leasons are given by the actors in movies by their dialogues.So you can even gain something watching those movies.

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Bowl Delivered To Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov escorts Profit Muhammad Bowl to the Grozny centeral mosque.
Ramzan Kadyrov is famous for his collection of luxery cars and wild animals,Now he becomes the owner of Profit Muhammad(P.B.U.H) bowl presented to him by the descendents in london.The Bowl was taken to the city Grand mosque opened by the chechan leader in 2008.Thousnads of citizens lined in the streets to have a single look at the bowl while kadyroz wiped away his tears.When the box was open and Kadyrov looked at the bowl , turned red and burst into tears .Covered his red face with his hands kissed the bowl and kept on crying.Chants of Allah Hu Akbar were sounded every where.
Kadyrov then told the crowed that this bowl was brought from London with great efforts and will be keept in the mosque.The bowl will be taken out every year on the birthday of Muhammad(P.B.U.H).

Ali zafar In London Paris and New York

London Paris New york starring Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao of (yah sali zindage fame) the couple was present at the event along with there debutant director Anu Menon .
The story of London Paris and New York is about a couple which are completely different from each Other and come close to eachother inspite of there differences.In the movie the couple meet each other in London Paris And New York for one night each.Film contains some explicit scenes featuring Ali zafar and Aditi.
When ali zafar was aasked about the scenes included in the movie .He said that it was part of the script and without those scenes movie would have looked incomplete.And he added that his wife has no issues with all those bold scenes in the movie.The movie is meant to release in 2012.

Satellite To Hit The Earth

Out-of-control US satellite is tumbling back to earth and the images were captured by an amature astronomer. The six-tonne, 20-year-old spacecraft has fallen out of orbit and is there is a chance that the satellite will hit the earth on 24 of September. The US space agency says the risk is about 1 in 3,200. Mr Legault, used a specially designed camera to record the tumbling satellite through his 14-inch telescope Most of the satellite will break or burn on its way down says NASA. But scientists say that there are around 26 pieces that can survive and fall down including a fuel tank Scientists can only make predictions that where these parts can land but there is a probability that it will land in an open space as most of the earth is open without population. UARS is the biggest American satellites to make an uncontrolled re-entry in the past 30 years
Read the complete article here

Toughest Group For Pakistan In World T20 ,2012

Groups for ICC World T20 ,2012 announced .
There are 12 teams in total which are divided into 4 groups of 3 teams each.
2 teams from each group will qualify for super eight .
England is the defending champion.

ICC 2012 World Twenty20 will be held between September 18 and October 12, 2012 in Sri Lanka.

Group A
Associate or Affiliate teams that qualify

Group B
West Indies
Associate or Affiliate teams that qualify

Group C
Sri Lanka
South Africa

Group D
New Zealand
Pakistan is placed into the toughest group, as New Zealand and Bangladesh will be difficult opponent .

Google+ Opens Social Network For Everyone

Google's senior vice president vice Gandotra says
'we think there is lots of room for innovation'Google+ has finally been open after two months of testing time for its users world wide.
Google Plus users before the launch has increased to tens of millions,as Google+ did invited few people for testing purpose and gave them the option to invite there limited friends. Google+ has many innovative features like multi person Video chat.
Two weeks after the launch Google gave figures that its users have increased to 10 million and uptill now no latest figures are not given.Although it is belived that at the end of this month members will reach around 25 Million.
So now guys have fun and make your new Google+ id today.

You Can Be A Genius

Process of learning can be speed up by stimulating the brain electrically, Scientists .
By applying a small current to certain parts in the brain can speed up it activity which can make learning easy.
After doing research on the structure of the brain in stroke patients and in healthy persons by University Of Oxford researchers.
They used functional MRI to check the activity of stroke patients brain as they re-learn the skills they lost as the result of their illness.
But the result was shocking as the same technique was applied to the normal adult their learning speed was increased drastically.
To demonstrate this effect,researcher devised an experiment in which volunteers memorised a sequence of buttons to press.
The volunteers were fitted with a "transcranial current stimulation" device,in which electrodes were placed in a specific position on the head .
A very small current passed through the electrodes then to the brain , it can increase or decrease the activity of the brai…

Population Of Pakistan

Every country in the world is trying to find ways to decrease the sudden increase in their population.As more the population of your country the more adverse effects it has on the economy of the country.Pakistan is ranked 6th in the world with its population increasing with 11,500 daily.Pakistan is under Attack by terrorists which has very adverse effects on the country.Our corrupt government is not able to focus on one thing as if they try to solve one issue the second issue comes infront of them. Population of pakistan is about 18,5000000.It is believed that if population of pakistan keep on increasing in this manner then population of pakistan in 2050 will be 33crore with an increase of 15 crore in 38 years.At that time pakistan will be rancked 4th in the world.
Our government should do something about this by guiding people about it.

Annie Khalid to Release a New Song With Akcent Band

Pakistani Pop SingerAnnie has been recording a song with a famous Boy BandAnnie Khalid, after releasing her debut English single’Be My Baby’ is on her way of making another song with collaboration with Akcent..The Female singer was in the recording studios last week to finalize her new English single with the band. For this, her management also shared a puzzled picture to guess who the guys can be?For the time being, Annie wants to keep the band’s name secret. Our guess and the rummor in the industry is that those guys are most probably theAkcentguys who have also performed in Karachi and Lahore last year.Annie is really collaborating with the “King of discos” then this news is just not an ordinary one. If we are Wrong you Guys guess who these guys can be.

Nadal To Sell his Tennis Items For Flood Victims In Pakistan

Pakistan tennis star Aisam ul haq in an interview said that he talked to Rafael Nadal and Nadal is willing to sell his tennis items to gather money for the flood victims of Pakistan .This auction will take place in Dubai in December .There are few other tennis stars that are selling their tennis items for the flood victims in pakistan but their names are not known yet

First Computer Virus By Pakistani Brothers And How It Spread In The World

Do you guys know the history of a computer virus? Let us make you proud by telling you that first computer virus was created by two Pakistani brothers in Lahore.Amjad Farooq Alvi and Basit Farooq Alvi in 1986.
They named the virus as 'BRAIN'.BRAIN virus was not destructive and used to test replication attributes of DOS.
Both these brothers are currently Operating a Company in Lahore named Brain Pvt Ltd.Both of them were so brave that they mentioned there names and address on the computer virus,Following lines were written as part of the structure
'Welcome to Dungeon'(c) 1986 Basit and Amjad(pvt) Ltd
730 Nizam block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore-Pakistan Phone:430791,443248,280530 Be aware of virus
Contact us for Vaccination

Pakistan Has 97 Billion Dollars In Swiss Banks

Director of Swiss bank said that Pakistanis are poor people but Pakistan is not poor,he in a message said that Pakistan has about 97 Billion dollars in Swiss banks.
Pakistanis have so much money that if this amount is deposited in a bank than Pakistan can have a tax free budget for next 30 years.
60 million jobs ,endless power supply for 500 social projects.Four lane road from any village in Pakistan to Islamabad.
20,000 minimum salary for labor for next sixty years and no need of loan from IMF.
But what do you think? is it possible to bring that money bank to Pakistan? After all that money belongs to people of Pakistan.But believe me we as a nation can't do anything to bring that money to Pakistan.

How to Save Yourself From ATM Robbery

When a thief forced you to take money from the ATM, do not argue or resist, you might not know what he or she might do to you. What you should do is to punch your PIN in the reverse...

Eg: If your PIN is 1234, you punch 4321.

The moment you punch in the reverse, the money will come out, but will be stuck into the machine half way out and it will alert the police without the notice of the thief.

Every ATM has it; It is specially made to signify danger and help. Not everyone is aware of this.


Jackson Was Driven To Death By a Mixture Of Greed Power And Money

Michael Jackson has been lead to death by a mix of greed ,power and money claimed by his brother
Jermaine. He briefed about how his brothers health deteriorated leading him to death.

"Why didn't somebody call me or Jackie or Tito or Marlon or his family, to say, 'Come down here, your
brother is not acting normal?' Had we been called, he would be alive today. We would have taken him
to the hospital," he said.

Jacksons medic Murray is due in court on September 27 for the long-awaited manslaughter trial over

Jackson's death in June 2009 from an overdose of the powerful drug propofol, prescribed to help him

Pakistan Maintains Its ODI Ranking

Pakistan has gained one rating point after a 3-0 win against Zimbabwe. According to the latest ODI rankings released by the ICC Pakistan is at the 6th position after a clean sweep in ODI’s to Zimbabwe. There has been no change in the ICC cricket ratings for Pakistan. India has been dropped down to the 5th position after a 3- 0 loss against England in ODI’s. this has been the Indian’s lowest position since October 2008 Here are the latest cricket ratings by ICC
1. Australia 130
2. Sri Lanka 119
3. South Africa 116
4. England 113
5. India 112
6. Pakistan 101
7. New Zealand 90
8. West Indies 78
9. Bangladesh 63
10. Zimbabwe 44
11. Ireland 41
12. Netherlands 15
13. Kenya 0

US Drone Crashes In Makeen Of South Waziristan

A US drone has crashed on Sunday at Sanghar in Makeen of South Waziristan. Some conflicting
statements have been reported, In an early investigation it has been reported that it crashed due to
some technical faults, while Taliban have clamied it to be shot down.

Two Pakistani Films In South Asian Film Festival

Two Pakistani films 'Bol' and 'Muhabatan Sachiyan' are being featured in South Asian film festival.Muhabatan Sachiyan was released in 2007 is a punjabi film while Bol is an urdu film was released in 2011 and is directed by Shoaib Mansoor

An iPhone App That Can Park Car For You

Developers have developed an iPhone app that can park cars by itself without the driver.
This application works with a preloaded system ,Park4U , which uses steering wheel control to guide the car for parking . Drivers can use the accelerator pedals and brake from the phone while standing outside . It is more useful to squeeze the car into tight spaces . This invention was unveiled at 2011 International Motor Show in Germany . And was demonstrated by a representative from Valeo, autoparts supplier.

An iPhone App That Can Park Your Car For You

Developers have developed an iPhone app that can park cars by itself without the driver.
This application works with a preloaded system ,Park4U , which uses steering wheel control to guide the car for parking . Drivers can use the accelerator pedals and brake from the phone while standing outside . It is more useful to squeeze the car into tight spaces . This invention was unveiled at 2011 International Motor Show in Germany . And was demonstrated by a representative from Valeo, autoparts supplier.

Ufone Introduces Blackberry curve 8520

Ufone has introduced blackberry curve for the first time in pakistan,with three special colours.Red silver and White.It is going to hit market like a storm as it is the most affordable blackberry to hit the market.
Akbar khan chief marketing officer ufone said that the phone is easy to handle and operate .ufone is the first company in pakistan to launch various blackberry phones in pakistan.
The smart phone has every thing a person wants starting from music and microsoft office functionality.

Venture One

Venture One Bike was designed to meet all the safety aspects.Even at a speed of 120km you can take a sharp turn using this bike.It has an aircondition inside it and it gives the luxury you need.Its the bike of 21 century

Muhammad Amir Confesses About Match Fixing

Muhammad Amir Pakistani fast bowler confesses about match fixing in British court .
He was banned for 5 years by ICC along with two other Pakistani players Muhammad Asif and Salman Butt

warid telecom offers free Mobile phone

Warid telecome has lanched double dhamal offer for its customers in the region of
multan,faisalabad and Gujranwala.Two free handsets are also offered in this offer.
Customers buying air time worth of 2,999 inckudng taxes can get s213 handset with
warid prepaid sim free.And with a purchase of worth rs 1799 handset s501 will be
offered.users can use this balance in and around the region of Gujranwala,multan,and
faisalabad.Users can make on-net,off-net and international calls.with this balance.

Kuwait Beats Pakistan In Under 16 AFC

Kuwait beat Pakistan in a match held in Kuwait.Striker bandar scored the first goal in first few minutes,which remained intact until the first half.
Second goal was struck by Kuwait in the 51st min by midfielder Abdul-Aziz.
In the group B game,it was a draw 1-1 between Afghanistan and UAE.
Pakistan is now Ranked 2nd and Kuwait 1st in there groups.

A planet With Two Suns "Discovered"

Nasa discovered a planet with two suns now it seems fictional world in Stars Wars wasnt fictional at all .Kepler spacecraft made the discovery which was an observatory which is looking for planets orbiting different planets . Kepler 16-b is the name given to this new planet . It resembles the planet Tatooine from the film Star Wars but it is uninhabitable , this planet is some 200 light years from our earth . There are two sunsets in a single day , its two suns are smaller than ours .

This will make you a proud pakistani

Cambrian Patrol 2010

Cambrian Patrol 2010 winner Pakistan Army

Feel pity for Indian hockey team

Asian hockey champions got Rs25000 each as a prize money from their government but the players refused to take the money . I feel pity for the Indian hockey players because when they look towards their cricketers they are earning in millions . I am writing this because this is the case with Pakistani hockey aswell . Our government should do all in their capacity to provide enough funds to revive hockey in.Pakistan

Oldest Ever 5,500 year old shoe discovered in armania

A 5 thousand 900 years old piece of cloth is discoverd in armania.Geologists have said that on wednesday when they were digging in a cave in the south of armania .This piece of colourful cloth was discover.Which is said to be part of a skirt.Fragments of skirts are made of reeds.American scientists believe that this piece of cloth is the oldest ever found in the world.Earlier shoes found in that cave are estimated to be 5,500 years old,making them to be oldest ever.Previously oldest ever shoes found were sandals made from plants.found in Missouri,.They were worn few year after Armanian shoe. Pavel avestisian director of Institute of Archaelogy yerevan said that Goats are also found in that area,which were preserved and they are also about 5,500 years old.Oldest ever,about 1000 year old than last found in Egypt

World's largest Clock in Saudia Arabia

Worlds larget clock to be installed on the 2nd largest building of the world.The building is under construction and present in the Holly City of Makkah.Soon muslims will set there clocks according to the standard time of that clock....Read more

World bank of stolen cars(Gilgit Baltistan)

Car Don claims that Gilgit baltistan is the 'World Bank' of stolen cars.According to car Don approx 45,000 vahicals can be recovered if he is provided the help of GB government.
Car Don seems to be tense as he is worried that police officers will kill him in the custody,as most of the buyers and dealers involve major political leaders.
In an interview he claims that Suzuki cars are sold in Gilgit Baltistan as Hot cakes.The value of these cars in Gilgit Baltistan is so low that the owners don't even bother if they are caught,as they are happy to dispose them off.Most of these stolen cars come from punjab and other provinces.The demand of stolen cars in Gilgit is so high that we have orders to provide them around 10,20 cars daily.
The cars are taken from a different route where forest guards are present .They do not bother to check the cars as they are busy in checking the trucks that might be smuggling wood.
He claims that there are four more different routes from where the…

Federal government denies to give cell phone tracking system

To track high profile cases and increasing kidnapping in Pakistan, Punjab government has asked for the cell phone tracking system technology which was later denied by the federal government,as Inter Service commission(ISI) didn't gave permission in the end.
Punjab Law minister was later said 'How can we do anything if the government will not provide us with the latest Equipment'
when ever agency needs the data they have all the control over it but if any government needs it they deny it.

Pakistan beats Maldives in under-16)AFC)

According to the news released here, pakistan has won his first match with maldives with a great margin of 4-0.
Match played in kuwait as part of Asian cofederation under under-16(AFC) championship qualification.
Muhammad Bilal scored the first Goal and three minutes later mansoor got his name on the score board.pakistan scored the 3rd goal in the 63rd minute.Midfielder Raza ali made it 4-0 with a great shot from 20 yards.
pakistan is at the top of group 'B'.Next match will be played with hosting kuwait

Aleem Dar becomes the umpire of the year

International Cricket council awards for year 2011 took place in Dubai.
Wahab Riaz and Azhar Ali.Were nominated for the Emerging player of the year awards.But they were unlucky to get the award.Where as Aleem Dar an umpire from Pakistan.Gets Empire of the year award for the 3rd consecutive time.

Youngest nuclear scientist

What happens when you are provided with good education.At the age of 17 Wilson Taylor has become the youngest nuclear scientist.Wilson name was included in the guinese book of world record at the age of 7 when he memorised the names of all the rockets made after 1930 by us and soviet governments.At the age of 11 Wilson was minning with his dad in the New Mexico desert,and at the age of 14 he became the youngest person to build a nuclear fusion reactor

A bright future for Ali zafar in Bollywood

Ali Zafar Entered Bollywood with a low budget film 'Tairay Bin Ladin'
Movie being low budget still got the intention of the viewers because of the charming personality and his acting skills.
Then he managed to be a part of a high budget movie'Mairay bhai ke shadi hai' which casted Imran kahan as his brother and the gorgeous Katrina kaif.As soon as the movie hit the cinemas,acting skills of Ali Zafar are been appreciated in India and many producers have meet with Ali Zafar.
The movie is a hit and Ali zafar has a big future ahead.

Undiscovered Pakistan

You might have visited many places in pakistan,but this place is one of the best places in pakistan.The strange thing is you might not have heard the name of this place.
wadi e soon sakesar a heaven on earth is located in district khushab.About 1hr drive from khushab.
It has 3 major lakes spread in miles.Named as
1.Jahlar lake
2.Khabaiki lake
3.Uchali lake
It has many natural water falls,about 1 dozen of them.
For more pics and directions click here

Apml office closed in London

APML(All Pakistan Muslim League Office) was Closed in london after non payment of utility bills,monthly rent and council tax .emag reported

Libya will be based on moderate islam says:Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Mustafa Abdul Jalil in his speach to the nation in the capital of Libya Tripoli said that Libya will be a democrat state based on 'Moderate Islam'.Thousands of his followers were gathered to hear his speech.
Col Gaddafi in a message on TV said that they will fight till victory.As his current location is unknown.