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Top 5 Idiots Of Pakistan In 2013



Mr Asif Ali Zardari,President of Islamic republic of Pakistan ,looting the poor nation with the little it had and listening to millions of abuses daily,Still living a happy life,Mr Asif Ali Zardari is at the fifth spot. hope Pakistani nation will learn a lesson and will not allow this man to be the next president of Pakistan.

Winning the hearts of Pakistani people by her spoken, and still standing by is not so easy,Not even a beauty queen but pretends like the most beautiful girl on earth,yes that's meera,Taking the 4rth place in top5 list of Pakistani idiots

Misbah Ul Haq captain of Pakistan cricket team takes the 3rd spot.He has maintained his record of standing till the last ball and confirming a defeat for Pakistan. Listening to millions of abuses during a match,Misbah Scores the 3rd Place.

Altaf hussain,Altaaf Bhai  take the second spot..Completing his half century for killing innocent people and still ruling a party,Altaf Hussein is at the 2nd spot in our top5 idiots of Pakistan list.

Breaking all the records here we have the leading idiot of Pakistan.The legend the next-gen singer of Pakistan,Mr.Tahir shah .His marvelous song was at the top ten list of Pakistan as soon as it was uploaded on Social website Facebook. Millions of his fans joined his fan page and appreciated  his work.If you want to appreciate about his work please leave him a comment on his page.Here

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